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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 9th 2009

After I landed I was faced with one huge problem...I had no where to go. I have a hostel arranged for the semester but that doesn't begin until Monday the 12th. It was Wednesday the 7th at noon (Wed the 6th 11:00pm back in Jax, Fl - topping my travel time off at 41 hours) I found some help at the airport. I was given access to thew wireless internet and with a few helpful suggestions from my mom who had some some research, I decided on the lesser of 3 evils...The Backpacker's Cozy Corner Guesthouse. Its a very lively little place. Let's just say none of the S$17 you pay goes towards and privacy. The outdoor common area doubles as a bathroom sink area which leads to the small (luckily indoor) showers. I have a ... read more
Typical Street

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village December 22nd 2008

So sad were we to leave Koh Lanta that we have been unable to blog for several days. The week we spent there was our favourite week of the trip so far, and I would happily move there tomorrow and live out my days doing Poi on the beach and playing pool with the locals. While in paradise we spent most of our days lying on the beach and practicing Poi, and taking a daily walk into town to visit the tailor who was making my silk dress (I bet you can't guess which Becki this is...). Whilst in town each day we visited an extremely friendly local street food vendor called 'More' (almostly definitely spelt wrongly) and ate delicious dishes that cost about 50p each. The afternoons were spent relaxing and recovering from the hot ... read more
Fire show
Our new friend Lewi
Tom the cat

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village December 22nd 2008

After two days travelling we are back in the cleanest city ever, having to be extra vigilent about dropping rubbish/j-walking etc....slightly worrying as through customs they asked me to take out our alcohol bottle we had, luckily they just wanted to check it was not opened and sent us on our way. It was very hard to tear ourselves away from Koh Lanta but after no sleep we spent pretty much the whole of the 14 hour bus journey to KL asleep on the way down. Arrive at 6am we spent an hour in a rather disgusting, and very busy, McDonalds before heading to our hostel to check in. As we were already up we trekked over to the Petronas Towers to get some of the free tickets they hand out daily. Forgetting how incredibly hot ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village December 19th 2008

So after Phuket we went back across to Koh Samui to meet up with mick and Lorna. When we got back we realised that they got caught up in the Bangkok troubles and therefore got held up for 2 days. when they finally arrived we rented out a car for the day....... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village December 3rd 2008

Our flight to Singapore was long and pretty uneventful - Becki 1 slept most of the way and Rutty watched many half films. After circling a lightning cloud for an hour we plunged to land and didn't get hit. Despite a scary man at customs we were both allowed in and no death penalties handed out. Today we leave Singapore for Penang in search of tropical island paradise, after discovering that it is Monsoon season on the east coast. We haven't got a plan yet of how to get there, but hopefully next time we write we will be bronzed goddesses on the beach. Insect bites = 0 Coackroach sightings = 1 Love to everyone at home, enjoy the snow xx... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 29th 2008

Thought it was about time for me to add a little entry since it's far too hot to do anything else. Apologies for my apauling spelling and grammar! We've had to book our own flights up to Hanoi on Sunday as our only other choice would've been to either fly back home or to a military base camp just outside of Bangkok!....thought my mum wouldn't appreciate me choosing the latter option so we did our own thing which has probably worked out for the best (and we've got a few more free nights in our posh hotel). Been exploring Singapore a bit more, had a look along Orchard Road where all the posh shops are, wondered up to little India, (and even managed to leave without Nic having a curry) and then onto the night safari ... read more
Joining singaporians at there favourite pastime
Semi-naked men at the night safari
Little Nic exccted even about the reliability of the safai trams

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 15th 2008

We have spent the last few days in Singapore which is a fantastic city with a great buzz. Singapore is a complete contrast to Malaysia and Thailand which were laid back and chilled out. The main task whilst we've been here has been shopping, and boy is this the right place to shop!! The main shopping area is Orchard Road which has more shopping malls than I have ever seen in my life. (That is quite a statement coming from a retail planner!) Each mall is a shopping centre in its own right and there must be about a dozen malls along Orchard Road, each with about 6 floors of shops. It's shopping heaven for me!!! Though goodness knows how all these shops are supported?! We have also spent our time here checking out the sights ... read more
Singapore - Christmas Lights

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 12th 2008

9th October 2008 - ARRIVAL, LITTLE INDIA & ORCHARD ROAD We arrived early on 9th October. The train journey had been ok although I had been forced to listen to music all night as the lady below me caused an earthquake every time she snored! I kid you not...the whole train shook and I thought there was some kind of bulldozer outside until I realised it was her. Luckily, after putting my music on full blast I was able to get through it!! When we arrived at the hostel (98SG) it was about 9.30am. Whilst she was getting the rooms ready we wondered out for breakfast. This sounds like a simple task as all we wanted was a bit of toast maybe with an egg on or some kind of cereal! Impossible!! We walked around for ... read more
Night at the Riverside
Us and the Swedish girls!!
Enjoying a Singapore Sling by the River.........

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 21st 2008

The streets are bustling with men and women shopping. Tourists are walking around, taking in the sites. The azan (call to prayer) sounds. Welcome to Sultan Gate in Singapore. The area has a wide street in dark brown with a light, almost golden border that has a series of shops, restaurants and cafes that enclose the area. At the end of the street the path leads to the Sultan mosque. The mosque has a beautiful golden dome which is gleams in the sun light. On perimeter there are palm trees with a serene, almost quite exterior. I was lucky enough to hear the azan sound (call to prayer) when I was there. The inside of the mosque has a gorgeous glass chandelier and plush green carpet. For non-Muslims you can take a tour of the inside ... read more
Mosque Street
Arab Street
Arab Street Map

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 28th 2008

Hi again Es scheint zu klappen. Mehr spaeter. ... read more
Kleine Sus-grosse Stadt
Welcome to Singapor

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