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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 5th 2019

Had to get up a little earlier today as taxi driver was picking us up outside reception so after a superb breakfast (The Sahara Star does a wonderful selection) we wandered outside and he appeared as if by magic. We had to head right down to the Gateway of India which we visited last time as that’s where the boats go to the island. So along the fantastic road built out into the bay on stilts to get clear of the main city traffic. As the road is 4 lanes and then goes to 2 it does have a bit of a traffic jam at either end but undoubtedly quicker than the stop, start clog of traffic by any other route. Then across to the other side of the pointy bit at the bottom of Mumbai ... read more
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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 4th 2019

Last year we had just one full day in Mumbai so did the standard tourist trip down to the Gateway to India, Crawford Market and the railway station taking in Marine Drive and Bandra Worli Sealink. This year we have planned two days to allow us to see a bit further into this massive city. First on the list was Dhobi Ghat, the major laundry for the city. This is where the main hotels send their washing as it has the best reputation. We asked the hotel for a taxi to take us there and got a ridiculous quote of 6000 rupees so instead asked for an outside taxi. That one cost 600 rupees (£6). With difficulty we persuaded the taxi driver that we only wanted to be taken there and dropped off. The taxis over ... read more
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190304 Mumbai (27)

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai March 3rd 2019

A leisurely start to the day as our flight to Mumbai was not until mid-afternoon so plenty of time for breakfast and to pack. We’ve got quite good at packing having had two room moves in the 3 hotels we’ve stopped in. As a result my suitcase in particular really is a pretty dreadful mess. This not helped by a small spillage of Douwe Egberts coffee grains out of our emergency drink supply pot. Hope everything doesn’t get stained coffee coloured when I put the washing in when we get home. It is unusual to have coffee grains on one’s knickers but at least none have landed on my white suntops. As it happens we haven’t needed the hot drink supplies at all this trip as all the hotels have been generous with drink supplies but ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim March 2nd 2019

Today’s plan was for a little less scootering and a bit more relaxing. After breakfast, smothered in factor 15, we headed for the beach and the sea. These days in Goa are the only ones when we are fully exposed to the sun as we tend to cover up quite a lot in the cities. There are red flags along the beach but someone was in the water with a small child directly in front of the hotel so we went in there too. Then a man in high viz came along with his whistle and ordered us out of the water, said we couldn’t swim at that red flag, we must swim at the one to the left or the right as those had a lifeguard sitting underneath. So we went left and sure enough ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim March 1st 2019

oday we had a plan. To scooter down the coast to where there is a big river inlet at Betul. We were wondering if this is the part of Goa we stayed in 1997 as I have a distinct memory of stepping outside the hotel on the last day and realising there was a very new and smart “cottages” in the grounds sort of hotel next door and a river with signs about water sports. Which we had had no idea of while we were staying there. As Betul is on one side of a river estuary it looked like a good place to look but we have since concluded it was most probably somewhere in North Goa where we stayed before as can find nothing we remember. Not helped by the fact I know our ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Betalbatim February 28th 2019

Went along to reception after a leisurely breakfast, because it is impossible to rush in Goa. Far to hot and laid back here and this is our chill out time. Oops scooter I had asked about before we arrived and been told they would sort it when we got here, was a non-starter. If there had been any available before, there were none now, all hired out. They suggested we could pop along to Colva and pick one up from there but not really happy as I had asked about it before we came And last night. Reception girl decided to try harder and phoned “Steve” who came up with the goodies and 30 minutes later our scooter arrived. Came with only one helmet though we had asked for two so a second helmet appeared with ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Bogmalo Beach February 27th 2019

Another pre-crack of dawn start checking out of the hotel at 5am for our flight at 6.50 to Mumbai, The drive to the airport was much quicker than coming in when we were held up in a couple of places by big trucks. Straight through on the super dual carriageway / highway to the airport. Well it would be super if it were not half under construction most of the way. The sort of road that will quite probably never be finished. Seem so many like it in Asia ! Easy check-in and arrived on time in Mumbai. As senior looking citizens we were offered a lift on the ‘golf buggy’ at arrivals and accepted as we know how far one has to walk through Mumbai and walkways are few and far between. We had 3 ... read more
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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 26th 2019

Today I was resolved to find some of the bazaars for which Udaipur is also famous. The main tourist trail in the old city goes south along the edge of the lake, past the Royal Palace and eventually ends up at the end of the lake. Today we discovered that there is a lot more to old Udaipur than that. We set off on foot to find the first bazaar I had earmarked, Hathi Pol. I had located it on Maps ME on my phone so knew where to go but MapsME was not terribly clear. This area of Udaipur, an absolute warren of back streets was somewhat off the tourist trail and we found ourselves in the real India. We encountered several donkeys which were rather cruelly being used to carry very heavy lots of ... read more
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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 25th 2019

Today we decided to explore Udaipur’s other lake area. Fateh Sagar Lake. This is just above Lake Pichola and connected by a canal but not as picturesque as it doesn’t have the Royal Palace and all the other ancient buildings round its banks. We had checked which places were recommended to visit and booked a tuktuk with English speaking driver at the hotel reception. Have to say at the end of the trip we did not see exactly the places we had planned (I’m pretty sure we were going to Monsoon Palace but we never actually got there) but that is pretty normal round here and we have come to accept that where we say we want to go is not necessarily where we will be taken. In this case, true. So far we’ve only seen ... read more
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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur February 24th 2019

Absolutely lovely to wake to the view from our balcony this morning looking out across the lake to the old town across the water. The lake is narrow here at the top and crossable by a foot bridge with another tuktuk bridge beyond. There is much activity in all directions. People chanting at Lal ghat, bells ringing, drums banging and most of all horns a honking as the scooters, tuktuks and taxis try there hardest to be fastest and loudest. Breakfast downstairs and then we set off to cross the bridge to the old town. Gorgeous day. Blue sky and sunny but not roasting hot. Just what we need to go sightseeing. We explored the part of the old town nearest to the hotel. A few minutes from the hotel via the footbridge to the ‘mainland’ ... read more
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