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Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Milford Sound December 26th 2011

M has been babbling for days, that all of the parade of blue skies and other amazing things that happened during this trip is because of MY luck. I pushed him back. Why ME? Why not assume that it’s HIS luck instead? He still insisted it’s me. For some reason in his mind, I got so many good “coincidences” in my life. I disagree. I prefer to say that I’m persistent in my trial and blessed in life. Not lucky. To settle the argument, I told him – let’s use Milford Sound as the referee. With 182 days of rain every year, Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in New Zealand (I quoted that statistic from Wikipedia and Milford Sound’s official website: Fine. If we can get bright blue sky in Milford Sound ... read more
Mmm... Venison Pie...
Swipey Clouds @ Mirror Lakes
Mirror Lake

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queenstown December 25th 2011

Jamie: OK, so what I want you to do – is run as fast you can and jump off that cliff. Me: What?... THAT cliff? *shock in terror* Jamie: Yes. Me:… no, no… I can’t do it… *silently thinking of backing out of this* Jamie: Come on, you need to put more commitment to it. Run, and then jump. Is that man crazy? No, I’m the crazy one. Because I paid that guy 176 NZD to push me off a cliff (it’s already early bird discount price, btw – from original of 199 NZD). It’s New Zealand after all. You’re bound to do something crazy at least once. I admit I don’t have the balls to do skydiving, or bungee jumping. So I chose the “gentler” option – which is Paragliding. Tandem, that is. With ... read more
I'm Flyiiiing!!!! (note: this pic belongs to M)
Iconic Queenstown View from Skyline Gondola
this is where I wish I had my brunch...

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Haast Pass December 24th 2011

No wonder NZ beef taste so good. Because they were happy when they lived! They were mostly grew free range, with clean air, fresh water, pretty scenery… And no visit to NZ is complete without taking picture of the cows and sheeps at the fields. There are so many of them across NZ, I even saw dots of sheeps before my plane landed out of Christchurch. So with so many options, it’s natural to wish that I could get the perfect setting as background. How about mountain capped with snow and glacier plus some blue sky? Boom. We got it. I asked M to take a turn for no strong reason. And when we least expected – there it is. The setting that I wanted. M called it my chain of lucks (referring to the endless ... read more
The Inception @ Bruce Bay
Blue Pools, Haast
Ship Creek @ West Coast

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef December 23rd 2011

When I saw pictures of my friends doing glacier hike in Facebook, I’m determined I will do it one day. And then when planning the trip, I realized there is more than one choice. The famous options are: Franz Josef Glacier or Fox Glacier. I googled up view images and see the videos as well – and decided to do the Franz Josef. Why? Well, from what I read – the Fox Glacier requires more bush walking before you’re in front of the glacier itself. Besides, Franz Josef looks bigger. I already set my expectation that the glacier will not be all blue like in the cartoon. From what I saw in the internet, it will actually be dusty grey with dirt everywhere. And indeed that was the case. Well, unless you climb really far up, ... read more
Ice Cave - yes, it's dusty with dirt but it's so cool!
Sandwiched by the Glacier Walls!
Fierce Shoes - but I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw wouldn't wanna wear it

I wish the car is red, I wish the car is red, I wish the car is red…. And… It turns out to be blue. Well, as long as the rental car can run smoothly, I can live with that ha ha. I told M I’m sorry I forgot my driver’s license, which means he has to drive until end of our South Island circle. “You don’t look genuinely sorry”, he said. I just grin. I sincerely forgot to bring it, but I seriously don’t think he’ll ever let me get behind the wheel anyway. There are basically 2 paths that you can take to reach Queenstown from Christchurch: via Arthur’s Pass, or via Mount Cook. I chose the combination of both. We will go via Arthur’s Pass first, and after reaching Queenstown we will enroute ... read more
Lupin Fields!!!!
Very clear Water @ Waimakariri River, Arthur's Pass
Dude, Where's the Kiwi? (never saw one)

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Mount Sunday December 21st 2011

Tour Guide: “So which one is your favorite character in Lord of the Ring? How many times did you watched it? 5 times? 10 times? Me: “Errr…. Sorry, I don’t really watched LOTR… I’m only here to take pictures” *grinning* Tour Guide:”Err…. Well, that’s alright mate… Sometimes we do have people like you joining” *smiling* Another Passenger: “Yah well I saw it like 10 times or so” *obviously a die hard LOTR fan* I was having difficulty finding another activity to kill the time in Christchurch. Kaikoura? Nah, experience is too similar with Akaroa. Hanmer Spring? Nah, don’t feel like jumping to hot pools. Nelson? Too far. I ended up finding this LOTR Edoras tour which happened to be discounted 50% on (from original base price of 235 NZD). The irony is – I ... read more
Going 6 Wheels Drive!
Vast Emptiness - the field floor was really white and asphalt like
Kitschy LOTR Replica

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Akaroa December 20th 2011

I went through the "Akaroa vs Kaikoura" dillemma. Both are famous for a cruise day trip out of Christchurch. After I accept the fact that I'm prone to sea sick, I ruled out whale watching in Kaikoura. And without the whale factor, plus looked at how pretty Banks Peninsula looks like, Akaroa won me over. Went with Akaroa French shuttle (45 NZD return) which was superb and I found it value for money. Lots of scenic point stops, which is just my cup of tea since I'm a photography buff. The stop at Hill Top was too short & I couldn’t take picture perfect of the Banks Peninsula as the clouds hang so low. Gary, the driver – kindly invited me to jump to the front seat – right besides the driver so I can take ... read more
Me with the Seagulls! They happen to just glide and "park" there!
Akaroa Harbour Cruise - look at that water color! I didn't make that up!
Barry's Bay Cheese Factory

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 19th 2011

“Ladies & gentlemen, soon on your left you will see Mount Cook range…” – the pilot announced it when our flight almost landed in Christchurch. I immediately try to look for it from the window, and pull out my beloved Canon 7D camera. And there it is! There it is! The (slightly) snow capped Mount Cook is majestically there. I saw it! And not long, after the mountains, the shoreline started to show (is that Kaikoura from afar?). The plane is getting lower and lower, and the field patches started to show as well as the dots of sheeps! Didn’t expect to find sheeps this easy – even before landing! After landing, what I noticed everywhere is the “Amnesty Bin”. Yes, you need to know that New Zealand’s custom is very strict on their bio security ... read more
Famous NZ Pie (this one is vegetarian)
Willow Bank Reserve
Can Feed the Animal @ Willow Bank!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Christchurch December 18th 2011

I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand. Always. I knew that it’s a gorgeous country. But: a) it’s expensive, b) visa is hard to get for Indonesian that already had a history of visa rejection from other country – or at least that’s what I was told. So my love for NZ is like a puppy love back in junior high school. You can only gaze from afar, too scared to do anything about it. But then, with encouragement from my nearest and dearest – I decided to pull the trigger and see what happened. Surprisingly, things started to fall into places. I got the visa easier than I thought – perhaps living & applying from Singapore plays a big part of it. Then I got the 2400 SGD Singapore Airlines peak season return ticket ... read more
Boarding to Christchurch
The Plane

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 9th 2011

I woke up in Maywood hotel in Istanbul. Erboy was really much better.... Anyway, I felt that our prayers has been answered. The sky is blue today! The first one in Istanbul during our 9 days trip in Turkey! Timing is just perfect because today is the highlight of this whole trip! Tulip fiesta! We rushed to Emirgan Park where there suppose to be a lot of pretty tulips. Hopefully some has blosomed (as few days ago many tulips are still green and hiding). We took tram to Eminonu, then bus to Emirgan (Buses: 40, 40T from Taksim; 22, 22RE, 25E from Kabataş). It was truly a very long bus ride! We go quite slowly with the traffic jam and all - passing Dolmabahce, Ciragan Palace, Ortakoy, Bebek (seems to be a very hip hangout place) ... read more
Surprise! SAKURA in Turkey!
Historical Funicular @ Taksim
Another Sea of Tulips

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