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Hello there!

Thanks for reading my blog. I started it in 2010 to keep a record of my travels, to let people know how I'm going, and also to keep me sane at times while I'm on the road!

I have written up my 14 most recent journeys so far, and have no plans at all to stop travelling just yet.

79 countries down, 116 more to go - watch this space!


Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 23rd 2021

Dear All Yay! Greetings from Scotland! I’m afraid this doesn’t add to my country count, I’m still on 81, as I count England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as one country: the United Kingdom. But I am in Edinburgh, this is my first time in this city, and it also means I have now visited each of the UK’s four capital cities– London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh, in that order. It is wonderful to be here, and to be back on the travelling road again. Crossing over the border from England to Scotland on Tuesday afternoon was a breeze, as the train connected me directly from Doncaster, not far from Sheffield, to Edinburgh in a mere three hours, but the landscape did seem to change significantly. Pulling out of Doncaster, the train passed first through the ... read more
View from Calton Hill
Forth Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » South Yorkshire » Sheffield July 19th 2021

Dear All Greetings! I write this one from Sheffield this time. I don’t think I’ve ever written one from my home city before, though I guess times such as these are rather unusual and unprecedented. I write once more on the eve before a big trip – my biggest trip since summer 2019. I am excited to be getting back on the travelling road again, after such a long time away from it. I have indeed done some short trips over the last 17 months, but this upcoming one feels a bit more major, a bit more exotic, a bit more back to normal. Tomorrow I head to Scotland! In theory, I could spend the summer visiting a number of places around the world, as the world is starting to open up again once more to ... read more
Midge Repellants
My Travel Stuff
My Travelling Companions

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Eastbourne June 3rd 2021

Dear All Greetings, and hello again from London. I am writing at the end of a lovely week-long half-term holiday, the Thursday of which I decided to head out and explore again, and am now writing up my blog entry for another lovely local day trip from London. This time I headed southwards, to the south coast, to a lovely little seaside town called Eastbourne, and some nearby star attractions: Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters, both located in the south-eastern corner of the expansive South Downs National Park. It was a highly enjoyable day, and I must admit I saw what I believe to be one of England’s most spectacular natural wonders. While England, to my mind, is an adorable country, of rolling hills, cute landscapes and quaint villages, I believe there are not too ... read more
The Seven Sisters
South Downs National Park
Eastbourne Pier

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Buckinghamshire » Chesham May 1st 2021

Dear All Greetings from London. We have just had a lovely, three-day Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May, and I took advantage of having the extra day by completing something that I started probably over three years ago now. I completed “Walk 4” in my 1998 book “Country Walks Around London” – yay! I bought this book second-hand from an Amnesty International Second-Hand bookshop in Hammersmith, probably over 10 years ago now. Although it was published in 1998, the “Country Walks Around London” has served me well over the years in following slowly but surely its 26 listed walks in surprisingly beautiful rural areas all around the city limits of London – I am now halfway through the book, having completed 13 walks, with 13 left to go. The walks vary in length from ... read more
Dungrove Farm
White Hill

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Purfleet April 14th 2021

Dear All Greetings from London! It has been a while since I last wrote a Travel Blog entry, as like many of us, I haven’t been doing much travelling for the past year. It’s been wonderful seeing and reading people’s travel blog entries on here on their local travels, or previous travels that they had not hitherto been able to write up. It has been a breath of fresh air during these times to read such stories and adventures, and see such lovely pictures from exotic, distant places around the world. Thank you to those who have written such stories, and inspired me to keep trucking on and looking forward to travelling again at some time in the not-too-distant future. So here is my entry on a local travel destination. Unfortunately I haven’t done much local ... read more
Thames Estuary at Purfleet
Beautiful British Terraces
Old House

Dear All Greetings! This is my fourth and final blog entry on my summer trip 2020, travelling in the north-east of England from Newcastle to Hull. I had so far visited some really quite amazing and special places, and on the second Saturday of my trip, I was once more heading with my backpack, and sword in hand, to explore another undiscovered part of this country for me – the northern city of Kingston-upon-Hull, or simply just Hull. I had really enjoyed my time in the North York Moors National Park, particularly having chosen a lovely farmhouse BnB to base myself in. On the Saturday morning, I caught the country bus number 95 once more in Glaisdale village, back into Whitby again. I wasn’t there long, as I’d joined quite a long queue at the bus ... read more
Princes Dock, Hull
River Humber
Me, Humber Bridge

Dear All In my last blog entry, I was just about to leave Newcastle, after four full days of wonderful explorations around there. I was bound on the Wednesday morning for my next destination: the North York Moors National Park. I was excited. I planned to do my journey there in two stages, to be able to stop off in Middlesbrough along the way, and explore this little known northern industrial city for a couple of hours, before taking another train deep into the North York Moors on the horizon. My first train thus took me from Newcastle 40 miles to the south-east to the city of Middlesbrough. I was hoping upon arrival at the train station to find a left-luggage facility somewhere, to not only leave my backpack which was getting heavier with souvenirs, but ... read more
Me, Whitby Abbey
Robin Hood's Bay
Hart Hall Farm

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland August 18th 2020

Dear All Greetings again from London. In this blog entry, I plan to write about my second two full days in the north-east of England whilst based in Newcastle. After my first two days exploring the urban towns and cities of this far corner of England, I planned for my second two days to explore the more rural regions of the area. Firstly a day trip to the absolutely wonderful Holy Island, and secondly a day trip exploring the legendary Hadrian’s Wall. For a number of years I had wanted to visit such places, both to my mind holding a mystical hold on one’s imagination. And indeed as I explored England’s northernmost county, Northumberland, I found such lands really quite magical and mystical, rugged in beauty and welcoming in spirit. The area felt far-flung and remote, ... read more
Sycamore Gap
Lindisfarne Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Tyne & Wear » Newcastle Upon Tyne August 16th 2020

Dear All Greetings from England! I am currently back at home in London and back to school, having returned just over a week ago from a wonderful two-week trip around this land I call home – England. I plan to write about my journey in four blog entries in total, beginning with this one, and have come to call it “North-East England”, or “From Newcastle to Hull”. Quite unusual travel destinations if we’re being honest, and there were certainly not many other tourists in either of these cities while I was there, but this to me was the magic and beauty of the trip. When travelling in foreign lands, I always like to get off-the-beaten track, and see life in a country for the local, not the tourist. This was certainly the case on this trip, ... read more
Durham Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Chichester July 30th 2020

Dear All Greetings from London! Since I wrote my last entry on my explorations of the Peak District whilst spending the first two weeks of my holidays in Sheffield, I have returned to London and have enjoyed the subsequent three weeks of my holidays here, hosting my wonderful family for visits. This has been a wonderful time, and having been able to spend time with them has certainly been one of the positives that has come out of this tricky situation. I also managed to fit in a day trip myself from London to a nearby point of interest, which I enjoyed very much, and which I will write about here. But first, just a bit of background on where some of my summer travel planning this year began. When we first went into lockdown back ... read more
Thatched Cottage
Chichester Cross
Chichester Cathedral

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