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Hello there!

Thanks for reading my blog. I started it in 2010 to keep a record of my travels, to let people know how I'm going, and also to keep me sane at times while I'm on the road!

I have written up my 23 most recent journeys so far, and have no plans at all to stop travelling just yet.

86 countries down, 109 more to go - watch this space!


North America » United States » Florida » Miami April 8th 2023

Dear All Greetings from back in London! On a Sunday morning I arrived back at Heathrow Airport after what turned out to be an incredible two-week journey around the US state of Florida. I enjoyed it immensely, and arrived back with the darkest tan I think I’ve ever had – they don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing! I spent my last two nights on this journey in the amazing city of Miami, and will relate my time there in this final blog entry of my trip. I believe last time I wrote, I had just dropped off my rental car at Fort Lauderdale Airport, and was actually sad to see it go. Out of three car hires I’ve done in my travels, it certainly was the swishest and the coolest! As I took my ... read more
Miami Riverwalk
Art Deco Architecture

Dear All In my last blog entry from my base in Florida City, I related my adventures on two separate days in the Florida Keys. This one will regale my time on two separate days in the Everglades. Florida City is a perfect base for both, and I chose my motel well, being halfway between the two in a town that is infinitely cheaper than anywhere in the Keys. Key West is incidentally the most expensive place in the USA for accommodation, and most places were coming up with prices of at least £150 per night. The cheapest accommodations were on small off-shore yachts you had to kayak to yourself with your luggage, at around £100 per night. I certainly wasn’t going to part with my hard-earned money with such exhorbitant prices, and felt my choice ... read more
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
American Crocodile
Me, Anhinga Trail

North America » United States » Florida » Keys April 5th 2023

Dear All Greetings once more from my Floridian travels. This one relates my adventures on the intriguing chain of islands dripping off the end of the Florida peninsula, known collectively and very famously as the Florida Keys. I had an amazing time island-hopping down there, using the interconnecting and quite spectacular Overseas Highway, and driving the coolest rental car possible for such an adventure. This was a beautiful white Ford Mustang Cabrio convertible! I’ve only ever hired a car on two previous occasions, and I couldn’t quite believe my luck not only when I booked this car months ago as it was the cheapest deal available, but also on this day when I picked it up, as it was indeed true to its picture on my rental agreement – a Ford Mustang Cabrio convertible, and a ... read more
Distance Marker
Key Deer
The Coolest of Rental Cars

Dear All Yay! This day on my Floridian travel adventures was a very special day. After having been in touch for several years, reading each others’ travel blogs, exchanging travel ideas and developing our friendship, I got to meet up with Merry Jo and Dave, finally in person. It actually felt as though we had also known each other in person for all these years, and we slipped right in to enjoying the day together past any formalities of “getting to know each other”. They picked me up at my hotel in Orlando, and we drove to the amazing Kennedy Space Centre on Florida’s east coast, spending the whole day there from its opening at 9am to nigh-on its closing at 6pm. In addition to meeting my great friends, it was also an amazing travelling day, ... read more
Osprey Eating Fish
Me, Dave and Merry Jo

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando March 29th 2023

Dear All Greetings on this travel blog entry that will relate my time in Orlando, Florida’s holiday capital! While hitting the tourist scene isn’t usually my thing when I travel, preferring to see more everyday and local places where you learn about the country, culture and history, it is also something that just has to be done. And I have to be honest, I have had a small dream about visiting Disney World for quite some time now. It was tricky to narrow my time down in Orlando to just two nights and one full day, as I would have preferred three nights and two full days, to be able to take in two theme parks rather than just one. However, with a California trip already booked for next year, I thought I’d do Disney World ... read more
Meeting Mickey Mouse!
Me, Universal Studios

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa March 27th 2023

Dear All Greetings on this my first proper entry on my travels through Florida, my US trip for 2023! As mentioned in my introductory blog, the plan was to fly into Tampa and out of Miami, visiting a few places in between. I was correct in my thinking that the flight for Tampa wouldn’t be such a “family” one as the one to Orlando would probably have been, and it was filled with really quite sedate people – mostly English pensioners who probably have a property in Florida escaping the dreary UK winter. Unfortunately the start at Gatwick Airport was pretty rubbish though, but it turned out to be the only rubbish thing about the whole trip, so that’s good! On that day, the self-service check-in and bag drop off were both offline, and so everyone ... read more
Rescued Sea Turtle
St Pete Beach
Me, St Pete Beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon March 24th 2023

Dear All Yay! I'm on the eve of another (fairly) big trip again, having all packed for a two-week visit to the United States of America tomorrow! I'm very excited to be heading to the States again, it is certainly one of my favourite countries, and there is just so much of it to explore. I was telling someone about my trip the other day, and they asked me how many US states I had been to. This is something I didn't actually know the answer to. I knew I had been to 87 countries, but I guess now that I plan to visit a different part of the States every Easter until at least my current tourist visa runs out seven years from now (and probably more after I renew it!), I think it's probably ... read more
Travelling Light
Just One Midi-Backpack This Time

Europe » San Marino » San Marino February 15th 2023

Dear All Saluti di nuovo! This is my second and final entry on my mini-trip in February, and will relate my time in gorgeous little San Marino, sandwiched in between my time in Rimini and Bologna. And my goodness, what an amazing place this little country is! It is the fifth smallest country in the world, and the third smallest in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco. Still, it's a bit bigger than those two, at 24 square miles, though still has a population density of 1465 people per square mile, pretty much exactly twice as much as the UK, with a population of around 34,000 in total. It is a fascinating country with a very interesting history, and really is breathtakingly beautiful. Unlike Monaco and Liechtenstein, it doesn't have a monarchy and never has done ... read more
Mount Titano
View of Cesta Tower from Guaita Tower
Saint Marinus Chapel

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Rimini February 13th 2023

Dear All Greetings, or saluti! I have just returned from my final mini-trip of this winter period of travel, having seen my last one of Europe's micro-states. My theme for these last couple of months has been to visit my three remaining European micro-states, out of six in total. I had already been to the Vatican, Andorra and Malta, and this February half-term after having visited Monaco and Liechtenstein over the Christmas holidays, I was heading to San Marino! Well, in actual fact, I was heading to Bologna, to first take a train to Rimini for a couple of nights, then on to San Marino for two more, before my final night in Bologna. This is my first of two blog entries relating my time there, and will recount my adventures in Rimini at the beginning ... read more
Rimini Port
The Two Towers
Me, Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca

Europe » Liechtenstein » Mauren January 4th 2023

Dear All Greetings! This is my final entry on my two mini trips taken over the Christmas holidays, and it will write up about my lovely little time in lovely little Liechtenstein! As mentioned, my aim this winter is to cover my three remaining micro-states of Europe, and thus whilst in Austria, I hopped over the little border from Feldkirch in the very west of Austria to spend two lovely days in the tiny principality of Liechtenstein. I didn't expect it to be as big as it was if I'm honest, as after recently visiting really tiny Monaco at just under a square mile in size, Liechtenstein is actually quite a bit bigger in comparison at 61 square miles. When I told my Air BnB hostess there that I was planning to visit all three major ... read more
Schloss Gutenberg and St Nicholas Parish Church
Alpine Scenery
Me, Downhill Hike to Malbun

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