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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme April 8th 2011

One of the decision that took a very long to take, is whether we should do the hot air balloon or not. No doubt it will be an exciting experience. But at a hefty 150 euro per person price tag (and only for 1 hour), it’s just ridiculously expensive! It’s just so sad to think how many poor people you could fed with that money. After tossing and turning, we decided to pull the trigger anyway. Well you've work hard, so it makes sense to play hard. For your conscious you could do good deed separately. Besides, we might never ever go to Cappadocia again. We got picked up around 5.30 am then the minibus go around to few more hotels before dropping us in their headquarter office (Atmosfer Balloons). We gave them our name and ... read more
Mr & Mrs
Goreme Open Air Museum
Remind You of Something?

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme April 7th 2011

We knew that the cheapest way to travel around Turkey is by bus. But we also don’t want to spend that much time on the road. Luckily there’s a Sun Express flight route from Izmir (Ephesus) to Kayseri (Cappadocia). When we land in Kayseri, I thought to myself now THIS is Central Anatolia. Izmir was a surprise because I thought it would be dry but ends up to be green and lushes. Now Cappadocia is as expected. A bit rough, dry, big rocks, vast landscape – but at the same time charming. We saw a big snowcapped mountain ahead, and can see rain coming from a far. It was absolutely the right decision to book a group pick up; because the public transportation is not so convenient for tourists. We book it via our B&B, but ... read more
Mr & Mrs @ Ihlara Valley
Nazar Boncuk - Turkish Good Luck Charm

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Ephesus April 6th 2011

We woke up really early to catch our 6.45 am flight to Izmir. No tram yet. There is a cheap shuttle but departs at 3.20 which is too early and we're afraid we can't wake up on time. We decided to take taxi instead (40 lira). Flight with Onur Air was on time and smooth. On the arrival gate, our group tour guide already waiting. Although its a group tour ( 62 euro per person), apparently that day there's only 3 people (max capacity 6 person) so it feels like a private tour which is about 2x the price. If anyone would like to save money, you can take dolmus (from the highway) or train (up to Selcuk). The drive to Ephesus was a very nice surprise. We had a short stopover by the Aegean Sea ... read more
Ephesus Stadium
Gorgeous Country Side

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 5th 2011

Chora Church is quite challenging to get to from Sultanahmet area. We don't want to take taxi, so we go via tram + bus instead. Take a tram (or walk up to Eminonu) the take bus that goes to Edirnikapi. Sounds easy but we got lost at Eminonu. We finally found the bus station (not only a small stop) after asking police It cost 1.25 lira from Eminonu to Edirnekapi.. On the way to Edirnekapi, we saw a lot of bridals with many wedding dresses on display (including muslim wedding dresses - so its white but has long sleeves and headscarves). Everytime the bus stopped, we would poke our head to see where we are (the stop name is small and often the bus doesn't stopped exactly in front of it). When we finally reached Edirnekapi, ... read more
Eminonu Harbour
Braised Lamb Shank @ Asitane

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 4th 2011

This morning the drizzles are harder than usual. It’s colder as well. But we braised ourselves for Topkapi Palace as we heard so many nice things about it (20 lira). Once again my tripod is being taken away to the cloak room. I think next backpacking trip, no need to bring tripod.... We enter the courtyard where the building on the right apparently is a giant kitchen with giant chimneys! Inside you can take pictures but not at the Treasury (which basically rooms displaying many valuables) I was amazed by this giant 86 carat teardrop diamond that was found in a dumpster for heaven sake! Some of the collections are impressive but some are rather questionable (from authenticity point of view). For example, how would you know whether that was Moses walking stick? (Seems to small) ... read more
Whirling Devishir @ Grand Bazaar
Giant Bread! @ Khorasani

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 3rd 2011

When doing my research for this trip, Dolmabahce is one of the place that really excites me (15 Lira). Rich and opulent, it looked like a mini Versailles. Queue was very long and moved studderly due to tour group guides kept entering the ticket booth directly to buy bulks. Seems like they don't have to queue at all! We only took the Selamlik tour as per recommendation from the forum that the Harem tour is not really worth it. When we got inside, my tripod was taken away to the cloak room (free of charge). There's a courtyard inside and it just feel like visiting a very rich friend. It doesn't really strikes me as a palace ( well maybe because in my mind, palaces and castles are those that look like the ones in Disneyland ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul April 2nd 2011

I was woken up by the ray of sunshine as our plane is crossing over Iran. Its 10 hours flight from Singapore to Istanbul. I'm slightly tired yet happy: Our Turkey vacation finally arrived! Arrival was a breeze. Just give your passport, pay the visa fee and the officer just put a sticker to your passport and that it. As we stay more than 3 nights in Hotel Erboy, we were picked up at the airport by private transfer. On the way to Sultanahmet, we were greeted by hints of spring as cherry blossom and tulip decorate sidewalks and parks. After quick refresh, we walked to Aya Sofia. I'm prepared for a long queue as its Saturday, but its only like 7 mins queue (20 lira). The museum was amazing ! Such a grand structure. Here ... read more
Inside Blue Mosque
Sultan's Chicken Roll @ Pasazade

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Tanjung Pinang August 6th 2010

I'm longing for a blue sky holiday near the sea. Initially was aiming for Maldives but got chickened at the last minute due to the hefty pricetag. So the quest for a more "budget friendly" option started with the usual suspect: Phuket, Krabi, Bali, Lombok, Langkawi, etc. But then again it was "been there done that" de ja vu. So then I surveyed for a more "up and coming" places rather than well established. My gaze stopped upon a place called "Belitung". 50 mins by flight from Jakarta, it is still in proximity with the big cities. They don't have international airport yet but still reachable. What's so special about the place? Well have you ever seen "Seychelles" in Africa? (it’s where Prince William went on his honeymoon btw). Belitung also have the big boulders of ... read more
Look How Big is the Rock!
Mie Belitung

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