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David & Janice The grey-haired-nomads

David and Janice embarked on a life of serious travel on retirement in 2004, setting off from their Norfolk, England, home on a three-year journey by motorhome across Europe and circumnavigating North America. Travel, it seems is now a major part of their lives, fulfilling their joint love of culture, dramatic scenery, wildlife, hiking, writing and photography. This is their story.

David and Janice The Grey-haired-nomads
....and Todd came too.

North America » United States » New York » Niagara Falls October 4th 2018

4th October 2018 Return to Niagara Falls Continuing our journey through Ontario and New York State. (3 of 3) Leaving behind the wonders of Pennsylvania’s Hawk Mountain, we headed north through new territory for us. It’s a long drive to the northwest, out through rural Pennsylvania, past open-cast mines and farmland in the general direction of Niagara Falls, taking our time to savour the last few days of our North American adventure, 2018, and stopping off wherever and whenever the fancy took us. Wellsboro, on our route, is often referred to as the gateway to Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon. A 50 mile long canyon, a few miles out of town, carries the Pine Creek thundering over dramatic waterfalls and deep narrow channels through the Leonard Harrison State Park. A short walk offered us some grand views of ... read more
Leonard Harrison State Park
Middle Falls

North America » United States » New York » Adirondacks September 24th 2018

24th September 2018 Continuing our journey through Ontario and New York State (2 of 3) The Adirondack Mountains and Finger Lakes USA Now, where were we? Ah, yes, we had just crossed the border from Canada into New York State, USA. Let’s not get confused here. When we talk of New York you’ll probably be thinking of the Big Apple city of that name down there in the southeast corner of New York State USA. But New York is indeed a big State, and the Adirondack Park, our planned destination, covers an area of 6 million acres and includes more than 10,000 lakes and 30,000 miles of rivers and streams! The Adirondack Mountains extend southward from the St. Lawrence River valley, westward to Lake Ontario, east to Lake Champlain and south to the Mohawk River valley, ... read more
Ski-jumps at Lake Placid
High Falls Gorge
Hoss's Country Corner

North America » Canada » Ontario » Huntsville September 15th 2018

September 15th 2018 Canada - Creating some new Memories Our lives are full to the brim with memories aren’t they? Memories of special people and wonderful places, delights and disasters, the exciting, the good - and just now and again, the not quite so good. But all memories have first to be created. Come, join us here by the fire pit beside our cabin in the woods in the Blue Rocks Campground, Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, and we’ll tell you a little of what we have been up to for the past two weeks. We’re here to catch up with some very special friends in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, and Upper New York State, USA, to revisit a few old haunts and discover more of Canada and North America’s delights. But first, let me introduce you to Jon and ... read more
The grey haired nomads at Lions Lookout, Huntsville
The Boathouse Cabin
The mural in the G8 Centre, Huntsville

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 11th 2018

7thMay 2018 Ireland – Only for the Brave 5 ‘Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea’ Continuing the Grey Haired Nomads’ 2,200 mile journey by motorhome, clockwise around Ireland Belfast to Dublin and beyond Bank holidays can be a pain for retired folk like us when we’re on holiday. We don’t do crowds. And campgrounds can be full if you don’t pre-book. That’s never easy when you don’t know exactly where you’ll be when it’s time to stop play for the day. Inland seemed to be the best bet and we ended up for the night on a small site at Rathfriland, near Newry; very convenient, as it happens, for a tour around the Mountains of Mourne. To the east, boulder-stone walls fringe chess-board fields: bright green meadows on hilly slopes, ash and ... read more
To the east, boulder-stone walls..........
Battle of the Boyne!.
Hill of Tara

Ireland – Only for the Brave 4 2nd May 2018 Continuing the Grey Haired Nomads’ 2,200mile journey by motorhome, clockwise around Ireland The Giant's Causeway to Belfast Our overnight camp, only a few minutes from The Giant’s Causeway, gave us a fresh window of opportunity. Rising from our slumber at 06.05, we were showered, fed and ready to leave in watery sunshine by 07.00. By ten minutes past, we were kitted up in hats and waterproofs (rain was forecast for 9am), cameras charged, and through the arch at the side of the visitor centre before opening time. We could flash our National Trust membership cards in the car park later. Scattered cloud and an optimistic sun allowed for good light on the rocks and out across the crashing waves. This picture has been etched on our ... read more
The Giant's Causeway
Carrick-A-Rede bridge
Dark Hedges

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Malin Head April 28th 2018

How are things in Glocca Morra this fine day? 28th April 2018 Continuing the Grey Haired Nomads’ 2,200 mile journey by motorhome, clockwise around Ireland Out of Co Mayo and into Co Sligo. A chilly wind was howling through the trees, but a window of blue sky had chosen to travel along with us for the rest of the day. It was nearly closing time when we arrived at the Visitor Centre at Carrowmore Megalithic Graves near our campsite on the rocky beach at Strandhill, Sligo. Time for a quick recce before tea. Dating back as far as 3,500BC - 3000 BC, these stone grave-sites, spread across the nearby fields, are truly fascinating. I could stand there for ages, just thinking about the lives of these people. There are numerous other similar sites across Ireland. What ... read more
Classiebawn Castle
Gleniff Horsehoe

Europe » Ireland » County Waterford » Waterford April 18th 2018

Ireland - only for the Brave 18th April 2018 Continuing the Grey Haired Nomads’ 2,200 mile journey by motorhome, clockwise around Ireland Waterford to Westport and beyond From our overnight stop to the west of Waterford, we drove the 40 km of N25 in dense fog to Dungarvan, County Waterford, and followed the minor road out to Gaelic speaking, Helvick Head. (You’ll have noticed, we like these ends of the road!) There’s a picturesque harbour with a few leaning boats stranded at low tide where the road runs out, and black guillemots and sandwich terns on the water. But the thing of real note is the road signs - they’re all in Gaelic only. Quite dangerous for visitors. There are many Gaelic-speaking communities across the south here. By mid-morning thin sunshine had filtered through the mist ... read more
Cobh Harbour

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow » Wicklow April 14th 2018

Ireland - only for the Brave 1 14th April 2018 “Did we get on the wrong boat, Janice?” There’s only one piece of the jigsaw left for us to complete our motorhome map of mainland Europe. It’s green and it’s an expensive ferry ride away. Eyes there are smiling, mountains sweep down to the sea and it’s a long way to somewhere or other. They have shamrock, fairies and leprechauns and jet-black beer with froth and a toucan on the top. Got it yet? It’s mid April: the snowdrops in our garden at home in Norfolk, UK, are finally over and the daffodils are just about hanging on. Frog spawn appeared in the pond overnight and a blackcap was singing its heart out somewhere close by in the forest. Rain and cold weather seem to have ... read more
Southstack - Holyhead
Sally Gap

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaisalmer February 7th 2018

Return to India 10 (click on 'previous' below the panoramas for earlier blogs) 7th February 2018 Jaisalmer, Deserted Villages and Leopards! Continuing the travels of two somewhat elderly brothers, David (of ‘the grey haired nomads’) and the younger, Mike, (aka, ‘keep smiling’). The three-hour car journey to Jaisalmer is taking us across Rajasthan's monotonous pancake-flat landscape, a vast plain the colour of parched oatmeal with sparse thorn and acacia scrub. Flocks of sheep and herds of goats cross the road in front of us, the occasional wandering cow heads in our direction down the middle of the road and a heavily-laden camel cart slows our path. A shrike on a branch is looking for lizards beside the road, we pass a lady bearing sticks on her head for cooking, and now-and-again there are small areas of ... read more
Kids outside The Silk Route Hotel
Entrance to The Golden Fort
Some of the artisans living on the hill

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bikaner February 4th 2018

Return to India 9 (click on 'previous' below the panoramas for earlier blogs) 2nd February 2018 Forts, Rats, Vultures ad Cranes Bikaner, Rajasthan Continuing the travels of two somewhat elderly brothers, David (of ‘the grey haired nomads’) and the younger, Mike, (aka, ‘keep smiling’). It's mild enough for shirt-sleeves on our short stroll after breakfast today, from our hotel to the enormous sandstone Junagarh Fort on the edge of town. Like many of Rajasthan's forts this one is built to impress, that's for sure. Constructed back in the mid-sixteenth century for ruler Raja Rai Singh, this truly massive fort covers an impressive 5.28 hectares! It's impossible not to stand and stare in wonder at its enormity; let's close our eyes for a moment and take a deep breath before we move on: past the boating lake, ... read more
Junagarh Fort
Inside the Royal chambers
Sound horn and move over!

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