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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest September 13th 2012

Originally, Hungary was not part of the plan. We’re suppose to just go straight from Prague to Vienna. But then my hubby “challenged” me to realize my wish list of writing my own travel book. Well, in order to do that, I need another Eastern Europe countries on my repertoire. So, challenge accepted! It was exactly 10 days before we left for Europe, and I thought I’m going mad. I’m not really someone who likes changing plans especially last minute. I threw the idea to M just to see how he feels about it. Especially because we already bought our discounted bus ticket to Vienna . I was ready to hear him saying I’m out of my mind. But surprisingly he was very supportive about it . Yayyy! And that last minute addition apparently works well, ... read more
Night Train to Budapest
Great Hall Market

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 12th 2012

“I don’t think it’s safe honey, pls don’t go okay? Safety first. There’s only one you in this world and it’s not like I can buy your replacement in the supermarket he he“ – my husband half jokingly said from the other side of the globe. Now, I’m not necessarily an obedient wife all the time, but he got a point. As per my vaca “rituals” – I typically go out early morning to take sunrise shots. But I’m not comfortable with the fact that I saw too many beggars in the old town & the Charles bridge yesterday. A clearly foreign girl walking around alone when hardly any people around, is… risky… to say the least. Plus, I’m so blonde when it comes to navigation. It’s not funny to get lost. And robbed. Or worse; ... read more
White Prague
Autumn in Prague
Impromptu Street Concert

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Old Town September 11th 2012

(Dec 2011) I was sitting in a bus from Rotorua to Auckland, New Zealand. It’s going to be somewhat 5 hours journey. To kill time, I opened my e-book and started to flicker my travel books collection. I stumble upon Prague and started to read. Me: (talking to myself) I wish I could go there one day…. M: (looking over my shoulder) “Yeah, my professor also said that Prague is very beautiful. He said I should visit it someday.” Me: Yeah, well easy for you – you’ll have your Australian passport soon. Me on the other hand, my Schengen visa got rejected before. I dunno when I can go to Europe. M: Well, you’ll never know e? I said nothing and just shrug my shoulder. I just don’t see how I could possibly go to Prague. ... read more
Touristy Wedding
Photographer in Action

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm September 10th 2012

Gosh. Last day in Stockholm. I like Stockholm already before I even arrived there. And the city does fulfill expectations. It is as nice as how it’s being portrayed in the guide books; at least in my eyes. The city is pretty. It’s busy enough, but still spacious enough. The air feels clean enough (although of course don’t compare it with mountain fresh air). The weather is on the cool side – even in late summer it feels like using air con. “Active” seems to be the theme of the lifestyle here – everywhere I go, there are people cycling or jogging. This is a city that I can see myself living in; at least for few years. So naturally, I actually feel a bit sad. This is my last day in Stockholm. From my very ... read more
The Magic Key!
View from Kaknas Tower

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm September 9th 2012

I didn’t get a good night sleep last night. The fire alarms rang twice in the middle of the night. Each time in rang, it lasted for around 30-40 mins each. This “interesting” no-man Omena hotel relies on their automated fire alarm to call the fire brigade if there’s any trouble. So every time some guests in other room smartly smokes inside the room, it will trigger the fire alarm which rang INSIDE every room. Gah. Read my full review url= But nevertheless, it doesn’t damper my spirit to explore Stockholm. So Stockholm day 2, here we go! Today I have a full schedule. And I’m trying to pack as much as possible before the rain falls mid day (as per the weather forecast). I walked to Stadthuset building, it’s some sort of their city hall. ... read more
Stadthuset Tower
Giant Paella!
Perfect Blue Sky!

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm September 8th 2012

The train from Oslo to Stockholm takes about 6 hours plus. Lucky I bought some delicious bollens from Narvesen minimart with my leftover NOK coins so I’m well fed for the journey. I let M sit by the window again because I know he likes to see the view up close. Initially I thought that Norway and Sweden would look exactly the same, that I would not be able to tell the difference (especially because – they used to be one big country before splitting). But apparently – you CAN tell the difference. Sweden country side is somehow looks “scruffier” vs Norway. The houses color had more yellow to it, perhaps because of their flag color. And the most obvious indicator is the road signs. If in Norway the road signs are dominated with blue/white color, ... read more
Pretty Waterfront @ Stockholm
Aurora-Like Sunset
National Museum @ Stockholm

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm September 7th 2012

OMG, I feel a bit guilty for neglecting my own travel blog half way through. But I have a very good reason (or so I told myself that). I’m going to UK in several weeks from now! It wasn’t really part of my travel master plan, so I’m scrambling to develop itinerary, make all the bookings, etc for a place I’m not prepared to go to. And in all honesty, I never thought in a million years that I would be back to Europe just 3 months shortly after I just got back. But I guess that’s life, full of surprises. I “accidentally” found a cheap return flight for year end, London is well known for its extravagant fireworks party, my visa was approved, my brother is currently studying in Manchester, so I guess I’m going ... read more
The Iconic Red Flam Train Station
Scenic Unredal Village
Wheel & Rainbow

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 6th 2012

Despite of staying up late to conquer the “exotic” washing machine, I somehow managed to still wake up very early. Sleeping in ‘the heart of historical old town building’ sounds like a novelty but I’m not wowed by it. Had it not been the cheapest place I could find – I might as well stayed elsewhere. Bergen is surprisingly cold so I put 3 layers of clothing before venturing out. Growing up in Indonesia, I’m kinda used to small alleys. Nothing fancy about it. But some guidebooks highlight that the “small alleys of Bergen old town” is something not to be missed. But then the question is – where is that damn small alley? Yes, I’m in the journey to find a small alley that should not be wider than 1 meter. But then again, every ... read more
Bergen Waterfront
Seafood Platter!
Big Blue HoHo Bus @ Bergen

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt September 5th 2012

Last year I lost a bet in NZ. Against all odds, it was bright blue sunny day in Milford Sound – one of fjord in NZ. Since then I’m “allegedly” a lucky person when it comes to vacation. Secretly, I kinda started to believe that. It was rainy for 5 days in Istanbul – there was only 1 sunny day – which was the day where I visited the tulip park that I’ve anticipated so much. It was rainy for 2 days in Furano Hokkaido, except for 1 day where I went lavender fields hopping. And it was sunshine all the way – in the South Island NZ for at least 7 straight days. So no wonder that for this trip, I secretly banking on my “alleged” luck. I know that Geiranger had 85% chance of ... read more
Geiranger Fjord from Utsikven
Twisty Roads! (view from Utsikven)
7 Sisters Waterfall

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Hellesylt September 4th 2012

I checked my watch and got worried. It’s already passed 9 and M is not here yet. He was supposed to get the car for our road trip. It’s out of his character to be so late. “Are you ok?” – I texted. He said – “yeah, I’m just outside… I’ll tell you all about it when you’re down” I was braising myself for the worse. Maybe we didn’t get the car? Or he got robbed? Or… what? Apparently the surprise was that we got a free upgrade from some random Ford to Audi A4!!! Yayyy… M was explaining that this Audi is diesel, more fuel efficient, and bunch of car babbles I don’t understand (read: care). I’m just glad there were no hiccups. Before going out of town, the first stop was Vigeland Sculpture Park. ... read more
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Salmon Smorgasbrod!
Ringebu Stavkyrkje

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