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North America » United States » California » Santa Barbara August 11th 2016

Visiting Kat in Santa Barbara was sobering in ways that I can't explain. Perhaps it's because we're the same age, grew up together, and we're young lovers once. Perhaps she reminds me of the time that we've lost being wanderers and wasting our youth. I look forward to and dread our meetings. Not because there's no love there, but because I know we will always have honest conversations that go deep, to our insecurities. That's what happens in relationships when you only see each other once or twice a year. The transition from "Hello! How are you?" to "What are you doing with your life?" is much faster than in normal relationships. We always know the real score so we can't pretend that we have everything together like the impression that most people have of us. ... read more
Vineyards from the wine tour in Santa Barbara
With Kat's dog Dodger

North America » United States » California August 11th 2016

There’s an estimated 270,000 undocumented Filipino immigrants in the United States. A friend of mine just added herself to that list late last year. She and her friends applied for a visa saying that they were going to attend a conference in Philadelphia. Which they did, only they went to California after that to find work. I was recuperating in Canada when she told me what she was trying to do in the States. She wanted me to visit her there. I was planning to go to Alaska instead with my family but when that didn’t push through I decided to visit my friends in California instead. One is now a US citizen working in the military, and the other an FOB undocumented immigrant. G didn’t have a lot going for her back home. Although she ... read more
Giant chair in downtown LA
Walt Disney Hall
Hearst Castle

North America » United States » California August 11th 2016

A few days before my flight to California, my friend Kat called me and asked if I'd be interested to go Skydiving. I said "Hell yeah!" I almost screamed in excitement which I had to contain by whispering instead because I was in the office doing the usual mundane tasks that would not excite anyone. And I thought I wouldn't enjoy this trip so much because I've already been to Cali and I'd most likely just do the things I've done before. I've always wanted to go Skydiving but didn't want to do it alone and I didn't know any company in the Philippines that offered skydiving. After skydiving I did some research and found a company in Cebu, Philippines that offers skydiving. But I also found an article from a few years back about a ... read more

Asia » Singapore July 10th 2016

Singapore is only 3.5 hours away from Manila by plane but this is the first time I've been to Singapore. I think it's mainly because I often travel alone and I could't imagine myself going to Singapore alone since most of the sites they have there are theme parks. I've had a traumatically depressing experience visiting a theme park by myself in Canada. A friend of mine was celebrating his 30th birthday and has never been outside the Philippines before. Our birthdays are only two days apart so I invited him to join me on my birthday trip so he can leave his 20's in a memorable way. I was rather introspective on my 30th and wished I had something going on, so I wanted him to have that. I might also just be making an ... read more
Manatee at River Safari
Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver March 4th 2016

I’m usually a very positive person. Most days are filled with fun activities like sports and dinner with friends, fitness activities, etc. I was having too much fun that I rolled into 30 without noticing it. Never felt the need to have a serious relationship because I was having too much fun. Then a serious injury happened. And I had all the time in the world to sit and think. Three months of that. It’s easy to while away the time when you’re fit and travelling. Although I was in my favorite city in the world, I wasn’t doing much. I went to the community center every day to work out. I spent about six to eight hours there working out in the gym, watching people play sports, and swimming. In the last week of my ... read more
View from Burnaby Mountain
Spanish Banks
Granville Island Public Market

North America » Canada » British Columbia January 7th 2016

It was just four days after I got back to Manila from my trip in Sydney. I was running after Chris to steal the ball from him. Before I reached him my ankle twisted, then my torso followed and twisted to the left, and I heard my bone crack, then I fell. It cracked so loud everyone in the football stadium heard it. I broke my femur. I couldn't move my right leg. But it didn't hurt. I just felt numb. I knew it snapped. First I called my boss to tell her I won't be able to show up for work the following day, she didn't pick up. I called my sister and told her what happened. It was already past 10PM and I knew she had work the following day so I told her ... read more
Backpacker on crutches!
Frozen Alpha Lake, Whistler BC

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney November 17th 2015

Dancing Dave asked me why I chose Sydney. I said "Because I've never been to Australia before" and "I want to see the great cities of the world!" Then I thought about it some more. Why do I choose big cities in wealthy countries? I guess it's because we all want what we don't have. I live in a poor country so I want to see wealthy countries to experience what life is like there. Although it often just makes me envious of the things that they have that I can never have. Traveling to wealthy countries is also a form of escape for me. Even just for a few weeks a year I want to live my fantasy of living in a city that's clean, safe, and beautiful. I'm not saying that it's not safe ... read more
Tasmanian Devil

Asia » Philippines September 29th 2015

I was browsing Cebu Pacific one night, about midnight and checked how much return tickets to Sydney is. My eyes widened in surprise when I saw the price! It was only about P13,000 or about $290. I thought hard whether I could afford it or not. I know I have enough money to pay for the fare. But there’s also the visa application, and what I’ll be spending when I get there. I did a quick mental calculation of whether I will do serious damage to my budget if I go to Australia. The pragmatic side of me said “You’ve already been to three countries this year” while the adventurer in me said “You know you’re gonna go to Australia anyway within the next ten years. Cheap tickets like this for a date that soon does ... read more

Asia » Philippines September 21st 2015

Looking at the hits on my blog, it appears that the most viewed is the one on how I got my US visa. So from now on whenever I'd visit another country that requires a visa I'd write the process as my way of helping fellow Filipino travelers out there. You know how after getting back from travelling you're eager to escape again as soon as possible? Well that's what happened to me. I just got back from travelling in the US and Canada and was so pumped up I started looking for another country to visit. And I heard all these news about how easy it is now to get a five year multiple entry visa to Japan. I felt confident that I'd be granted a multiple entry visa since I already have used multiple ... read more
Japan Visa

Asia » Japan » Tokyo August 29th 2015

Day 2 - Odaiba It was mostly just malls which I was not interested in. I saw a Godiva cafe but it seemed like an unnecessary expense at the time. The walkway that connects Diver City to Aqua city was very pretty at night. It's the widest bridge for foot traffic I've seen anywhere. It's more like a park than a bridge really. Never seen anything like it anywhere else. There was a concert happening from afar that you can see from the walkway and lots of people were freeloading there. The best thing about the place was the huge statue of Gundam who apparently has a cult following. I have not seen a single episode but I was still thrilled to see a robot statue that big. And I have lot's of friends who are ... read more
Super Yosakoi Festival

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