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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 1st 2016

I sometimes forget just how wealthy Singapore is. Yes, there are some poor people, but you don’t see anyone sleeping in doorways. And yes, some of the housing is far from luxurious, though nothing that would be called substandard, unless you are a foreign guest worker, then accommodations can be pretty grim. Bear with me while I give you a few statistics to put things in context. (You may skip ahead a few paragraphs if you want, or you can read through and wow your friends with this knowledge.) When you look at rankings of per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Singapore comes in third, behind Qatar and Luxemburg. The United States comes in at number eleven, Australia at eighteen, and Canada ranks twenty-second among the world economies. Add to that, the island city-state is home ... read more
Marina Bay Sands
New Bridge St

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village July 17th 2015

Friday, 17th July 2015 We wouldn't coin it as a perfect staycation as we believed that the Carlton could do much better. The deluxe rooms that we stayed in were refurbished recently even though the separate shower stalls leave much room to be desired. The smallish design does not allow you to leave your clothes inside the shower as they would get wet easily. The smallish size extended to the outdoor pool which was inadequately designed to cope with the 900 odd guestrooms. Coffee sachets were from "Super" which did not enhance the overall stay experience. As far as staycation is concerned, I would probably avoid this 4 star property in future. The highlight of our stay was probably a nice congee lunch at Imperial and a great shopping experience at Raffles City Marketplace. Our dinner ... read more
Nice bedroom design
Imperial Treasure Congee
@ Raffles City Marketplace

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 3rd 2015

Easter Friday, 3rd April 2015 A hearty buffet lunch followed by a nice weekend stay at one of their lovely rooms. For the great prices we paid, we couldn't ask for more. ParkRoyal on Beach Road had been one of my preferred hotels when it comes to weekend staycations. Their room rates are not overly-expensive and the modern room condition is a nice touch considering that the hotel had been around for quite sometime. While the immediate neighbourhood might not have a lot to offer, this hotel is a comfortable stroll from Bugis Station where numerous malls dotted the landscape. Of course, if you are like us who aspire to spend more time in the hotel, the spacious swimming pool is sure to delight. Forget about the room service menu as similar local offerings could be ... read more
Nice rooms
Great local lunch spread

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 9th 2015

Singapur Zunächst mal eine wichtige Erkenntnis: Singapur ist ein eigener Stadtstaat. Wie wir darauf gekommen sind - kommt hier. . . Dass es in Singapur den Singapur Dollar gibt wussten wir schon, warum das so ist, allerdings nicht. Unsere erste Erfahrung mit Singapur beginnt also schon in Malakka – der letzte Stopp vor Singapur. Wir steigen in den Reisebus, der uns nach Singapur bringen soll und fragen vorher noch die Ticket Verkäuferin, wie lange die Fahrt wohl ungefähr dauert. So 4 bis 4,5h war ihre Aussage. Also gut. Gerade richtig, um mal wieder einen Reisebericht zu schreiben. Nach 2.5h der erste Stopp. Ein guter Zeitpunkt für einen Peestopp. . . Der Busfahrer schreit irgendwas in seinem schlecht verständlichen halb Indisch, halb Englisch. Ich packe meine Sachen gar nicht erst ein. Alle Leute verlassen den Bus. Wir ... read more
Skyline Singapur
Infinion Pool
Aussicht vom Marina Bay Sand Resort

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 11th 2014

A comfortable flight, an efficient entry through Changi Airport in Singapore and a taxi took us to the Ibis on Bencoolen Hotel. We've stayed there before on previous trips and it felt a little like coming home. We were heading into our final week of this trip - the previous eight weeks seemed to have gone by very quickly! We ordered room service and decided to leave any more sightseeing until next day. It was very hot and humid next morning when we left the hotel. We started the day with a walk through the nearby streets of Little India. It was great to be surrounded by the colours of India again. The shop houses were painted in bright colours and the streets were still strung with banners celebrating Deepavali (the Hindu festival of lights which ... read more
Looking up at the Supertrees
Birthday dinner
Colourful shophouses in Little India

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village May 6th 2014

Singaporeans, and honestly Asians in general, are hugely into fashion. On any given day, I see at least 2 girls wearing what I would consider my nicest party dress and f*&% me heels to work. It hurts my feet just looking at them….and here I am, wearing my tennis shoes on the MRT and changing into my nice, serviceable Hushpuppies once I get to the clinic. My Clinical Instructor (CI), also wears heels to work. Yes, she treats patients while wearing heels. And dresses sometimes. So with this in mind, I've been actively searching out some good places to shop for nice clothes. Now back home I would just pop into the nearest Ross or Marshall's to stock my closet with a bunch of cute pants and tops without breaking the bank. There are no Ross's ... read more
Sagar enjoying some ice cold coconut water
Chicken rice and char siu pork!
Satay chicken and peanut sauce

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 12th 2014

This blog really began years and years ago when Singapore refused me entry due to having visible tattoos and the behavior and appearance of the person who was travelling with me....another reason why I forever a sworn solo traveler. For years I could only get a transit visa limiting me to a few hours to transit out of there a lot of careful juggling of airlines and times is involved in Asian travels as its such a handy transit hub.Coming back from the Philippines I was planning on doing the usual hanging around the airport for as long as I was allowed and grabbing a sleeper room for a few hours. As i went through immigration I picked the line with the big happy jolly giant customs official as he looked like an OK sort ... read more
Orchid Garden
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Garden

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 2nd 2014

The last day in Singaporehas been and gone. I feel a little sad :( Singaporeis def worth a visit in my opinion. We started the day with a singapore breakfast noodles in veg stock with a hotdog and egg on top, served with chopsticks can safely say i did not look pretty trying to eat it.We ate most of it and headed to Chinatown on the MRT im like an expert now. The sun was hot today, we walked round the market stalls i wanted a chinese lantern but wont fit in my backpack.Ill just order one from ebay when i get back. We went to the chinese Hertitagemuseum was good but a little bit dark struggledreading the storys (must rememberim meant to wear glasses). one thing I did learn is that alot of Chinese things ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 31st 2014

we arrived safely in Singaporeafter a long arse flight, knew it would be tiring but we suffered from dizzy spells and were knackered. we wanted to get hotel as soon as so we jumped in a taxi from airport( I know its not the backpackers way but it had to be done). Sitting in the back of the taxi the city looked lovely, sun shining, people everywhere. We were ready to go and explore, after a shower. Bags dropped off, showered,off to the streets. It was chinese new year so the streets were busy, people outside the temples burning incense (which I do not like the smell of) and i was scared I mite get burnt as fire flying around as the people prayed with the fortune sticks and lotus flower which symbolizes rebirth and new ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 18th 2013

What a breakfast! A beautiful plate of fruit, Japanese fried rice, red bean paste dumplings, sesame ball and ginger tea…no lunch today! The Singapore Art Museum, close by our hotel has an interesting history. The magnificent old 1850s building was for many years St Joseph’s Institute, a school for boys run by the La Salle Brothers. Its large rooms have been converted into galleries and housed some really interesting exhibits, especially the section devoted to stuff for kids…incredibly imaginative. The original Chapel has been left ‘as is’ apart from a beautiful new 3D stained glass window…a real artwork! We spent several hours in the Museum then had a REAL coffee at The Dome Café attached to it... ridiculously expensive but when you’re addicted?… Packed our bags late in the afternoon in preparation for our 14 hour ... read more
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Art Museum

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