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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 18th 2022

Wow, writing a blog post for the first time in almost three years, feels a bit weird I must say...those African adventures of our last excursion seem a lifetime away, and the ability/means to freely wander this planet having been paused for this long has been an eye-opener for me, having taken for granted the ability to go anywhere I wanted whenever I pleased...the pause has given me the opportunity to reflect on previous travels in a different light, and to realize how fortunate it is to be able to resume travelling again going forward, whatever that will mean in the near does however feel great to be thinking/planning again! This getaway started as all good adventures do: with wine and vinyl on a Friday evening! We are always keeping an eye on where our ... read more
What it's all about...
Social Distortion
I forget, cool though

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar October 26th 2019

After three weeks of constant moving, activities and being on someone else's clock we were certainly looking forward to some R&R on Zanzibar...starting with four days on the beach in Jambiani, we couldn't have picked a more perfect spot to give our poor muscles some down time after the Kili adventure we had just finished...and no more camping! Lol...while I really enjoyed the tenting experience the thought of a proper bed and ensuite for the remainder of our time in East Africa was more than appealing... Half the climb group were heading to Zanzibar as well, so we hung out together for a bit at the airport before saying our final goodbyes...flight was interesting in the fact that the cruising altitude was actually less than the summit of Kili, that brought some serious perspective to the ... read more
Low Tide
A-frame at Belvedere
Collecting seaweed...

Africa » Tanzania » North » Mount Kilimanjaro October 20th 2019

So our first "what the h*ll were we thinking?" moment came on our cab ride from Arusha to Moshi, when our driver pointed out the mountain in first I thought he was referring to this gradually sloping hill covered in trees, but was soon corrected as the clouds (yes clouds) parted and the peak revealed itself...Kilimanjaro! The ice-capped, tallest free-standing mountain in the world was now before us, and with the realization that we would be starting to climb this beast the following day some doubts began to creep in... It was a shame we had to bolt so quickly from the safari gang in Arusha, but with only two hours to spare to get to the kickoff meeting for our climb it was certainly urgent to get to Moshi asap, and fortunately our driver ... read more
Lovely K Leading the Way
Top of the World!
Shira Camp Sunset

Africa » Tanzania » North » Ngorongoro Conservation Area October 18th 2019

So as our time in the Serengeti was now over it was back on the horribly bumpy roads to get to the last stop on this leg of the tour: Ngorongoro Crater...we had had a taste of it a few days earlier from a wicked vantage point en route to the Serengeti, and now it was soon time to go down and explore the crater... That would however have to wait until the following day, by the time we arrived in the area it was late afternoon so just made our way to the spot on the rim of the crater, a bit difficult to see anything unfortunately due to the brush and trees (and risk of leaving the campsite and falling into the crater) so we contented ourselves with a visit to another local ... read more
Mom and Kid
Pint in our new local...
Driving down to the crater floor...

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park October 17th 2019

After successfully not getting eaten our first night we had to be up bright and early for another must-do on this adventure: Serengeti Balloon Ride...oh yeah, vowed if/when I ever got here that I would not miss doing this, so at the tender hour of 5am we woke up and with some trepidation made our way in the dark to the toilets, scanning the surroundings for beady eyes scoping us out...none to speak of fortunately...did however get to see this amazing storm way off in the distance, the flashes of lightning in the clouds were spectacular... It was just the two of us and a new amigo Michael from our group that would be doing the balloon ride, and sure enough at the appointed hour we could see the headlights of a jeep approaching to pick ... read more
Just itching for a belly rub...
Balloon Selfie...
Elephant checking us out...

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park October 15th 2019

After a great week in Kenya it was time for the next chapter in the adventure: Tanzania...three weeks here, jam-packed with safaris, Kili climb and some R&R on Zanzibar, but we'll start with the safaris... Made our way overland from Nairobi to Arusha, a healthy day on the road but decent enough...border crossing was relatively quick and painless (our guide Moses knew what to do, where to line up etc.) and by late afternoon we had made it to our hotel for the evening...6pm get-together to meet the new folks joining us and go over the game plan for the week, followed by dinner and some pints, nothing too exciting as we were leaving town the following morning... The next day we did a quick stop for supplies and then a 90 minute drive or so ... read more
Hanging with an elemephant

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP October 11th 2019

So here we are, Masai Mara, another mythical place for me, and with the opportunity to meet the Maasai themselves I was pretty stoked for this leg of the tour...we arrived at our campsite mid-afternoon, and after sorting out the tents we were given the option of visiting a Maasai village before heading out for the first game drive, didn't take a whole lot of convincing for me...haha...six of us signed on for the visit, and shortly thereafter a Maasai guide came to get us and escort us to the nearby village...we were greeted by the chief's son, and after a briefing of what the visit was going to comprise (and settling the agreed upon payment to do so) we were off and running... We were welcomed into the village with some ceremonial dancing, and then ... read more
No idea

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP October 9th 2019

After a successful start to this adventure in Samburu it was off to our second destination: Lake Nakuru...same deal, a couple of days exploring the environs around the lake, and this stop afforded the potential to see a rhino, another top animal on my list... Bit of a haul from Samburu, and along the way we stopped at a signpost indicating the Equator for some photo ops, followed by a visit to a tea plantation that was cut short due to weather but cool all the same...arrived at our campsite in the early evening, a little late for a game drive so settled into our tents and then it was off for a pint at the little bar in the common building, sweet! After a breaky the following day we were off, with the plan being ... read more
At the Equator...
Rothschild Giraffe
White Rhino

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Samburu NR October 6th 2019

And here it is, the number one all-time trip I have wanted to take, and after much planning and research it was finally going to happen! Africa, a continent that has always held an exotic mystique for me, and specifically the two countries of Kenya and Tanzania we were set to explore: the animals, the Masai, the parks/reserves, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Zanzibar, and on and away we go! Being a milestone birthday year for myself I floated the idea of doing some safaris in Kenya/Tanzania and ending with some beach time on Zanzibar to the Lovely K, and while safaris were not big on her list of things to do she suggested we add a Kilimanjaro climb to round out the adventure, perfect! This was to be a mostly guided tour, for some crazy reason they ... read more
Samburu Village
Hanging out...
Samburu Camp

So as the Canadian winter has decided to go on and on and on and on with no sign of Spring other than the date on the calendar it was high time we got out of the chilly climes for a week, and so it was back to Belize...debated hard on whether to return to Placencia (as we loved it there) or to try somewhere new, and at the 11th hour we decided on something new: Caye Caulker! Just a week getaway to relax, get some sun, catch up on some reading and more importantly to get back to the Belikin beer and burritos, giddy up! It's a bit of a hike for one week but well worth it; again as in Placencia there were no big resorts, very laid back atmosphere, great food and the ... read more
View from our perch...
Nurse Sharks behind our boat...
Greetings from Caye Caulker

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