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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands January 3rd 2013

Free tour? Is this for real? That's what I thougth when seeing the review for this tour in tripadvisor. I've been checking how to best visit the Scottish highland in a safe way, given not many public transportations are running. So this time, I joined the Hairy Coo tour, which is tip based only. So you can pay whatever amount you want. Although they did kind of set up expectations by saying how much their competitors charged, how much does it cost for them to run the tour, etc. First stop is the Forth Bridge where basically old and new bridges spanned side by side. The old one looked more sturdy though. Russel the guide was also the driver and I'm impressed by his ability to multitask which doesn't come natural for most guys. In the ... read more
The "Free" Hairy Coo Tour Bus
The "Boxie" Doune Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh January 2nd 2013

Today is another early morning start for me. I could not afford to miss my train to Edinburgh, Scotland. I bought the discount ticket for 17 GBP while last minute ticket can cost over 100 GBP. The train was okay, with power plugs and all - but it didn't have the entertainment system like my train to Bath several days ago. The 5 hours train ride doesn't seem that long and before I knew it, I'm getting out of the train already. I was so happy to be greeted by yet another blue winter sky! I knew that this is rare and mostly doesn't last long so I started snapping my camera while pulling my luggage with the other hand. Well that's the beauty of packing light, you still somewhat mobile. I almost jumped when someone ... read more
Grassmarket (near Royal Mile)
Jamie's Italian @ Edinburgh
Good vs Bad Boys

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 1st 2013

I woke up a bit sleepy today after last night fireworks party. But today is another exciting day: Harry Potter! Luckily I did some last minute check and just realized I'm suppose to enroute to Watford Junction instead of just Watford. And its totally different train line! I half ran my way as its over 1 hour journey and my session is at 11 am. I had to change trains more than I thought and wait more than I want. Because today is new year, the train is running in reduced service. But I somehow managed to arrive, just in the nick of time. Due to rushing I forgot to put my coats in the cloak room so I ended up dragging it around for 3 hours like a dead raccoon. This Warner Brother studio is ... read more
Learning How to Make Potions
Natural History Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 31st 2012

I'm scared. I'm in this foreign country, alone. And I'm supposed to watch fireworks tonight. Its not the fireworks that's the problem. But other things inevitably comes with it. The crowd, the drunks, the wait, the safety risks.... But I decided to put that at the back of my mind for now. I have Windsor Castle to visit. I bought the 9.5 GBP off peak return ticket last minute because there's no savings anyway if I do advance booking. I arrived around 10 am and hardly any queue. You have to scan your bags like in the airport before roaming around. I first stopped at the St George's Chapel and saw where the royal prays. They each have their own seat, I asked the guard to poing where Prince William used to sit. No pictures allowed ... read more
George Hall @ Windsor Castle
Marching Guards @ Windsor
Free Lunch @ Wagamama

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 30th 2012

Having a very full itinerary yesterday, I started the day late. Only got out at 9.30 am. But today is the wrong day to be lazy. Because it got blue skies!!!! Going to London in winter, I'm well aware that I'm against the odds for blue sky. But there it is now. Given the weather, I decided to ditch my original itinerary and make my way back to Westminster - so I can take shots of iconic London buldings with blue sky background. The parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, the red phone booth.... I was tempted to take the London Eye and already started queueing. But after overhearing some conversation of possible 4 hours wait until you can actually ride it, plus seeing the dark clouds moving in - I decided to ditch the queue and ... read more
Lovely day for a boat ride don't you think?
The Iconic Red Phone Booth
The Million Dollar View

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford December 29th 2012

London is not only great to explore, but also as base for day trips. So I slipped in my itinerary a day trip to visit Bath and Oxford. There are actually group tours to various destinations, but after reading many horror stories (getting left at, time too short at each attractions, etc) I decoded to take matters on my own hand. However, as Bath and Oxford are quite far from each other and got lots of sites, I'll have to start my day really early and ends it quite late. I left my hotel in Liverpool Street just before 7 am. Believe me, I felt really stupid booking Tune hotel in Liverpool Street instead of their Paddington branch. It was unnecessary commute. As I booked early in advance, I managed to get cheap tickets – total ... read more
Roman Bath
Inside Christ Church Hall! (Harry Potter)
Blue Hour Carfax Tower @ Oxford

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 28th 2012

The plane arrived 20 mins late and the bags came out really really slow. But I'm still thankful that I didn't encounter any issue at the immigration borders (some people did get into red line and were grilled with many questions). I actually have Easybus ticket to city (2 GBP promo price) but after terrible reviews in tripadvisor and the fact that the green district line tube is under maintenance, I decided to ditch my ticket and bought First Capital Connect train ticket (9.9 GBP). I also bought 18 GBP Oyster Visitor card. Its new regulation effective Dec 2012 that they separate between the Oyster Card for residence and visitor. The difference? The visitor version is not refundable so your 3 GBP is stuck with them. Residence need bring their utility bill as proof when asking ... read more
St Paul's Dome
Paul's Macaroon - can't beat them!
Millenieum Bridge & St Paul

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 27th 2012

It all began with a lousy new year's firework in Auckland, New Zealand. It was just several small fireworks flying off from one tower. Even Hong Kong Disneyland's throws bigger and better fireworks every night for their show. Then a friend suggested to go to London the following new year as they throw better fireworks party. I grinned. I don't even think its remotely possible for me. But then again, that's life. Full of surprises. I somehow "accidentally" found a cheap year end ticket (only 977 SGD, SG - London return, inc tax) and somehow I got my visa. Even I was surprised how everything really did fall to their places. Sincere proof of my genuine "shock" is that I only scramble to do my real itinerary in a week, while usually I do it in ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 16th 2012

Wow, last day in Europe. At least for this trip. As pretty as Vienna is, I’m not in the mood for an early start. Besides, tonight I have to take long haul flight back home. I ended up spending my morning sitting at the lobby and having skype call with my mum and hubby. My to do list in Vienna is still long but I still feel sour after what happened the last several days. I’m finally able to push myself out of bed and walked out the door. It’s 10 am and I’m late. On the way to Rathaus, we got lost and ended up in front of the Parliament building instead. It’s gorgeous though. Pretty Greek style statues with contrast gold embellishment. The sky was blue as well and make such a nice backdrop. ... read more
Vienna Outside my Window
Vienna's Parliament Building

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 14th 2012

Is it really almost over already? Really? I had to take a moment to count the countries and places we’ve been to. Checked my itinerary. OMG, we’ve finally arrived at the last stop: Vienna. Two weeks is not enough. Well, even three months won’t be enough. It will always be insufficient when you’re doing what you love the most. Due to last minute reroute to Budapest, it means last minute ticket purchase from Budapest to Vienna as well. I lost the 9 am train ticket by minutes. It was there when I started, but it’s already gone when I refreshed the page. So we ended up taking the 7 am train. I actually don’t like the idea of an early start especially after late night out plus night train the night before, but I guess that’s ... read more
The Ultimate Vienna Experience: Sacher Torte + A Cup of Melange @ Cafe Demel
In Front of Schonbrunn Palace
Veal Schnitzel

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