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Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar August 20th 2023

Dalhousie - Dharamshala / Mcleodganj - Amritsar Amritsar Day-5: Dharamshala to Amritsar. Goodbye to Himalayan Heavens and back to hustle, bustle and heat of plains! Fortunately it was only February and it was not so hot. I call it mid-season and it is the best time to go to the Himalayas. In winters, cold is a bit too much in the mountains, in summer, temperature is certainly enjoyable in hills, but when you come back, you pay back with interest! We had experienced it during the Sikkim tour. Started from Dharamshala after breakfast and reached Amritsar for late lunch. Again via Pathankot. Day-5: Evening: Visit to Gobindgadh Fort Day-6: Morning: Shopping; Afternoon/Evening: Attari Border; Dinner: Sadda Pind Day-7: Morning: Free; Afternoon: Jalianwala baug; Evening: Golden Temple Day-8: Ea... read more
106-Gobindgadh Fort-Amritsar-20230222
107-Gobindgadh Fort-Amritsar-20230222
108-Gobindgadh Fort-Amritsar-20230222

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar January 18th 2020

Our train from Delhi to Amritsar left on time, and it was cold and raining by the time we disembarked in Amritsar. We raced for shelter and Ginny minded the bags whilst I stepped out into the rain and tried to hail a taxi, they all seemed to disappear rather fast today. We wanted a car, not a rickshaw, but that's what we ended up in. A crazy damp ride into town followed and we were dropped at the end of a pedestrian mall, the driver pointing down the mall to where our hotel obviously was. We found it, after racing straight past it the first time, in our haste to get out of the weather. We were soon settled in our cosy rooms at Hotel City Heart, I couldn't have chosen a better location. Amritsar ... read more
You won't see this sign in too many places
Inside The Golden Temple
Pilgrim Inside The Golden Temple

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar February 23rd 2019

In Amritsar there are two main tourist attractions. Yesterday’s Golden Temple and the India Pakistan border ceremony at Wageh. We had arranged the latter for the afternoon so as we had the morning free we set out for another walk through the old town. Camera ever to hand and lots of things to click at. This place is fascinating. Nothing ever seems to get finished. Buildings are started but the windows don’t go in. Things break and are never mended or replaced. Some of the buildings along the main street the hotel stands on are, or rather were, quite ornate but not any longer. An astonishing mess if you stand back and look at it all. There are no parking places so there are scooters lined up everywhere and you have to weave your way between ... read more
190222 Amritsar Wageh Border (263)
190222 Amritsar Wageh Border (48)
190222 Amritsar Wageh Border (12)

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar February 21st 2019

We've been to India before. We've not been to the Punjab. My goodness, what an experience. The walk about last night was a taster. Today we got a full meal. A slightly later one than planned as we overslept, after our long journey with very little sleep and missed the hotel breakfast (served until 10.30 !). Our room is on the lst floor and looks onto a red corrugated roof on which heavy rain pounded a lot of the night. Hence the late sleeping. This meant we had not had any view of the city from our room so we headed up to the pool area on the roof. Pool not very inviting after all that rain but at least we could see Amritsar from above. Then down to the ground and we set off along ... read more
190221 Amritsar golden temple (260)
190221 Amritsar golden temple (60)
190221 Amritsar golden temple (65)

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar February 20th 2019

Three flights, as planned, from Manchester to Dubai, Dubai to Mumbai (both Emirates) then Varenesi local internal flight up to Amritsar. Left home at 09.00 Tuesday and arrived at the Ramada Amritsar 16.30 Wednesday... that's 5.5 hours ahead of the uk. We've left the car and the Meet and Greet at Manchester having taken a careful note and photo of the mileage as we've heard of vehicles being used by the staff while the customers are away. Security was a farce, We are delighted to see proper security checks carried out to keep us all safe but all we experienced at Manchester this time was chaos. There was so much attention given to totally innocuous and allowed items in everyone's checkin bags, about 50% of which were pulled aside and searched, that a whole gang of ... read more
190220 Amritsar (6)
190220 Amritsar (47)
190220 Amritsar (49)

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar September 18th 2018

This is a fab place with buzz and atmosphere and our visit much helped by staying in a proper hotel with hot water, lifts and a very comfy bed! The drive was interesting through the mountains and descending into the Punjab. The evening visit was to the Golden Temple after dinner. Thousands of people - mainly Sikhs - thronging into the temple. Stunning with lights shining on the gold. Walking round the tank and temple was mesmerising as the chants are on loudspeaker. That evening people were marching round with a flag and chanting. Hundreds of people were queuing up to go inside. Outside the temple shops and hawkers as expected mainly selling Pakistani shoes, temple bangles and kulfi (yummy). The next morning we had a visit to Jallianwallah Bagh - the site of a massacre ... read more
Trying to look glamorous
A privet soldier in the Jallianwallah Bagh
Guide at the Golden Temple

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar July 27th 2018

A 5:40am flight sounded ok when we booked it. When it actually came to it and we worked out the alarm had to be set for 2:30am… Not sure how we’ve managed to do this to ourselves twice but it sums up this trip so far perfectly – early mornings and packed days. With all that what we want to fit in over the next 3 weeks that doesn’t really look like changing. There is just so much to see and experience. The check in queue for our flight to Mumbai was the slowest we have ever encountered… anywhere… It took an hour to process about a dozen people in front of us and we watched some tourists point out their bag had just been sent down the belt with no bag tag, followed by a ... read more

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar October 27th 2017

What a full on day of contrast yesterday was. There are many monuments and statues around Amritsar, to various important people but also just because, like the ones depicting dancers we saw on the way to the Golden Temple, the primary site for Sikhism. Apart from being a stunning complex with pristine, hurt-your-eyes white marble buildings and paving surrounding the rich golden temple which sits in the middle of a lake, the whole atmosphere is quite special. People calmly go about their devotions, praying, purifying themselves in the water amongst the large crowd. No one is bothered by anyone else or by tourists taking photos. It is a very peaceful and tolerant environment. The kitchens provide thousands of free meals 24 hours a day and there are permanent and volunteer staff. We get a tour through ... read more
Golden Temple
Making Chapattit the Golden Temple
Amritsar Massacre Memorial Gardens

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar August 2nd 2017

We had a slightly slower start after the excitement yesterday. Fortified by a breakfast of scrambled egg and vegetable curry, we set off on an auto rickshaw to Mata Lal Devi Mandar Temple in Model Town. The trip wasn't scheduled on our tour, but we had some free time and we wanted to see as much of Amaritsar as we could. It wasn't listed in the Rough Guide, but our guide had suggested it would be worth a visit and I am so glad he did - it was fantastic. Set in the middle of a busy market, we wouldn't have come across it on our own. The Temple was extraordinary - a complete assault on all our senses. It was a very humid day, and as we got to the outside to remove our shoes, ... read more
Ruth outside the Temple
Mata Lal Devi Shrine
Nigel and Esme in the Temple

Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar August 1st 2017

We started our day with a trip to the Jawlianwalla Bagh Massacre Memorial garden. situated outside the Golden Temple. The gardens were the site of an atrocity carried out by the British troops in 1919. Under the leadership of General R Dyer, the British troops opened fire on a group of unarmed peaceful demonstrators, killing over 350 men women and children and injurying many hundreds of others leaving them with life changing disability. The gardens are sombre, and dominated with the eternal flame monuments to those who lost their lives. There is also a martyr's well which is preserved as the site where many lost their lives trying to escape from the bullets. The garden also pays homage to national hero Udnam Singh, who avenged the murder of thee innocent people by the assassination of Dyer ... read more
Eternal Flame Momument
Massacre momument
Celebrity shoot

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