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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hammersmith July 16th 2012

Dear All Here I am again, whiling away the last few hours before a big trip, and trying to control the nerves and channel the excitement at the same time – not easy. It is usually at this point that I ask myself why on earth do I do this – board a flight to the other side of the world with just me, myself and I (and my backpack) - but hindsight reminds me that it leads to an amazing time, and a fantastic learning experience of the world around me, the peoples, societies and cultures that make it up, which is far beyond my day to day (but far from unenjoyable) life here in London. I guess I am also just thinking too much before the huge unknown of the next few weeks, so ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor April 18th 2012

Dear All Greetings from Luxor, with this my final travel blog update on my Egypt trip 2012. Writing this one from the departure lounge in Luxor Airport, though will be waiting till I get home before I upload this and the latest batch of photos onto my page. So if you are reading this now, I have arrived back safely. Wow – rather a mixed bag of feelings about the last few days to be honest. I believe I last wrote when just about to leave the amazing oases of the Western Desert, and their stunning landscapes. My original plan being to travel directly by private car from Al-Kharga oasis to Luxor along a little-used desert road being curtailed by the fact that this road has recently been made off-limits to foreigners due to the lack ... read more
Me on The Lotus, Nile Cruise Ship
Obelisk and Columns
Dakhla Old Town

Africa » Egypt » Western Desert » Dakhla Oasis April 12th 2012

Dear All Greetings from the Sahara Desert! Wow – what a place to send greetings from, and what a place to visit. This place is amazing, and most unexpected to be honest. While most visitors come to Egypt for pyramids, temples or beaches, surprisingly few come and explore the desert, which makes up around 96% of the country’s land area (incidentally, Egypt's population of 81 million inhabit just 6% of the land!). And even fewer people are coming here now. Yes, I must say, despite having seen a fair number of tourists in Sharm, of the package holiday variety, and a few tour buses in Cairo, there really haven’t been as many as I expected. I have only just been able to speak with people about this over the last few days, and confirmed my suspicions ... read more
View over Al-Qasr
The White Desert

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo April 8th 2012

Dear All First of all, a Happy Easter to everyone reading this! Hope it is being celebrated well wherever this is being read. Greetings from Cairo! Humungous and hot metropolois of 20 million, the largest both in the Arab world and on the African continent, and a teaming, stressful, polluted and chaotic place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place to visit and has some seriously stunning sights to see, but after 3 days here I am ready to get out. Yes, the city Cairenes call “The Mother of the World” has seen enough of me, and tomorrow morning I catch a bus to hopefully quieter destinations. I must admit, I am a little hot and bothered right now, as the temperature has hit just under 40 degrees every day since I’ve been here, so ... read more
The Egyptian Museum
Sphinx and Khafre Pyramid

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria April 5th 2012

Dear All Greetings from Alexandria! City of my name, founded by none other than Al-Iskandar Al-Akbar himself (Alexander the Great), the capital of Cleopatra’s Egypt, and the site of not only the famous Great Library of Alexandria, the greatest collection of scrolls and manuscripts ever at that time, but also the Pharos lighthouse, one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World which towered over the ancient city’s harbour. Alas, none of these wonders remain today, as after the Arabs swept through North Africa in the 7th Century, Egypt’s capital was moved to Cairo, and Alexandria was all but abandoned. The Ancient City today sits some 6 metres below modern Alexandria, and much of it is actually now under water. Today the city is as Arabic as they come, a frenetic, heaving metropolis of 4 million ... read more
Tanker on the Suez
The Qaitbay Fort
The Corniche, Suez

Africa » Egypt » Red Sea » Sharm el-Sheikh April 2nd 2012

Dear All Greetings from Egypt! Country number 68, and to be honest I’m surprised I’ve left it so long, being so near to Europe and so many things of wonder to see. But alas, I have made it now, so no complaints there, and the next 2 weeks and a bit I plan to cover quite a bit of the place. First up, the Sinai Peninsula, where I am right now. This amazing piece of bottom-up triangular-shaped land forms the bridge not only between the African and Asian continents, but also the link between the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and beyond these, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans respectively. A major crossroads throughout the last few thousand years, and steeped in historical and military importance as empires and armies trekked along the north Sinai coast towards North ... read more
St Katherine's Monastery
Bedouin Boy and Camel
The Red Sea

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Hammersmith March 30th 2012

Dear All The Easter Holidays are upon us, and my travels are just about to get another kick-start. Just a quick introductory blog, with one photo to summarise the trip I’ve got planned, beginning at 8am tomorrow morning as I head off to country number 68 – Egypt! Really excited about this one, though I guess I’m always excited just before a trip. But Egypt just holds so much travel potential, and as yet it is untouched on my travelling exploits so far. So much to see! First up, flying into Sharm El Sheikh with EasyJet. As opposed to a sun, sea and sand holiday, sharing the beach with the majority of European sun-seekers, I’m booked into a nice, quiet beachside Bedouin village-hotel 8km from the tourist trap. Will be using it as a base to ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto January 7th 2012

Dear All Greetings from… London – not quite as exciting as the places I’ve just come back from (for me at least!), but since I was sightseeing and doing stuff pretty much up to the last minute of this trip, I thought I’d update on the last week of it once I’d flown back. This last week has just been great, superb even. What has made this trip so special and different from most others has been not only the sightseeing and travelling, which is usually on my travel agenda, but the people I have met and who have welcomed me into their homes along the way. Without going too soppy on y’all, it has truly been a trip about love, friendship and family, and I feel honoured to have spent time with such great people ... read more
Da Bruvs in da Hood!
The CN Tower
Ice-Skating in Chicago

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago December 31st 2011

Dear All Greetings and a Happy New Year from the American Midwest! Wishing everyone reading this a good day, and a warm and blessed start to the year ahead – 2012! It’s been a while since I last wrote, but I wanted to write up all my adventures in the American Midwest in one blog entry, and thus this is what I’m doing now. I’ve had the most amazing week exploring one of the many provincial beating hearts of America, and what my journey so far keeps reminding me is that there is so much in this amazing country to explore, that I’ll certainly be back and doing some more travel journeys in other parts of the States soon – the West coast, Deep South, Wild West and more besides – there’s just so much to ... read more
The Gateway Arch and St Louis
My Name is Al...
Me, Gayle and Walter

North America » United States » New Jersey » Princeton December 25th 2011

Dear All First of all, a very Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope all who are reading this, if it happens to be on Christmas Day, are having a happy and holy holiday season – if not, hope you had a good one! I must admit, contrary to what the title of this blog says, I’m not actually writing this one from New York, but nearby – in a small town called Washington Crossing, just over the border from New Jersey into Pennsylvania state, about an hour by train from the Big Apple. Here is where my “tocaya” lives- tocayo/a is a Spanish word you use to refer to someone with the same name as you, and here lives a distant cousin of mine amazingly called “Alex Waring”, and staying with her here for a ... read more
Times Square
Manhattan Skyline
The Empire State Building

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