I've always meant to save money, buy cars, properties, raise a family, etc. But the world is too big and beautiful, and it calls me to explore! Until then, the usual go-to-work-pay-bills-then-die type of life will have to wait. Follow me on Instagram @HaroldBernal

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region January 8th 2022

The line for Ethiopian Airlines going to Addis Ababa did not look promising. Chaos ensued when the flight was called for boarding. One of the passengers was asking people in line if they could carry a bag for her. It was chocolate for her kids and she was over the limit so she couldn't bring them into the plane. I had a seventeen-hour layover in Addis Ababa before my flight to Cairo. I intentionally chose this long layover because I learned that if you had a layover in Adis with Ethiopian Airlines that's longer than eight hours, they'll give you a hotel room in the city. A visa is required for Filipinos to enter Ethiopia but I read somewhere that if it's just a layover that's less than 24 hours, there would be no need for ... read more

North America » Canada April 6th 2020

I got to spend three weeks with my family in Vancouver before I moved to my new home in Winnipeg. They come to the Philippines once a year but never during the Christmas holidays so it was great to have had the chance to celebrate the holidays with them again. Since Vancouver has a mild winter, we did get to do some sightseeing. I did a lot of shopping too, to prepare for my new life in the coldest major city in Canada. My winter clothes were no match for the freezing temperatures in Winnipeg. I made a new friend before leaving Manila. She is Filipino-Canadian and we met up in Vancouver since she had a long layover there before flying back home to Calgary. She said life can get very lonely in Canada. It's very ... read more
Polar bear at the zoo
My new home
with mom and sis in B.C.

Asia » Philippines February 16th 2020

When I was younger dreamed about moving abroad. I thought I had everything to gain and not much to lose if I leave. The first time I went to Canada I actually got depressed because I saw how much I missed and lacked growing up in a developing country. Now though, after having seen different parts of the world, some rich and some much poorer than the Philippines, I've come to realize that I am lucky to be where I am. Being in a tropical country allows me to enjoy the outdoors any time of the year, except when there's a tropical storm. We have some of the best coral reefs in the world that I enjoy diving in. Though I am far from being rich, I've achieved enough success in my career that allows me ... read more
Barracuda Lake
Camiguin with my best buds
Friendship goals!

Asia » Philippines April 29th 2019

I haven't written anything in a while. Since my last entry about Spain I've been to Italy, France, Belgium, Singapore, UAE, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Indonesia, and I've also been traveling a lot in the Philippines lately. I've been incredibly busy lately and haven't found time and energy to write. But today I found myself looking at properties in Dumaguete after my recent trip there. It's a coastal city in the island of Negros in central Philippines. I've been born and raised in Manila and I thought I wouldn't exchange it for any other city in the Philippines because it has the most vibrant art scene. You can't find theater, symphony, ballet, international touring casts of wold famous musicals, and other music acts in any other place outside of Metro Manila. I've traveled to many ... read more
Casaroro Falls
Jumping into Katibawasan Falls
Clown fish in Siquijor

Europe » Spain » Catalonia October 21st 2018

I've always wondered what it would be like to go to Spain. The Philippines was under Spanish rule for 333 years so the Spanish influence is big. So big that we think it's our own. Spanish words are part of language and I was surprised when I studied Spanish that words that I thought were Filipino were actually Spanish just spelled the way Filipinos spell. Like how we ask "How are you?". We say "Kumusta?" and only later in life did I realize that it came from the Spanish phrase "Como esta?". Made me wonder how pre-colonial Filipinos greeted each other before we had the word Kumusta. I landed in Barcelona and had no idea how to get out of the airport. I saw a group of Filipinos and asked them. It seemed that there were ... read more
La Sagrada Familia
Plaza Reial
City Hall

Europe » Vatican City September 24th 2018

Since Vatican City is supposedly a sovereign country although I find it hard to believe, I thought I'd write a separate entry just for it. It is said to be the smallest country in the world. I've heard a few other countries call themselves that. But it's really hard to wrap my mind around the idea that a place as small as the Vatican city which for me isn't even big enough to be a city is actually a country. Yes I know they issue passports so you can be a Vatican citizen. But so does Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are much bigger than the Vatican yet they are part of China. Peace out to my brothers and sisters and Hong Kong and Taiwan! There are less than 1,000 Vatican citizens. Most universities have bigger ... read more
The Creation of Adam
The Discobulus of Myron (Discus Thrower)
Scam ring

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome June 25th 2018

It was a rainy afternoon when I arrived at Ciampino airport. The temperature dropped significantly compared to Greece. I expected that part but it wasn't too bad. I expected the commute to the city to be difficult like from what I've researched but it turns out you can buy return bus tickets right in the airport and it was only five Euros. I went outside to walk to the bus station only to find my ticket missing. I walked back to the airport and found my ticket wet on the ground. I arrived in the city late at night. My hostel was not too far from the drop off point so it was convenient. Upon arriving at the street where my hostel was supposed to be, I couldn't find it. There were no signs. I was ... read more
I came to Italy to take this selfie!
I don't even need to name this. You all already know
Circus Maximus

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini June 8th 2018

I arrived early in the morning when none of the shops were open yet. Stepping out of the bus I was so excited! Everything looked sooo beautiful! It was just like in the movies and all the travel magazines I've read. Walking along the pathways next to the cliff facing the ocean I had to stop a few times to take in everything. What a lovely morning with clear blue sky, the peaceful Aegean sea, the Cycladic architecture; and to have that all to myself. I felt like I was in a movie. Lost in Santorini. I literally was except without the cameras. It was still winter but it wasn't so bad. It's just like spring in Korea, about 12C. I was having problems locating my hotel even with Google Maps. There were three other hotels ... read more
Couple in Oia at night

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 10th 2018

I knew that this was going to be one of the highlights of my traveling days. I told my self a couple of years ago that after I've visited Europe I'll be content and just stay home and save my money to buy useful things that grown men should be accumulating. Like properties, cars, and stocks. But I also said that years ago about the States and still I kept on travelling. So we'll see! I was travelling alone as usual. Europe is very expensive for most Filipinos who rely on a working man's salary like me. And that's most of the people that I know so I already knew I was gonna have to do this alone so I didn't mind. Even I wasn't sure if I could afford it but I just went anyway. ... read more
Street performer in Athens

Asia » Japan March 16th 2018

I want sure I was on the right train because Google maps was showing me different stops from the stations we were passing by. I think it was because I rode the local train and Google was showing the route for the express train. I didn't mind as long as it got me to my destination. I asked the lady next to me and she said it's okay. I trust the Japanese in giving directions. They never let me down. Sometimes there are train ticket machines that have no English translation ants the locals help me out by pressing the buttons for me. I was the lone guest at my hostel in Nara. Japan really does have the best hostels I've seen anywhere. It was impeccably clean. The attendant was a Spaniard so I asked him ... read more

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