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Asia » Japan » Tokyo August 27th 2015

Japan is one of those places that are in my bucket list that I haven't been to yet. Perhaps because it is only a short four to five hour flight away and in the back of my mind I want to prioritize the places so far away that I'd have to plan and save for, months in advance. I learned that Japan now issues multiple entry visa to Filipinos so I applied for a visa expecting that they will give me a multiple entry visa since I already have multiple entry visas for the US and Canada. I said in my application that I'd go in October, which was only about a month away when I applied for the visa. Though, I wasn't really planning to go that soon. I thought I'd wait for an airline ... read more
Sensoji Temple

North America » Canada » British Columbia April 21st 2015

I came down with a flu when I got back to Vancouver after my USA road trip. I was surprised that I got sick. I thought you only get sick when visiting third world countries with unclean surroundings. Then again, the apartment of my AirBnB host in Seattle was far from clean so I blame him. I was down for four days. I spent those days studying for my IELTS exam. It’s an English proficiency test required for applying for jobs or immigration in English speaking countries. I’ve decided to try my luck and apply for immigration in New Zealand, Canada, and Australia; in that order. I was so sick the day of the test I thought I’d faint and not make it to the venue. The proctors recommended that we leave our jackets in one ... read more
Deer Lake 3
Grouse Mountain (2)
fancy lodge on top of Grouse

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle April 15th 2015

After my incriminating trip to Las Vegas (which I am naturally not going to write about), I headed up North to Idaho. I love saying the name of that state. Idaho! It's a fun name to shout when your'e a candidate for Miss USA. Basically it's all desert from Vegas to Idaho. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen I'd go to Nevada because they have so much space there and very few people. Hence less chances of zombie encounters. One should have a plan for a zombie apocalypse and that's mine. I miss watching The Walking Dead. I stopped by a small town called Eli, and there was nothing there. I used to think if I could just go to America, I wouldn't mind if I had to live in the middle of nowhere as ... read more
Snake River Canyon, Twin Falls, Idaho
The Bellagio
Vegas Baby!

North America » United States » California April 7th 2015

I'm not sure if there are other Asian nations more obsessed with Hollywood than the Philippines. We try to talk like them, dress like them, look like them, and live like them. Inasmuch as living in a poor tropical country would permit. If there were only two places I could see in the United States, it would be Los Angeles and New York because those cities are the setting of most of the movies and series that I watched growing up. Prior to my trip, me and my colleagues talked about what they would do when they get the chance to visit the US. Most of the responses were something like: I'm going to reenact that scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts said "Big mistake. Big. HUGE" to a store clerk while shopping in Rodeo ... read more
Golden Gate
Hollywood Sign
Redwoods National Park

North America » United States » Oregon March 28th 2015

After promising myself to start saving this year and not travel so I can have all the material things guys my age should already have; here I am again spending all the money I saved throughout the year. Saving and living up to other peoples expectations seems like a sad route to take. I think I need to attend a will power camp or something. Anyway, this trip didn't start well. The Air China flight attendants talked to me in Chinese. I'm sure they knew I'm not Chinese. I had a five hour connection in Beijing. The line for people with connecting flights was too long. There were only two attendants. I couldn't make their Wifi work. The board didn't mention which gate I have to go to for my flight to Vancouver. I brought a ... read more
Free Cheese!
Tillamook cheese factory

Asia » Philippines » Manila December 2nd 2014

The US visa is perhaps the most elusive and desired for most Filipinos. I’ve heard dozens of sob stories about people getting their visa denied multiple times! Visa application fee costs $160 USD and that’s not nothing. I’d hate for that to go to waste if my application gets denied because it’s non-refundable. But by God’s grace I’m now at a point in my life where being granted a tourist visa could be possible. So I did my research and found out that contrary to popular belief, being granted a US visa is much easier than what most people think! So here’s my experience. Step 1 Payment of application fee. Go to this website and print the visa application payment slip. The instruction says you must pay the fee in BPI bank within 24 hours. ... read more
Pre Screening area to the right. Interview area far left.
Interview Area

Asia » Philippines » Ilocos August 22nd 2014

I asked the security guard in the mall where the food court was. I asked him in Tagalog (the language of Manila where I’m from) he answered me in Ilocano, the local language which I do not understand. For those who might argue that I should say dialect. No, it’s not a dialect because it’s completely different from Tagalog. When two people cannot understand each other when they speak, they speak different languages. Anyway, I did not understand him because I only know Tagalog. I did not ask him to repeat it in my language as I thought that might be rude. We should not expect everyone to speak our language when we travel. He said the word escalator anyway and that was enough for me. I found the food court when I went up the ... read more
Kapurpurawan Rock Formations
Sand Bashing in Paoay
The beach in Pagudpod

Asia » Philippines May 26th 2014

It’s been crazy hot since I got back. Sometimes it gets as hot as 36.5°C with crushing humidity. I know it goes over 40 in other countries but it's hard for me to imagine what that feels like. So I visited a couple of beaches that’s on my list of places to see in my country. This list keeps adding up though as people are constantly discovering new coves, islands and beaches. It’s 2014 and you would think that all beautiful places have already been discovered but there are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines and only about 2,000 of those are inhabited so it’s going to take quite a long time for everything to get it’s share of limelight in the media. To get to Calaguas Islands you’d have to drive eight hours from ... read more
Waling Waling Resort in Calaguas
Long Beach in Calaguas
Anawangin Cove in Zambales

Asia » South Korea » Seoul April 23rd 2014

I was so excited to be on a high speed train. KTX runs at 350 kph or so. Different sources say different things and I don’t care enough to find out how fast it really is. All I know is that it’s the fastest train I’ve ever been on. I first saw it while on a bus to Gyeong-ju from Incheon. It went by so fast I did not have enough time to pull out my camera and take a photo of it. There is no direct train from Gyeong-ju to Seoul. I had to ride the regular train to Daejon. It’s also my first time to be on an old school train that runs on the ground instead of underground or elevated. The trains come and leave on the dot. Some of the stations do ... read more
interesting building
Statue in the middle of the road

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju April 21st 2014

Warning: This is another boring entry about a boring city. Perhaps it's not a boring city. Maybe I was just homesick and lonely so that has clouded my judgement. Nobody else checked in to Santa's Guesthouse. It would have been nice to have someone to talk to. The sites to visit today are a bit far from the hostel and I can’t walk going there. I went to the tourist office and I was given the option to either bike or take the bus. I was too tired to bike and get lost so I decided to take the bus. I also considered just buying a bus tour if its cheap enough. Turns out it costs 20,000 won and if I take the bus it would only set me back 6,000 won. I’d rather risk getting ... read more
Bulguksa Temple
Bulguksa Temple

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