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Asia » India » Uttarakhand » Haridwar January 14th 2018

Return to India 2 The Gateway to God - Haridwar 14th January 2018 Continuing the travels of two somewhat elderly brothers, David (of ‘the grey haired nomads’) and the much younger, Mike, (aka, ‘keep smiling’) getting to know each other rather better as they travel through the north of this fascinating country. Haridwar The 0645 train from an extremely tidy but rather chilly New Delhi Station finally arrived in Haridwar, the 'Gateway to God', in Uttarakhand State, an acceptable one hour late. That’s Indian trains: incredibly cheap and extremely unreliable. But either way it’s not an unpleasant experience, particularly if you should travel Executive Chair. The one-mile long train trundles its merry clittery-clattery way for five hours through 200km of grey morning fog, past quiet towns and villages, tarp-tented shan... read more
Aarti at Haridwar
Evening Aarti at Haridwar
The streets of Haridwar

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi January 11th 2018

Return to India 1 Delhi delights January 2018 I want to take you on a journey. Not just any old journey, but one where we can combine the spiritual mystique with the natural and cultural delights of this fascinating land we know as India. Janice has kindly allowed me off the lead for a month to enable me to share time with my younger brother, Mike; a much experienced traveller and devotee of this vast country. We’ll put behind us the trials of long haul, some 23 hours from rising on the day of departure in the UK to arrival at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport for e-visa check, and finger-print and face recognition for some, at immigration. I’ve heard it said amongst you that you have no desire to visit India: for yes, there is ... read more
Shopping Mall - New Delhi
Humayun's Tomb
Scene at Humayun's Tomb

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Isle of Mull July 17th 2017

Scotland 3 - 2017 25th June – 15th July Continuing our travels through Scotland Islands - On to Mull and Iona, with hopes of finding otters and white tailed eagles! The ferry crossing from Armadale, south across the Sound of Sleat to bustling Mallaig on the mainland, took just twenty-five minutes allowing us time to meander the coast road past tiny coves with white sandy beaches, through elegant Arisaig and on to Glenuig for our evening meal at the Glenuig Inn. This lovely little village has its own community shop with free WiFi, a village hall, a bus shelter, a smokehouse, a museum, B&B at the Inn, and its very own red telephone box! There are still a number of red telephone boxes in the Highlands, those remnants of British village life where a penny gave ... read more
Ardnamurchan Point
Iona Abbey from the ferry

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands July 16th 2017

Scotland 2 - 2017 25th June – 15th July Continuing our travels through Scotland. Islands – Handa and the Isle of Skye. There’s a strange light coming from somewhere outside our motorhome. Fine shafts of yellow appear through the slats of the screen on the window above our heads as we open our eyes to a new dawn. It must be that rare commodity up here in Scotland, sunshine. A peek outside reveals an azure sky shared with a few fluffy cumulous clouds heading south. Time then to head for Handa Island, a ten-minute ferry ride from the tiny harbour at Tarbet, a few miles down the road, before it starts to rain. Handa is one island we have missed on previous journeys. It’s a privately owned, boggy, rocky, treeless uninhabited island, promising a four hour ... read more
Attack! - attack! - attack!
Black Guillemot
Magnificent Red Deer

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands June 25th 2017

Scotland 2017 25th June – 15th July Kilts, Bagpipes, Clootie Dumplings and Haggis We’re doing it again: setting off in our motorhome for that bit at the top of the UK where it’s bound to rain bucket-loads, the midges will be out in force and many of the roads will be frustratingly winding and slow. Yes, it’s Scotland and the Highlands once more: the little bit of the UK untouched by the Roman Empire, the land of warring clans, sword swinging, tartan skirted, hairy warriors with tam o’ shanter bonnets and their wailing bagpipes waking the dead. This time we’re travelling in convoy with our Australian cheese-maker friends, Jan and Trevor, from Redhill, Melbourne, in their own motorhome. So, yes, it’s raining in Stirling, our starting point, when we arrive to take a look at the ... read more
Inside Stirling Castle
Doune Castle

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Borgarnes June 6th 2017

Amazing Iceland 3 of 3 A whale of a time! Low cloud greeted us once again this morning, but there are occasional breaks as we backtrack northwards to Egilsstadir and take the gravel track 70 km out to Dyrfjoll and the cliffs at Hafnartangi to check out the puffins! Parts of this road are now surfaced, winding, ever winding, through lush green moorland, between gushing rivers and snow-topped mountains. Sure, it’s a long way out and a long way back but there’s a reward for the effort. A short-eared owl performed its graceful flight for us, whimbrel and redshank called, red-necked phalarope danced around in circles in pools, harlequin ducks rode the rushing rivers and whooper swans grazed the marshes en route. Wow! And finally, the cliffs: thousands of jovial puffins in rafts on the water ... read more
The lonely road to Myvatn
Long tailed duck
Fumaroles and bubbling mud pots.

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Hvalfjörður June 2nd 2017

Amazing Iceland 2 of 3 3rd June 2017 Are you ready? OK. Here’s what Janice has planned for us over the coming two weeks. The rental car seems to work: it’s diesel, there’s just about room for us, our three suitcases are in the boot and the clock reads 42,197km. The circumnavigation of Iceland is relatively simple. Route 1, a neat and tidy surfaced road for most of the way, winds 1330 km around the coast, beside the odd fjord, through endless lava fields, up and down valleys and up and over snowy mountains. That’s the simple bit. But the grey-haired nomads are not known for keeping to the simple life. What’s the fun in that? So, expect a bumpy ride. We’ll be travelling in an anticlockwise direction, so follow us on the map. There are ... read more
Geologist's delight!
The Strokkur geyser
Gullfoss Falls

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik May 30th 2017

Amazing Iceland 1 of 3 Why on earth did we choose to come here, Janice? We were up at 2am to catch the 6am EasyJet red-eye from London Luton. It’s now 9am and we’re sitting in our LHD automatic hired Renault Megane in Keflavik under a leaden sky with the temperature gauge pushing 4C : it’s raining like the bath’s overflowing and there’s a mighty north-easterly blowing off the arctic across a bleak barren landscape threatening to blast the hinges off the doors should we venture outside the car. And the sign on the airport luggage-trolley said ‘A Warm Welcome – It’s in our Nature.’ We should have gone to the Bahamas. There are no song thrushes to wake you from your slumber on a bright spring morning on Iceland, or nightingales to lull you to ... read more
Freezing cold and a wind to knock your head off!
A bleak landscape
Just warm enough for the glaciers to calf

Asia » India » Kerala » Kovalam February 2nd 2017

Incredible India - 3 of 3 Southern India Karnataka, TamilNadu and Kerala It took most of the day to cover the 275km from the rolling hills and fertile fields of Ooty to the arid plains of Kochi (Cochin) by car, careering past brightly painted lorries, cars and motorbikes on narrow winding roads. There are signs of better things on the horizon as earth-movers and workmen plough their way through the countryside in an attempt to dual the road and hasten prosperity to the masses. We have finally entered Kerala, the name on the lips of the many visitors who have come before us, the green and fertile land they call, God’s Own Country. Between bustling villages vibrant with colour and clamour, vast rice paddies stretch to the horizon, bordered by narrow water-courses and whispering coconut palms. ... read more
Kathakali Culture Show
Maria's Cookery Course

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Ooty January 26th 2017

Incredible India 2 of 3 Southern India 26th January 2017 Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala These are the fertile plains of Karnataka, vast fields of rice, cotton, bananas, carrots, flowers and brassicas, and out through the early morning mist to our left, the Western Ghats, their high, forested peaks diminishing gently into the dusty grey of humidity. These are the green lands of Southern India we came to see, on this, our second trip, to Incredible India. Our journey today takes us two hours to the south of Mysore into the Bandipur National Park on the Karnataka state border with Tamil Nadu, from where we will access the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. The excitement starts immediately on entering the park where a guard checks our driver’s paperwork: spotted deer, long-tailed macaques, langur monkeys and great views of ... read more
Mother and calf - a very special encounter
The undulating hills of the Western Ghats
View from The Wild Planet Jungle Resort

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