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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 11th 2008

NOTE: Sorry for typos and the lack of any detail and/or the fwe photos but weve only got a few minutes before we are off and this computer is ancient! Hello Readers! It is here, the final blog! We know you have all been waiting for it with naited breath, so fight back the tears, lets get on with it...! Our last night in KL was predictably brilliant. Yet again involving copius amounts of brilliant local food. This time Jonathan took us out to try the infamous fish head and pork ribs. The food was amazing and we even brought some of the herb mix to make the ribs when we get home. Best of all the restaurant was under a motorway flyover, great fun! When Jennifer joined us later around midnight/1 we went accross town ... read more
The decorator crab, decorating!
Croc @ Zoo
Penguins @ Zoo

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 6th 2008

Schliesslich sollte Kuala Lumpur leider die einzige Station im schoenen Malaysia werden, um ein wenig mehr Zeit auf Bali zu verbringen, wo man uebrigens heute hinfliegt und mal wieder um 1 Uhr nachts oder so ankommt. Ich werde in die 50 Meter entfernte, sterile U-Bahn Station steigen und mich mit meiner Dauerfahrkarte zum Changi Airport chauffieren lassen. So etwas gibt es nur in Singapur!! Selbst die guenstigste Unterkunft (siehe Foto) der Stadt liegt umgeben von 3 Malls mit Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King und Kino ueber die Strasse (!!!). Ungelogen! Irgendwie ist hier alles zentral. Wo man(n) ist, ist man zentral. Wenn man sich das auf der Karte vorstellt, kommt man ja ganz durch Wind... Zentral. Und man macht nicht einmal seine Schuhe dreckig! Die Stadtarbeiter und Buerger leisten ganze Arbeit, ihren Muell nicht auf die Erde ... read more
Hostel (fast) open air
Orchard Road
Meistfotografiertes Objekt Singapurs... zum Sterben langweilig

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 2nd 2008

We arrived in Singapore yesterday afternoon after a very quick and easy flight from HK - anything seems quick and easy after a 11 hour flight of being turned upsidedown in turbulence mind you! We immediately received a text from Dave Turner who had seen my facebook status and who said he was in Singapore, and did we fancy meeting at Raffles Long Bar for a Singapore Sling - too right we did! Raffles is gobsmackingly beautiful, very romantic setting and the bar is so cool. The Singapore Slings were surprisingly tasty (and so they should be at 9 UK pounds a go!) although you do get the feeling they are mixing it up in enormous vats out the back somewhere! We had a great evening out with a few more cocktails courtesy of Dave - ... read more
Fish head curry
Raffles Concierge
Chjimes courtyard

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 24th 2008

The last stop-over before heading back to Germany...... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 19th 2008

We got up really late yesterday due to being thoroughly knackered from our long day at the zoo. We headed to the bit that sells bus tickets to book tickets to go to Melaka on Wednesday! Mission completed, we headed back towards home and stopped by a place for lunch that has had massive queues of locals when we were going the other way. We were a bit scared as there was no English, and we ordered something called 'clay pot chicken'. It was a very very cool dish and the waitress + random local helped us out with how you're meant to eat it. We ate the whole thing with with chopsticks, check us! In the evening we popped into the Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling at the outrageous price of $22 (about 8 ... read more
Raffles hotel
Extortionate Singapore Sling
Making the most of the free nuts

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 16th 2008

Hello! We have arrived! Our plane got in at 6am this morning. The flight was fine, but we didn;t manage to get any sleep. I can't sleep sitting up. Singapore Airlines were fine, but not quite up to Emirates standards! Had my first taste of Asian foor for 'breakfast' on the plane. Was some spicy noodle thing! Very weird. It was still pitch dark when we arrived, it appears it both gets light and dark at 7. We got the MRT (like the metrolink) to where our hotel is - Bugis (check out our awsome navigational skills) and then also found the hotel itself. Well done us. We were too early to check in but they let us use the communal shower, which felt great at first, but by the time I was dressed I was ... read more
Hindu Temple in Little India
Mike at Clarke Quay

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 15th 2008

Singapore became a stop on our trip in large part because Wes had heard tales of tasty chili crab. We had planned a day and a half in the city, which seemed reasonable for fitting in the sites, but not as reasonable for sampling all the food. I am sad to say that it was a hawker stand free trip. On arrival we had to rush to the Lion Air office to purchase our tickets to Bali, as we were going to lose our reservation in 4 hours if we didn't pay. So by the time we got to option A for a hostel, Sleepy Sam's in Kampong Glam (the Malay/Arab district) we just took the dorm beds and decided that at least we'd save some money. That being said, for a bunk bed, internet and ... read more
Fountain of Wealth
Enjoying the Singapore Flyer
A view from the top

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village July 27th 2008

The night tour was lots of fun. There was 23 people, mostly Aussies, some British and a Russian couple. I got picked up from my hotel at around 5:45 this afternoon, taken to The Singapore Flyer where I waited around. We were taken by bus to the Boat Quay on the riverfront. We were taken to a hot rock restaurant where we cooked our own meals!! and had a good chat while we watched the sky turn from blue to black. A beautiful sunset, although I missed it cause I was chatting. From there, we were taken to the Bugis Night Village where some hard-earned money was parted with, then on the bus again to the Raffles Hotel for the famous Singapore Sling. The Raffles hotel is so beautiful, it's a must see if you ever ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village July 13th 2008

We arrived in Singapore on the 10th July into the most beautiful airport we have seen in months! As we drove into town we appreciated the small things in life such as lines on the unbroken road, brand new Mercedes Benz taxis, toliet paper in the airport loos and Western fast food on every corner. Not that these things matter to us but it feels awhile since we have been in "civilization". Singapore is lovely and was quoted by mom today to be "the Asian country to visit if you aren't the kind of traveller that can handle real, poverty stricken, squat toliet Asia!" We took a bus into town to Hotel 81, a modern but overpriced hotel where we checked into our room with no windows and the shower head practically over the toliet seat. ... read more
Raffles Courtyard
Long Bar
Singapore Art Museum

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village May 27th 2008

We made it. We arrived at Heathrow with plenty of time to spare. Once we had boarded the plane, they decided to delay us....for 2 hours. I had the window seat and poor Willo was in the middle of me and a guy that is only known as "BP Man". BP Man is one of the biggest legends we have ever met. His favourite word is "shit" and in a South African accent it sounds very funny. He happend to be very drunk and wouldn't stop talking to start with but eventually he fell asleep. He had heard of the Oracle financial system and described it using his favourite word. After 14 hours sat on the plane we arrived at sunny Singapore. It was at this time that we had our first experience of the Singapore ... read more
Me and my Backpack
Dan and his Backpack
Dan on the Skytrain

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