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The Golden Temple  

The Golden Temple

India 9 - 'An Indian Swansong'

March 21st 2013
India 9 - 'An Indian Swansong' Mumbai-Udaipur-Ranakpur-Jodhpur-Nagaur-Roopangarh-Jaipur-Ranthambore Keoladeo-Fatehpur Sikri-Chambal Agra-Delhi-Shimla-Dharamsala-Pong-Amritsar Pong and Amritsar 15th March 2013 'An Indian Swansong' We're going to Pong. I’m not at all surprised; we have been travelling for nearly five weeks now and it’s been quite warm every day. But never fear, ... read more
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Indian Flag The Indus Valley civilization, one of the oldest in the world, dates back at least 5,000 years. Aryan tribes from the northwest invaded about 1500 B.C.; their merger with the earlier Dravidian inhabitants created the classical Indian culture. Arab in... ... read more
22nd March 2013

This photo is just awesome. Simply awesome.
22nd March 2013

Hi Anastasia, We fell in love with the stunning colours of India. Our final week saw us amongst Hindu, Muslim, Bubhist and Sikh in all their glory! David
28th May 2017

I saw this photo featured on the front page when I logged in this morning - so beautiful :)
29th May 2017

Incredible India
There are so many wonders, delightful people and wonderful colours in India! I'll be back yet again in the New Year!

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