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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 30th 2008

Have been in Oz now for 2 days which means Ive done my four nights in Singapore and I have to tell you I LOVED IT!! What a place?! I honestly want to live and work there for a while in my late 20s. Its got everything I loved about London aka the fashion (I went to Topshop, Warehouse, FCUK, Miss Selfridge- all of which were ridiculously expensive and over double what youd pay in UK. Aka 20pound strap tops), the cleanliness, the great public transport system- called the MBT, the food, the nightspots (went to a bar called the clinic in Clarke Quay where you sit in wheelchairs and have your cocktails given to you in IV drips and syringes!!! although blow me it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive. There were 4 of us- myself, Kate and ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 22nd 2008

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, After Indonesia, we had a quick 2 day pit stop in KL where we met up with Dzae again. Were greeted by the family with a MASSIVE BBQ which was lush...salad with feta and roasted vegetables...first time in 3 months! We also had speciality beer chicken where the chicken was cooked with beer stuck up it's arse!! Did a massive load of laundry (you wouldn't believe how much our damp clothes and bags smelt!!). Dzae also took us our for the clubbing scene in KL-it was mental and many Margaritas later we were home playing with Gilbert the Gecko! Caught a 'Nice' coach down to Singapore-and they were indeed nice! Really wide seats which were fully reclinable and with a TV in the seat in front. The choices of film were Aladdin (Meme's option) or ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 2nd 2008

We are now in Singapore having come from a 30 hour journey (starting the 29th march)from ko tao to Kuala lumpur where we stayed for 2 nights. the journey was terrible. we nearly got ripped off by one woman saying we didnt have the right tickets when we did, we had to get about 7 different means of transport and we got to one of the stations for a changeover at 2 in the morning and had to sleep on the floor until 9 o'clock. Kuala lumpur was well worth it though. the people are so friendly and we saw lots in the time we were there. we went up the KL tower one day having woken up at 2 in the afternoon because there were no windows in our dorm. really cool to see the ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village March 22nd 2008

We arrived in Singapore at 19.20 and were out the airport by 20.00 - really quick. The hostel we had booked at told us the best way to get to them would be by MRT, and there was a station in the airport. An hour later, we had made our way to Sleepy Sams Hostel, where we were to stay for the next two days. The hostel is quite small, but cosy, and our room was separate to the dorms, but with a shared bathroom ( we thought it would be good to prepare us for our campervan!). The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed early and decided to head to Sentosa Island by Cable Car. The heat was again unbearable but the queue soon died down and we were in Air Con! The ... read more
Cable Car
Singapore (and its industry)
Giant animals of Sentosa (& Kayley)

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village March 14th 2008

Well we are into our second day here at things are going ok. The flight was good (Dwayne Ladejo was sat in front of us!) but after 24 hours without sleep we struggled to stay awake around the city. To make matters a bit worse it was pouring with rain with some stormy weather so we dashed from place to place getting soaked! Kept us awake I guess. We struggled on and stayed awake unti 9pm - crazy. We had yet another snorer right next to our room which again kept Craig awake - hee hee. I, however am used to it so was fine. Am glad karma has come to get him! Today has been scorching and I've had stomach ache all day and Craig had a nosebleed! I'm hoping things will improve! Singapore is ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 19th 2008

Hello again to everyone in the UK! Well I finally made it out of the cold to sticky Singapore. Despite leaving an hour behind schedule, a 200mph tail wind made up the time and I arrived at 8am Singapore time on Feb 15th. The first day and a half was generally finding the hostel (easy on the MRT (Subway) System) and having a look around the local "Bugis" area. I ventured out a little bit later that evening to watch Asia's supposedly greatest parade - part of the Chingay Festival. It was pretty cool and provided enough entertainment to keep me happy. Chris and Liam flew over from Mumbai on Feb 16th, so I met them at the airport just as they came through from baggage reclaim - I had planned on getting there earlier but ... read more
Karaoke Bar at 6am
Singapore Zoo
More Singapore Zoo

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 18th 2008

I spent my memorable childhood in this immediate neighbourhood. Much had been demolished to make way for progress. I am glad that at least some parts have been spared and preserved for posterity. For how long, nobody knows because Singapore is a land-scarce nation. It is very tiny that it has become necessary to reclaim land from the sea. What used to be a sea-front bungalow is now hundreds if not thousands of meters from the sea. As a boy, I had to walk hundreds of meters to my school. Together with my siblings and children from the neighbourhood, I used to roam and play on the roads and lanes throughout the area. The houses along North Bridge Road and Beach Road were and still are shop houses for business and living. Those on the lanes ... read more
Old shophouse on North Bridge Road - 2
Shophouse on North Bridge Road -3
Shophouses on North Bridge Road -4

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 8th 2008

A'up sorryit's bin a while!!! we left you in the cameron highlands and since then we'v been to Kuala lumpur, Melakka, Johor bahru and now singapore!! KL; we stayed in kl for 7 days and it was quite a nice city'everything is pretty clean and there's some wicked architecture, however a return to the lowlands meant a return to the heat which hit 40deg some days. we tended just to operate during the afternoon and evenings which meant we didnt get up till late. we we'r right in the middle of china town which was bustling in preparation for new year. the day after we arrived was a hindu festival called thaipusam were over a million pilgrims make their way to the batua caves 13 km outside Kl. some of them carry massive images of deities ... read more
Thaipusan celebrations KL
Petronas towers at night
colourful melacca rickshaws

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 23rd 2008

After arriving rather late, I made my way in to the city on the SMRT (still the most efficient and user friendly train system I have ever used) to Bugis Backpackers. Here I learnt a valuable lesson: just because they have a sign at their door and at the reception desk that American Express cards are welcome, don't take that as gospel! The friendly old lady who greeted me would only accept cash in Singapore Dollars, of which I had very little. She directed me to a money exchange place around the corner, so I ran there only to find that it was closed. As there were no other exchange places in sight or in Bugis Village, I made a dash down into the SMRT station to withdraw some cash on my Travelex card. Another hurdle. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 9th 2008

Vrijdag 4 januari heel vroeg uit de veren, geen oog dicht gedaan natuurlijk, de zenuwen op volle toeren … Nu gaat het echt beginnen … Smisse en Spaaske brachten me naar Antwerpen Centraal (thx btw!), dat begon daar al goed, trein richting Schiphol afgelast! Juist op tijd de trein richting Roosendaal kunnen nemen, mannen, moesten we daar nog iets langer gestaan hebben had ik mn vlucht al gemist en kon ik de trein naar Hasselt al terug nemen … Singapore Airlines Rules ! Goede service, mooie hosteskes, maar wat me dadelijk opviel echter, ze hadden allemaal hetzelfde minder goed riekende parfum op, maarja kom, ge kunt ni alles hebben he. Goed en wel aangekomen en daar staat ge dan … WOW, waar nu op af … De MRT (metro) op richting Clarke Quay, zowat de enige ... read more
Vieuw @ Japanese Garden
Summer Tavern Crew
Tanjuan Beach - Sentosa Island

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