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Hello there!

Thanks for reading my blog. I started it in 2010 to keep a record of my travels, to let people know how I'm going, and also to keep me sane at times while I'm on the road!

I have written up my 14 most recent journeys so far, and have no plans at all to stop travelling just yet.

79 countries down, 116 more to go - watch this space!


Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Tyresö February 19th 2020

Dear All Greetings! This is my third and final blog entry for my wonderful mini mid-winter trip to Sweden in February. So far I have written about my explorations in Stockholm and nearby Uppsala. In this one I plan to relate my amazing final full day in the country, taking in some seriously beautiful places of nature around the capital, as well as the day of my journey home on the Thursday of half-term week. As I mentioned in my first blog entry, the trip there was a little stressful to say the least. I must admit, I did spend a bit of time on my trip wondering how my return journey would go, half-expecting my flight again to be cancelled, but in the end it wasn’t, and the return journey went just swimmingly, thank goodness! ... read more
Wild Roe Deer
Tyresö Slott

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala February 18th 2020

Dear All Greetings again! In this blog entry I will write up about my adventures on my second full day in Sweden. After my first incredible day exploring Stockholm, I thought it would be hard to beat, but it turned out each day was just amazing, and so varied from each other. I felt I really packed a lot into my three days of exploring this small and beautiful part of Sweden. For my second day, I planned a day trip northwards, about 70km by train, taking around 35 minutes by the express service, to the ancient and historical centre of Uppsala. I was not disappointed. The city is famous for its current status as a university town, but also for its importance in both Swedish and Viking history. I also enjoy visiting a place a ... read more
Viking Burial Mounds
Me, Fyrisån River

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm February 17th 2020

Dear All Greetings from London, towards the end of another February half-term, and just after another wonderful mid-winter mini-break. Since Denmark this time last year, I have been continuing with the Scandinavia theme for my February trip, mainly for my sheer recent fascination with this region of the world: its history, beauty and people. Whilst Denmark last year was a lovely little trip, my mini trip this year to Sweden has to be one of my most enjoyable trips – short, but incredibly stunning and sweet. I really did thoroughly enjoy every moment of my time in this stunningly beautiful country. On Sunday I was due to fly to Stockholm, where I booked myself into a lovely little apartment attached to the house of a Finno-Swedish family in the suburbs of Stockholm, which was to be ... read more
Swedish Royal Guard, Kungliga Slottet, Royal Palace
Swedish Souvenirs
Evert Taube statue and Stadshuset, City Hall

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey December 18th 2019

Dear All Greetings once more. This is my third and final blog entry for my pre-Christmas mini trip to the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It was a lovely end to my lovely little trip exploring more of these British Isles, coming to realise that Great Britain, although the largest, is certainly not the only island in this beautiful corner of the world. I feel I would like to explore more of this island nation I call home, there are plenty more islands to choose from in the future – the Isle of Man, Orkney and Shetland are all calling, at some point hopefully in the not-too-distant future. For now I was content to complete my explorations of Guernsey, and on my second full day on the island, I was planning to explore the northern and eastern parts. ... read more
World War II Memorabilia, Guernsey Occupation Museum
The Guardian of the Tomb
The Island of Guernsey from the Air!

Europe » Channel Islands » Guernsey December 17th 2019

Dear All Greetings again! I believe I last left off having just arrived back from the stark island of Sark, after an amazing two days of rural, island explorations. My third day of my trip was my first full day of explorations this time on the comparatively much larger island of Guernsey. I had two full days, and decided to split the island in two – on my first day I’d explore the south and west, and on the second day, the north and east – simple! It was a small enough island anyway, and at only 25 square miles, is almost half the size of its Channel Island neighbour, Jersey. There was plenty of time to explore this small, triangular-shaped island. Unfortunately most of the tourist sights were closed during the winter season, including the ... read more
Coastal View
Blue Post Box
La Gran'mere de Chimquiere

Europe » Channel Islands » Sark December 16th 2019

Dear All Greetings! I am currently in my lovely home in London, but have just recently completed a mini pre-Christmas break to the Channel Islands, once more. Once more, as this time last year, I spent a few days on the lovely little Channel Island of Jersey – this year I decided to spend some time on Jersey’s sister island, just 27 miles away, and booked five nights to explore the Bailiwick of Guernsey just before Christmas. I had a lovely little time there, Guernsey being an even smaller, cuter version of Jersey, and I aim to write up about my time there over the course of three blogs, starting with this one. So on the Saturday following the end of term, I flew Guernsey’s very own tiny airline company, Aurigny (pronounced oh-reeny) from nearby Gatwick ... read more
Dixcart Bay
View from the Windmill
The "Toaster Rack" and Tractor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon August 25th 2019

Dear All Greetings from Croydon! Yay! I have arrived back safely, after what has turned out to be really quite an adventurous, challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable trip. Whilst a few days towards the end of my journey didn’t quite turn out as I’d expected, or as I would have wished, I really enjoyed my final few days in South America, and had an excellent flight back on Friday night. I am so happy now to be back in my wonderful home, resting, recuperating and now beginning to reminisce on these past five and a half weeks. I believe I last wrote getting ready to leave Quito and fly back to Lima last Tuesday, having just about recovered from the storm in my stomach. On my final day in Quito, on the Tuesday morning, I still felt ... read more
Guinea Pigs
Me, Machu Picchu, 2002

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 20th 2019

Dear All Greetings from Quito, capital city of Ecuador, and at 2,850 metres above sea level, it’s the second highest capital city in the world (after La Paz, Bolivia, at 3,640m). I arrived here after a comfortable 3.5 hour bus journey from Riobamba on Friday afternoon, although things haven’t really quite turned out as I expected… My plan was to do Quito on Saturday, visit the nearby Cotopaxi volcano on Sunday, and take a trip to the actual equator which runs through Ecuador just north of Quito on Monday. Saturday’s plans went well, but unfortunately I ate something dodgy on Saturday afternoon, and came down with gastroenteritis on Saturday night. I have since been holed up in my lovely room in the Ibis Hotel, giving myself some much-needed down-time and TLC. I feel a little frustrated ... read more
La Virgen de Quito
Me, View from La Virgen de Quito

South America » Ecuador » Centre » Riobamba August 16th 2019

Dear All Greetings from the Ecuadorian Andes! A small city called Riobamba, to be exact, where I am currently spending two nights before heading to the Ecuadorian capital of Quito tomorrow. I believe I last wrote having just reached the end of my amazing Galapagos adventure, I still feel so touched by these beautiful islands and their natural inhabitants, the spectacular wildlife. Indeed, I think my experience there will stay with me for a while. Since then, I spent one night in Guayaquil again, enjoying the luxuries of a four-star hotel, and in fact what was more welcome, the super-fast Internet connection. I was able to upload all of my photos from the Galapagos Islands (and there were many!) onto my OneDrive cloud, freeing up much-needed storage space again on my laptop for more photos. I ... read more
Me, Laguna Llaviucu

Dear All Greetings once more from the Galapagos Islands! These little gems of land in the Pacific Ocean are just stunners, and I’ve really had the most amazing time here. I am currently writing this one from my fantastic eco-hostel I’m staying in here, about 2km outside of the main town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the island of San Cristobal, the Cucuve (Mockingbird) Eco-Hostel, surrounded by lovely Galapagos nature and overlooking a beautiful garden with fruit trees. I have indeed found an idyllic lodging in which to spend my four nights on this other main island of the Galapagos, purposefully chosen for its serene and back-to-nature setting. I plan to upload this text onto my blog and publish it when I’m back in Guayaquil tomorrow, however, as the Internet connection here is really not good. ... read more
Blue-Footed Boobies
Waved Albatross In-Flight
Me, Swimming with Sea Lions

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