Judy and Rags


Judy and Rags

We first backpacked in Eastern Europe in 2001 visiting Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia & Italy. In 2002 we spent the whole 12 months backpacking around the world. This was before blogs so find details here: http://members.iinet.net.au/~weggs/weggs_world/index.htm

In 2007 we enjoyed another 6 months. This time we organised some home exchanges to help the budget, meet new people and be able to kick back and relax in a few places. Hawaii, San Francisco, Mexico, Croatia, England, Scotland, Canary Islands, Czech Republic, Austria, Netherlands, China & Tibet were all visited either briefly or for extended stays.

In 2008 apart from a few local trips that we also decided to include on our blog we went to New Zealand. We spent 3 weeks with a home exchange in the North Island and 3 weeks in the South Island traveling around in a hired camper van.

In 2009 we went to Vietnam with a group of friends we ride with, and had a great couple of weeks there. The year concluded with our trips in the north of Western Australia, including our adventures on the Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys, and our experiences in some remote schools.

2010 began with travel to Melbourne, and a slow drive back through Victoria and South Australia, on to a cycling trip to Bali, and concluded with our big adventure to Russia, Greek Islands and Turkey.

For 2011 we decided we would use our caravan and just travel in Australia. This idea didn't last long as Qantas offered less than half-price fares to USA to celebrate the direct flight to Dallas. We took the opportunity to break our around Australia trip in Queensland for 4 weeks to take this flight, giving us a chance to catch up with some American friends we met on our Russian river cruise.

2012 started with a bike/barge tour of the Netherlands with the Bikeboyz, a group Rags cycles with on Sundays. We then continued with a cruise up the Norwegian coast, some time in Lithuania, a home exchange in Romania and travel through Bulgaria, finally flying out of Istanbul to spend a few days in Dubai before going home.

2013 shaped up to be a quiet year with two weddings early in the year and baby (grandchild) due in October. These events did occur, with one wedding taking place in Bali, and the grandson, Casey, born on the 28th October. We did manage to squeeze in a few trips though, taking our caravan to Kalbarri in June, Rags and a friend driving the Canning Stock Route in July, and both of us spending 10 days in Melbourne.

2014 travels start in April when we spend 5 weeks in France with another couple. We will be joined by another couple in Prague in May and the 6 of us intend cycling along the Greenways Trail for 15 days, ending at the Austrian border from where we make our way to Vienna before flying home.
Home for 3 weeks then flying to Atlanta, USA, for a technology in education conference, afterwards spending time with friends in Florida before coming home.

In 2015 we take take our caravan to Melbourne where we leave it with friends while we have 3 weeks in Tasmania, then back to the caravan and heading north up the Victorian, NSW coast.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Yorke Peninsula September 24th 2018

Tuesday 18th September 2018 By 9am we were on the road again, on our way home, but via Yorke, and probably Eyre, Peninsulas, spending about a week on each one. It was good to be on the road again, and by lunchtime we reached Port Clinton, the first town going south on the east coast of Yorke Peninsula. This looked like a good place for a family holiday with it's sheltered beach and shallow water but we continued on to Port Vincent, stopping at Ardrossan on the way. The caravan park we chose to stay at was right on the water's edge at Port Vincent, and only a short walk to the main street (aptly named Main Street) where there are a few shops and a hotel. As Judy has a lot of marking coming in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide August 23rd 2018

Adelaide has always been a city we both enjoy going to and over the years have been there several times. There are still areas we want to explore, especially those areas where Judy's relatives settled when they came from England, as well as just catching up with her relatives and revisiting her birth state. This trip we had the extra incentive of visiting Judy's son, Ryan and his partner Sabrina. Ryan moved to Adelaide from Perth in May this year after accepting a position there. Monday 20th August 2018 Even though we thought we had prepared for everything getting away took longer than expected. Rags intended to leave by 9am, Judy by 10am and we got away at 11am. From then on everything went well, we reached our intended stop of Karalee Rocks by 5pm. This ... read more
Karalee Rocks
Fraser Range

Asia » Japan » Chiba » Narita March 31st 2017

Friday 31st March Just after 0900hrs we were on the train headed for Narita, where we will spend our last 2 nights in Japan before heading home. We have become 'experts' using the train system and after only two transfers we covered about 750kms and arrived at our hotel at about 1500hrs. The Japan Rail Pass has certainly paid for itself over the last 3 weeks and we would recommend it to all travellers coming here. We had a booking at the Hedistar Hotel, the room here not as nice as the one we left in Aomori but ok for what we needed. One thing that was very lacking was the efficiency and pleasantness of the reception staff. There was only one person on duty, she was busy with another couple but didn't even acknowledge that ... read more

Asia » Japan » Aomori March 26th 2017

Sunday 26th March Up and off early this morning, we caught the 0800hrs train out of Takayama, changed to the Shinkansen in Nagano, rushed to the next Shinkansen in Tokyo, and reached our destination Aomori at about 1700hrs having travelled over 800kms for the day. A tiring day even though we were sitting down for most of it. Aomori is a port town on the east coast and is, as quoted in a brochure, "about 2 hours 59 minutes north of Tokyo". When planning this section of the trip we chose this town as it was on the coast and within reach of Hokkaido if we wanted to go further north. Rags was a little worried that the accommodation we had booked, the Toyoko Inn Aomori, may be a little less than expected and we had ... read more

Asia » Japan » Gifu » Takayama March 23rd 2017

Wednesday 22nd March We had some time to kill before checking out of our little home so we visited Kyoto Towers, just around the corner. This is Kyoto's tallest structure, standing 131 metres tall with an observation deck at 100 metres. It was built in 1964 to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics, on top of another building and from here were views all over Kyoto. It was quite clear when we were up there but still the cloud and smog did affect the distance one could see. From the viewing area the size of the train terminal could really be appreciated. After being up there for about 15 minutes Rags could feel movement in the building, probably due to wind. Even though he knew this, he couldn't get the thought of an earthquake out of his ... read more
Takayama market

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto March 19th 2017

Sunday 19th March A day of waiting and travelling by train today. As usual we awoke early and after showers, breakfast and cleaning the unit we were still too early. We made the decision to go to the station and catch an earlier train. This was a good idea except today is the Sunday of a long weekend and everyone seemed to be out and about. We were told by the ticket office that all the reserved seats had been filled. We therefore took the chance for a seat in the unreserved carriages only to see that they were packed also. Therefore we sat back and waited for the next train, coming in an hour, where we had reserved seating. Three and a half hours later we arrived in Shin-Kobe where we had to wait another ... read more
Nijo-jo Castle
Nijo-jo Castle

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Kurume March 16th 2017

Thursday 16th March Kurume was chosen as our base town as it was in the most convenient spot to travel north, south or west. Getting here from Hiroshima was not without a few delays. After breakfast and the tidying of our BnB we made our way to the railway station where we said farewell to David and Helen, they are heading north before flying home. It was a little sad; we had a great time with them over the last 4 days. We made our way to where we thought our train was leaving for Kurume but the departure board made no mention of our train or the line it was running from. We were told in the past that Japan Rail never ran late but today they must have had a serious problem as trains, ... read more
Affectionate Mother Kannon
Buddhist temple
"Good Sammy?"

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima March 12th 2017

Sunday 12th March Another good night's sleep. Must have been the 20+ kms we walked yesterday that helped. Both of us were keen to leave so that there wouldn't be any stress catching the first Shinkansen train for the trip. These high speed trains are included on our JR Railpasses we bought before leaving Australia. We arrived at Tokyo Station via the subway train and a walk through about 500m of passages, before 0900hrs and a departure of 1003hrs. This gave us a relaxing time beforehand to have a good coffee at Starbucks and then make our way to the train. What a train! Very sleek and spacious seating. We travelled at over 200kph smoothly and quietly. On our arrival at Hiroshima Station we had no problems in following the photo directions, given by our host, ... read more
Our BnB
Itsukushima Shrine
Miyajima Island

Asia March 10th 2017

Wednesday 8th March and Thursday 9th March 2017 We keep on saying we aren’t going to travel overseas for a while, instead travel Australia more in our caravan, but some-one always seems to make a suggestion or invite us to go away. This time our friends Helen and David, from Queensland, mentioned they were going to Japan around now and why didn’t we meet up with them? So here we are and we catch up with them next week for 4 or 5 days in Hiroshima. It’s been a hard 24 hours we’ve just endured, but it almost feels worth it with our feet up and drinking a few Bushmills whisky that we picked up duty free. We booked our trip using our Qantas Frequent Flyer points, claimed our free Qantas Club Lounge passes we get ... read more
Train ride in Adventureland
The paddle boat in Critter Country
Big Thunder Mountain

Saturday 24th September 2016 On our way today, with an 0830hrs start after Judy had downloaded the assignments which were due last night. The wind had swung during the night and was now a strong and gusty NE. This made for good fuel consumption once we were on the highway, although the buffeting from the side had us cut back on our speed. The Pardoo Roadhouse was our first stop where we could not go past their famous $10 coffee and a large home-made sausage roll each for a late morning tea/early lunch. These salt laden, greasy sausage rolls were delicious! We had intended to head to Caper Keraudren from here but after reading the negative Wikicamps' comments we had changed our minds and now drove only another 90 minutes or so to the DeGrey River ... read more
De Grey River
De Grey River
Indee Station

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