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Europe » France » Picardy » Le Crotoy September 22nd 2014

Said our goodbyes to Janet and Eric who were also leaving to get their ferry home. We had another full driving day across Normandy to get within spitting distance of our chunnel crossing tomorrow. Back the way we had come to Caen, heading East and then Bob managed to find a route over the Seine bypassing Rouen (a place we avoid when we can as we’ve had a couple of problems there in the past). A far more interesting drive today as we went through rather than round lots of pretty Normandy villages. Pont D’Eveque is always a pleasure to drive through, albeit very slowly today as Monday is market day. It was also tractor day on the roads and we found ourselves behind quite a few along the way. That time of year. We bypassed ... read more
Pont D'Eveque
Pont D'Eveque
Love the wild planting of Cosmos we find throughout France

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Sainte-Mere-Eglise September 21st 2014

A long drive today as we are making a bit of a detour en route for the channel crossing. Stopping of for a couple of nights near Cherbourg to visit Janet and Eric who have had their caravan on a site at Utah beach for last 2 weeks. First of all went to the Carrefour which is next door to campsite, incredibly convenient to get bread but… as it was open I popped inside and picked up a few bottles of things I wanted. Then I dropped one. Had to be the one containing the stickiest substance known to man – the maple syrup. Thank goodness it was left to the Carrefour staff to clean it up. As for me, I got another bottle of the shelf and paid for it, a little apologetically, along with ... read more
Pretty Normandy
Endless flat roads and still warm and sunny
En route for the beach near Cherbourg

Europe » France » Centre » Montrichard September 19th 2014

Rather sad to leave our very pleasant site in the Dordogne but need to take another step nearer to home. We really are having a lovely holiday. Superb weather, super campsites and scenic routes from one to the other. Can hardly complain if today we need to use some motorway to get us further North. Loaded up and on our way by 9am. I queried with the very friendly, and laid back, campsite owner how long she had been at the campsite. This is the first year. That explains why in 2011 we rejected this site because of bad reviews. I cannot praise it enough now, a treasure of a campsite. We headed first of all to Brive using ordinary roads and this gave us the opportunity to look out for a supermarket as we needed ... read more
Every pimple in this area has a little village perched prettily on top
Montrichard bridge over the Cher
Ripe corn - must be well into September

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Loubressac September 18th 2014

Another lovely sunny day but we put the little umbrella in the scooter back box just to make sure it didn’t rain. Before we left Bob phoned the Caravan and Camping Club who had arranged our ferry tickets and we have now changed to get the Chunnel back rather than the ferry as we are not happy about staying on Calais harbour the night before our ferry given the current ‘would be immigrant’ problems there. Carennac first, being only half a mile up the road from the campsite and on the river. Absolutely stunning little medieval town. Perfectly kept, not a scrap of litter to be found and no doubt a hanging offence to dare to drop any here. Flowers everywhere, some artistically arranged and others artfully just placed here and there. Some wonderful buildings with ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées September 17th 2014

Woke to low cloud and rumbles of thunder. Packed up quite quickly and got on our way as we had a good way to drive and some of the drive looked to be quite hard work. As it happened, though we did go along and past several of the major rivers of Central France: Gardon, Tarn, Lot, Dordogne we didn’t drive along any river gorges and those are the most tortuous in a motorhome where there are sticking out rocks and overhanging cliffs involved. The rumbles of thunder soon translated themselves into rain. We were driving one of the most scenic routes in the area, the Corniche des Cevennes and it was indeed fantastic. We did have a problem seeing the views though as the higher we went the deeper into the low cloud we got ... read more
La Corniche des Cévennes under cloud
La Corniche des Cévennes under cloud
La Corniche des Cévennes under cloud

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Anduze September 16th 2014

When we woke the rain had stopped and last night’s storm had pretty well dried up. This is a pretty campsite, plenty of trees but not too much cover and the leaves have started to change colour and come down and the storm certainly helped the autumnal progress. We arrived at the station in Anduze, via scooter of course, in plenty of time for our train as we had no idea how big it was and how many passengers there might be. Quite a rush as the station doors opened at 10.30. We bought our return tickets (€15 each) and waited on the platform for the train to arrive at 11.10. Slight bedlam for a while as 200+ people climbed on board and tried to find good seats in their preferred compartments. We sat near the ... read more
Gardon River at Anduze by our lovely campsite Le Pradal
Our compartment after going through the tunnel with the steam !
Steam train to St Jean du Gard

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Anduze September 15th 2014

Quite sad to be leaving our lovely spot on the Cote D’Azur as we’ve had a really good 4 days here. Made a note of our pitch number 36 in case we return sometime as it was an excellent fit for Tandy giving us good access to the back left door to get the scooter in and out which can sometimes be a problem. It rained a little in the night. Not a lot but enough to dampen all the towels I’d left out and then retrieved at 1am when the rain on the roof woke me. It made it nice and fresh when we got up in the morning, packed everything up and got on our way. Glad it wasn’t guite as bright and sunny as it has been or it would have made it ... read more
Anduze - Pagoda Well
Coast road to Le Lavandou I couldn't photograph from the scooter

Another glorious sunny day and our last on the coast so we decided to make the most of it. Headed off down into town to visit the Artisan fair on the promenade. As a stained glass artist myself, as Joysofglass, handmade fairs are always a great attraction. This one was a bit of a disappointment. Last year we came across a superb ceramics fair in Cassis and I was hopeful this might be something similar. Just not in the same class. For example there were two stalls selling homemade biscuits which, however tasty (and actually I didn’t like the orange flavoured sample I tried) not quite what I was looking for. Only 3 stalls of interest, 2 of ceramics, but nothing to tempt me and 1 selling cacti. And only about 20 stalls in all. It ... read more
Glorious beach at Cavalaire-sur-mer
Cacti on sale at the Artisan fair
Artisan fair Cavalaire-sur-mer

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Le Lavandou September 13th 2014

Kisbee scooter was raring to go today, especially as it had been filled with super grade petrol yesterday (my mistake when paying at the pump). The idea was to find the coast road out of Cavalaire sur Mer. After going past the Carrefour for the second time we decided maybe there wasn’t such a road (our map is not very detailed) so we took the next best – that heading in the direction of Le Lavandou. It soon became obvious that the road we were on was the nearest thing to a coast road we were going to get as between us and the sea was a steep slope covered in conifers. There are not many flat places round here and certainly none which can run right along the beach, but that of course is why ... read more
Viewpoint a couple of miles west of Cavalaire sur Mer
Canadel Plage
Canadel Plage

It was only as we were setting off and I looked at the road map to check the route we were taking that I realised where we were going. Not only that but I remembered that last time we had tried to stay on a campsite in Cavalaire sur Mer we had failed as they were all full. That was in early June 2011 and there is no doubt that there are still lots of campers around, not hopeful for our chances again this visit. We set off along the narrow roads which go down from La Colle sur Loup towards the coast. Everything here is built on hillsides so the roads tend to be narrow and quite windy. Bob soon became irritated by the route he had chosen. Suburbia complete with multiple road calming humps, ... read more
These roads are a bit small for our Tandy
5 minute wait while they empty the bins
La Provencal to the coast

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