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Hello there!

Thanks for reading my blog. I started it in 2010 to keep a record of my travels, to let people know how I'm going, and also to keep me sane at times while I'm on the road!

I have written up my 20 most recent journeys so far, and have no plans at all to stop travelling just yet.

81 countries down, 114 more to go - watch this space!


Dear All Greetings again from London, writing up my fifth blog entry on my travels through New England. This time I'm writing about my very off-the-beaten track journey through the peripheral parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. I wasn't exactly on the international travellers' track before either, but this time I felt that I was certainly making my own trail through the region. I loved every minute of it! On the Tuesday morning I left the swish apartment in New Haven's classy East Rock district, and caught a cheeky ride on the Yale University student shuttle bus into New Haven town centre. I figured with my youthful looks (!) and posh English accent, I could pass as a Yale Grad student, and it worked! Although after asking the bus driver whether he went to New Haven Green, ... read more
Barkhamsted Reservoir
West Cornwall Covered Bridge
Sheffield Post Office

North America » United States » Connecticut » New Haven April 4th 2022

Dear All I continue my travel blog write-up of my hugely enjoyable two-week trip through New England by writing up about my time spent in the delightful state of Connecticut in this entry. Being New England's southernmost state, and bordering energetic and buzzing New York to its south-west, I rather expected Connecticut to be busier and less New England-y than my previous destinations so far - but boy was I wrong! Connecticut seemed quintessential New England, with lovely little towns filled with white clapper-board houses and tall white-spired churches, super-friendly people, and bodies of water everywhere - whether it was the sea, a lake or a river, houses seemed to be just built next to a waterway. I loved Connecticut, and enjoyed my time there very much. After having gratefully received a lift from my mansion ... read more
Mayflower II
Me, Yale University
Friends Building

Dear All After a really wonderful three days on Cape Cod, whilst I felt ready to leave, I was also a little sad to be leaving and I missed it after I left - I'm not quite sure why, but perhaps it was because if its tranquil nature, and different pace to the rest of the places I visited on my journey. Nevertheless, a Peter Pan bus was ready and waiting to pick me up at the Hyannis Transportation Centre, and take me off westwards on my next adventure for this trip - two nights in the tiny and compact state of Rhode Island, America's smallest state, and nicknamed the "Funsize State" - cute! The bus travelled through some interesting looking places, namely New Bedford and Fall River, two sizeable settlements on the south coast of ... read more
Greetings from Rhode Island
Rhode Island State House
Me, The Breakers

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Hyannis April 1st 2022

Dear All Greetings again from England, with this my second blog entry of my amazing time in New England over the Easter holidays. This one will write about the thoroughly enjoyable time that I had in the very famous Cape Cod, probably my favourite place visited on this trip. It was outside of the tourist season, so very free of the crowds of tourists which apparently flock there in the summer, so I could completely enjoy the peace and serenity of this unique peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded on all sides by beautiful coastlines and sea - it was just lovely! Although the morning that I left Boston was still cold with an icy wind, it didn't seem as bad as the day before, and I spent most of it indoors anyway. After ... read more
Gay Head Lighthouse and Aquinnah Cliffs
Great White Shark Warning Sign, Lighthouse Beach, Chatham

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston March 28th 2022

Dear All Yay! Greetings from London! I am back from an amazing two-week trip around New England, USA. As mentioned in my first blog entry on this trip, the day before I left, I planned during this journey to publish the blog entries of my travels when I got back home. On longer trips I normally publish as I travel - this trip was fairly long, but still a shorter trip, in which I'd be aiming to spend most of my time packing lots of travelling into each day. I thus didn't think I would have time to write and publish as I go, and this certainly turned out to be true. I'd say I was out each day for around 10 to 12 hours, so would indeed have had little time to write in the ... read more
Old State House
Me, Cheers Bar
Orchard House, Louisa May Alcott's Home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon March 25th 2022

Dear All Greetings from London! I’m currently in England on the eve before quite a big trip that I’m beginning tomorrow, and I’m excited! After two years of exploring the British Isles, having done trips in North-East England, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Ireland, slowly building up my distance from home as travel restrictions have eased over time, I’m now ready to go further. Although my destination doesn’t sound too far-removed from England, it really is and I’m so excited to be exploring further afield again. Tomorrow I head to New England!! The plan is to first fly to Boston from Heathrow on Saturday morning, to spend a few nights in the city, before heading down to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard for a few more nights. From there I head westwards to Providence, Rhode ... read more
Travel Bags Ready Again!

Europe » Ireland » County Louth » Drogheda February 16th 2022

Dear All Greetings on this my third and final blog entry of my trip to Ireland, country number 100. My application has been accepted, and I am now officially a fully-fledged member of the TCC, with badge and certificate to show for it – yay!! Thank you Ireland for being such a lovely country, but also for being such a nice country to make it to this number. It is interesting to see that having travelled pretty much the world, it is our closest neighbour which ultimately helped me reach this goal. This has made Ireland really quite special to me. My last full day on the Emerald Isle was another very enjoyable one, heading even further north than the day before. Swords turned out to be such a good town to base myself in for ... read more
St Patrick's Island
Cute and Colourful Houses
St Patrick's Church and Sunset

Europe » Ireland » County Meath » Tara February 15th 2022

Dear All Greetings on my second blog entry for my time in country number 100! I have just completed my application for the TCC to become a fully-fledged Centurian, in which you have to tick all the countries you’ve been to. I had a mini-scare when I added up all my ticks to just 99, but then I realised that the island of Rhodes which I visited in 2003 forms part of the TCC’s “Greek Aegean Islands” category, and thus my calculations of 100 were indeed correct – phew! After a really good second night’s sleep, testing the accommodation’s electric blanket for added warmth (it was chilly during my time there!), I was ready to set out on my second full day of explorations. This time I was headed to a few places north of Dublin, ... read more
9th Century Celtic Cross and 10th Century Round Tower
Malahide Castle
Malahide Marina

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin February 14th 2022

Dear All Greetings from London! I’m writing as I have just returned from a short four-night trip to nearby Ireland, or Eire, or the Republic of Ireland, and plan to write three blog entries for my three full days on this beautiful green island. This is my first one. I am majorly excited about this trip, and have been for some time now. A few years ago, I joined the Travelers’ Century Club, a club for travellers who have been to 100 of their listed countries. I initially joined as a Provisional Member, which you can do once you visit 75 countries on their list. In 2020, I was about to reach Full Membership with a summer trip to South Africa, and Swaziland was planned to become my country number 100. As we all know though, ... read more
The Long Room
Temple Bar Pub
River Liffey

Europe » Isle of Man » Ramsey December 15th 2021

Dear All Greetings in this, my third and final entry on my lovely little break on the Isle of Man. I shall relate my adventures on my third full day on the island, along with the day of my journey home. There is lots more to tell, and I visited even more of the island on my last two days. After another good night’s sleep in the annex, I walked again, this time only 20 minutes to a small village called The Hope, whereby I timed my arrival with another fairly rare bus that comes off the main Douglas-Peel road and picks up little people like me in the middle of the countryside once in a while. It was another 30-minute or so trip back into Douglas again, and upon arrival I decided to explore the ... read more
Ramsey Harbour
Castle Rushen and Harbour
The Legs of Man Sculpture

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