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Hello there!

Thanks for reading my blog. I started it in 2010 to keep a record of my travels, to let people know how I'm going, and also to keep me sane at times while I'm on the road!

I have written up my twelve most recent journeys so far, and have no plans at all to stop travelling just yet.

78 countries down, 117 more to go - watch this space!


Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey » St Helier December 17th 2018

Dear All Greetings again from London, for the second of my two blog entries on my mini-travels to Jersey earlier this week. Here I plan to write up on my second two days on this lovely little Channel Island, which although were not quite so exhilarating and enthralling as the first two days, were pleasant and agreeable enough. I believe it was the weather which made a difference, which although I’m not complaining too much, was really quite sunny and bright on Monday. This meant that I stayed dry for the whole day, but in fact the day was more genteel and calm – I know that this really shouldn’t be a problem, but compared to the windswept exhilaration of Sunday, felt a bit mundane. Still, mustn’t grumble, and I enjoyed very much my final two ... read more
Mont Orgueil Castle
Rozel Bay
Tourist Sign

Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey » St Helier December 16th 2018

Dear All Greetings from London! I am not currently travelling, but have just returned from a short three-night visit to the nearby Channel Island of Jersey! I plan to write up my mini-adventure there in two blog entries, after having had a really lovely time there, despite (although actually often because of) pretty much the worst weather that the island could offer. It was refreshing, invigorating, and just wonderful to be out in the fresh, blustery air, refreshing the mind once more after the long autumn term stint at school. In this entry I plan to write up on my first two days there, exploring the west of the island. In my second entry, I plan to write up on my second two days there, exploring the east. To many people not from the UK, I ... read more
Amazing Sunset!
Devil's Hole to Greve de Lecq
Me, Devil's Hole to Greve de Lecq

Asia » South Korea » DMZ August 23rd 2018

Dear All Greetings from London! I have arrived back safely, and actually had a good journey back, considering it was about 24 hours from door to door! Incheon Airport near Seoul was a dream, and was so different to the dusty, chaotic airports I am used to flying back from! Check-in and immigration were both quick and friendly, and it was indeed a good idea to stay my final night in the hotel near the airport. In fact, it was probably the best hotel room I stayed in for the whole trip, so I was quite sad to just really spend my sleeping hours there, arriving late in the evening and leaving early the next morning. Before I go into the journey back though, I believe I have one more full day of travel to catch ... read more
De-Militarised Zone (DMZ), South Korea
De-Militarised Zone (DMZ), South Korea
De-Militarised Zone (DMZ), South Korea

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong August 20th 2018

Dear All Greetings from Seoul! My final stop on my adventures this summer. I am glad to have arrived here, and feel quite proud of myself for having made it overland and independently from Tokyo to Seoul, having seen some amazing places and had some amazing experiences on the way. It is from Seoul, on Wednesday, that I fly back to my beloved England, and settle into my everyday life again once more, rejuvenated no doubt from having explored yet another corner of the world, and learnt just that bit more about this beautiful planet upon which we live. I am also feeling tired now, and am looking forward to some lovely days of rest in my lovely home, enjoying the post-trip contemplation stage of what has really been a memorable trip. I believe I last ... read more
Bukchon Hanok Village
Lotte World Tower

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Pyeong-Chang August 17th 2018

Dear All Wow! Greetings from Pyeongchang, South Korea! Six months ago, when I visited Northern Ireland for a few days, I remember watching the Winter Olympics on TV while I was having breakfast in my lovely BnB there in Belfast, and thinking that in a few months, I’ll be there myself. In fact, here it is, I am here myself! It seems so strange to be here, having seen this place on TV on the other side of the world so many times, and it’s actually really amazing. I have had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days here, and just when I thought travel fatigue might be around the corner, starting to get the better of me, up popped Pyeongchang, and I am renewed once more with travel energy again! And I don’t think it will ... read more
Mt Balwangsan Cable Car View
Winter Olympics 2018 Ski Jump

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Andong August 15th 2018

Dear All Greetings from Andong, the second of my three quick stopovers in the depths of Korea, between Busan and Seoul. By quick, I mean two nights. I usually prefer to spend three nights in a place, unless it’s a place like Andong which only really seems to warrant two. Despite only spending two nights here, I have really enjoyed being here. It’s a lovely city, small and compact, friendly, and compared to Gyeongju, not really a touristy city at all, but seemingly a typical, everyday, working Korean city. This is the kind of place I like to be, to see a country as it really is. And Andong seems the perfect place for it. In addition to its comparative normality, there are also a fair few tourist attractions here, and mainly the amazing Hahoe Folk ... read more
Hahoe Folk Village
Hahoe Folk Village, Andong
Confucian Land

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju August 15th 2018

Dear All Greetings from a small city in the south of South Korea, called Gyeongju. It may be small today, but is actually a very important historical site in the whole of Korea, as it was once the capital of the ancient Shilla kingdom. I had originally planned to write my next entry from my next destination after this one, Andong, as I currently have three places to visit in quick succession, spending two nights in each rather than three. However, I have a bit of free time now, and feel I would like to write a blog entry about my time here in Gyeongju. I last wrote about to leave Busan, and on Sunday morning, made my last long metro journey northwards, to the end of the number 1 metro line, to the Express Bus ... read more
Bulguk-sa Buddhist Temple
Wolseong-gongwon Park, Gyeongju
Seokguram Grotto, Gyeongju

Asia » South Korea » Busan August 11th 2018

Dear All Greetings! Greetings this time from South Korea, country number 78! I believe I last wrote just about to leave Japan, and was quite sad to do so. Indeed, it has been a bit of a culture shock arriving in South Korea, at once similar but also really very different to its neighbour across the Sea of Japan. I can say it took me a full day to get used to being here. I took the fast ferry from Fukuoka, and arriving in Busan, South Korea’s second largest city at 3.5 million people, the differences were immediately apparent. I think if I were to have come here directly from England, I would have noticed what other travellers I have spoken to have noticed – it is a clean, efficient and well-organised country. Coming from Japan, ... read more
Jagalchi Fish Market
Beomeo-Sa Buddhist Temple
Geumgang Park Cable Car

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka August 8th 2018

Dear All Greetings from Fukuoka, the largest city on the island of Kyushu, and at just over 1.5 million people, the sixth largest in Japan. It is definitely an urban centre, it’s been good to have arrived here, and although there really isn’t that much to see and do in the city itself, it’s been a great place in which to spend my final three nights in Japan. Indeed, this is my last stop on the Japan-leg of my summer adventures this year – I feel quite sad about this actually, as if it is not evident in these blogs I’ve written, I’ve had the most amazing time travelling in this wonderful country. The people are super welcoming, friendly and hospitable, the country is beautiful, there are so many things to see and do, so many ... read more
Glover Garden, Nagasaki
Peace Park, Nagasaki
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu August 5th 2018

Dear All Greetings from the volcanic island of Kyushu. Well, actually, I believe all islands of Japan are very much volcanic, but Kyushu, in the south-western corner of the country, and particularly Beppu, where I’m at now, seems more so than elsewhere. Japan’s most active volcano, Sakurajima, just opposite the city of Kagoshima, in the far south of Kyushu, has been spewing ash ever since 1955, whilst Beppu is most famous as a very popular Japanese hot spring town resort. Indeed, it is quite touristy, but most of the tourists are Japanese coming from other parts of the country. It feels very much like a holiday resort town, and the main reason why I decided to include it on my journey is that it is both off-the-beaten track in terms of foreign visitors to Japan, and ... read more
Oniishibozu Jigoku, Beppu
Tatsumaki Jigoku, Beppu
Takegawara Onsen, Beppu

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