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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo September 3rd 2012

Oslo was smokin. Literally. I mean, it’s like – the smell of cigarette is just… everywhere… I wasn’t expecting that. But other than that, it’s sunny blue sky here in the northern hemisphere. It’s almost unbelievable how gorgeous the people are here. I mean – dude, why are you wiping the street? You could be a movie star in Indonesia!! Guys or gals, with their blonde hair, blue eyes, slim tall figure and just the perfect small pointy nose – looks like they just walked out of a magazine. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But come on. We all know it. There are certain stereotypes of what “beauty” looks like. And the Norwegians seemed to tick almost all the marks. M couldn’t agree more. Arriving to the city is not as ... read more
Grand Hotel
Double Red Lights for Pedestrians
Oslo National Theater

Europe » Finland September 2nd 2012

Me: Excuse me miss, can you pls help to turn on the air con? It feel a bit stuffy here. Stewardess: Uhm, sorry – this plane can only turn on the air con once it already started to move backwards… So, hang in there. The pilot should turn on the air con soon… Me: ??? I was puzzled, and then I giggled a bit. I have never heard of a plane that “need to go backward first” before the air con can be turned on. And as cherry on the top – guess what – the in flight system was also down. So it’s just you and the blank screen for the next 13 hours or so. But I guess, that’s the trade off of trying to save some bucks. Open Jaw Finn Air ticket was ... read more
Sunrise Over Kazakhstan

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 26th 2012

All of my friends know that I love to travel & photography. Close friends would observe loads of my pictures in flickr and facebook on my latest “adventures”. From the bustling China, to the tip of picturesque Hokkaido, the pre-9-11 US cities, flying high up above Cappadocia Turkey and even to a remote mirror lake in New Zealand. But only a handful of my friends know the painful reason why Europe was not on the record yet. My Schengen visa was rejected in 2009. I couldn’t believe despite of the complete documents, a fat savings account and a fancy multinational company cushy job – they still suspect that I’m a “terrorist”. They kept me in the holding room for 7 hours, i... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java January 30th 2012

Every year, typically my husband (R) and I will do something special for our wedding anniversary. Year 1 – we went diving in Bunaken: one of world’s most amazing dive sites. Year 2 – went backpacking to Osaka and Hokkaido in Japan; where we saw the most beautiful flower fields in places that most people don’t even know exist in this world. Year 3 – we went to a secluded beach in Belitung; which is a dead ringer to Seychelles but much value for money. And for Year 4 – we decided to go back to where we spend our Year 0; a.k.a. going back to where we had our honeymoon the first time *smile* Value for money has always been my priority. But of course, money was tighter back then as we just started our ... read more
Me Me Me Me!
Small Path in Bamboo Forest
Our Overwater Villa

Oceania » New Zealand January 1st 2012

In the actually day 15 itself, there’s not much to share. I basically woke up, pack up my bags, and took the 16 NZD bus to the airport. That’s it. And rather than dramatizing the regular event, I thought I’d prefer to recap the key highlights of the journey. Not for anyone else. Just for myself. As I’m sure the details of the experience will drifted away as time goes by. So I’m writing this – so I can look back, smile and realize how wonderful the journey is. Here are my key highlights, where my happiness level hits 12 out of 10 scales – NOT in particular order. 1. Enjoying Perfect Setting at Lake Matheson – where the sky is blue, the clouds are swipey, the angle of the light was perfect to take picture, ... read more
I'm Drowniiiiing!!!! (no help needed though)
Bye Bye Shoes - I'm Jumpin In!!!
Two Lonesome Ducks in Sunset

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 31st 2011

I hate goodbyes. But the end is near, and I can feel it in my spine. Tomorrow I need to catch my flight back to the concrete jungle and leave this beautiful country. So does M. Tomorrow doesn’t count. In my mind, today IS the last day. I try to wipe away the bitterness, but another gloomy day really doesn’t help. We ran out of luck, and ran out of sunshine. I was secretly hoping that with some magical cosmic power, the parade of blue skies will come back. But it never did. It ended the minute we left South Island. If before I kept asking “Dude, where’s my shoes?” (as I prefer to be shoeless in long journey in car), now I’m asking “Dude, where’s my luck?” I try to pick myself up. Hey, I’m ... read more
His Daily Dosage of Coffee
"Married" by Walter Sadler, 1896
Jumpin @ Auckland Domain

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland December 30th 2011

Me: Are you sure you’re okay? M: …. Yeah… I’m fine Me: Mmm… Okay. For some reason M looks “blank” today. I was wondering whether it was because his dorm was so cramped, or it’s because of the weather that still refuse to clear up. I gaze out to the window and can see rolling hills of Rotorua, running beside this bus. Yes, this time, we’re taking a bus. It’s a 5 hours drive to Auckland, and in this weather, taking the 19 NZD intercity bus is the right decision. My ensuite room was also cramped – although not as cramped as M’s dorm – but for some reason I slept very well last night. I think they put some kind of spell to the bed ha ha… But as the result, I can’t really sleep ... read more
Welcome to Auckland
M's Trio Donburi @ Fuga Japanese Brasserie
One Tree Hill "look a like" - how I missed my blue skies!!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Rotorua December 29th 2011

Rotorua was a compromise. I was more intrigued by Dunedin’s old European style buildings, those wild penguins on the beach and perhaps a quick visit to Cadbury museum to buy NZ’s original chocolate for my dear husband. But one discussion leads to another, and I’m willing to scrap Dunedin for Rotorua. Some say life is full of compromises. I’d say – you can’t win them all (if you want everybody’s happy; or at least, kinda happy). And the most efficient way to cramped NZ’s highlights in 2 weeks is to fly between the 2 islands. So we flew to Rotorua from Christchurch. Air NZ check in was sooo cool! From start to finish you can just do it yourself. (note: for Singapore Airlines, although you online check in, you still have to talk to the officer ... read more
Rotorua Museum - somehow felt like it has "Bavarian" feel to it (?)
Bwaaaaa!!! @ Rotorua, NZ
Devil's Home (?) - it's all about branding

I take all my vacations very seriously. For me, it’s like a military operation in a way. You need to do proper research, know your grounds & destinations – which I do by spending nights researching hundreds of pictures, videos, hotel reviews, etc. You need to have a good plan of “attack” – because how else you can cramp those 999 things you want to do and see in 1-2 weeks unless you plan an effective itinerary? And you need to train your body as well – because life on the road is not easy; especially if you’re backpacking with limited budget. So those extra miles at the gym is a must, so you’ll be fit enough. Why? Because in a year you’re spending like 45+ weeks working behind a desk. And you ONLY get those ... read more
Lake Tekapo, NZ
I missed my protein :( hiks hiks...
"Zen" @ Lake Tekapo, NZ

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown December 27th 2011

Gosh, I really have to be careful with what I wish for, am I? Every time I passed Lake Wakatipu (which is just right in front of my hotel), I was like “Hmmm… wouldn’t it be nice to jog along the lake? Must be fun rather than the regular cardio session in the boring office gym.” Well I got what I wished for! Again! I’m running and huffing and panting because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to catch the TSS Earnslaw boat that’s supposed to leave at 10.15. After my sunrise photo shoot this dawn, I catch some sleep and woke up late. From afar I can see the black smoke already starts to puff from the top of the vessel. And I don’t even have a ticket. But…of course, I made it! Just in the ... read more
Me & My New Friend! (look how bad my sunburn is!)
A Grey Merino Sheep! (grey is my other fave color other than red)
Sheep Shearing - she's not giving up without a fight!

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