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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village May 28th 2009

As our flight from Kuching was delayed and Singapore's Changi airport was enormous it took us a while to finally get into Singapore. At 10pm with temperatures still soaring at 30 degrees we took a highly convenient, noticeably clean and thankfully air conditioned train from the airport to the City, stopping at the "Bugis" train stop to find digs in the culturally interesting Kampong Glam area of Singapore. We had planned to stay at one hostel but when we arrived at its mapped location, it literally was a building sight! Therefore we had to lug our bags to another recommended to us. We headed down Arab street to find a beautiful mosque with a golden roof at the head of a well presented boutique style pedestrian road. Here we stayed at the luxury of "sleepy Sams" ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village May 23rd 2009

DAY 1 This was my first time in Singapore. And of course, it the trip was made better because of the friends I am with. Anyway, here's some of the highlights of our singapore trip. We arrived from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Air Asia in Changi Airport. We got our tickets for only P800 due to advanced booking (we waited for the discount from Air Asia website). FYI, only Tiger Airways and Cebu pacific uses Changi Budget Terminal. All other airlines land in Changi International Airport. Upon arrival in changi, we were delighted to know that they have internet kiosks which are for free. The thing is, it will log out automatically after 15 mins. There are various wa... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 13th 2009

Day 1 Singapore After what could only be described as a seven hour thirty minute dream flight on the upper deck of Singapore Airlines new A-380 we arrived Changi Airport somewhere around 11pm. Surprisingly none the worse for wear. Magic happens when you combine the already highly regarded Singapore airlines staff with the worlds first flying city, but be warned, do this once and you'll be spoiled for life. Newbies to Singapore we passed through customs with the speed only afforded parents towing three beautiful daughters and were greeted by Semi, our jolly (if dentally challenged) Cheuffeur. Stepping through the doors the humidity literally takes your breath away. In the four steps from the door to kerb I would swear that I dropped at least two kilos. The Intercontinental Hotel surpassed our expectations from the moment ... read more
Orchard Road
The Fountain of Wealth
Waiting for the 1am flight

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village March 27th 2009

Singapore We entered Singapore in the early hours of the morning and got the standard shuttle from the bus to its destination, usually the town centre, - this time it was further along the seafront to the passenger terminal (our ship was berthed in the container ship harbour. It is too big and needs a deep water harbour to dock in). We got out of the bus and were approached surreptitiously by one taxi driver after another offering to take us on a tour for “a good price”. We said no, and then a man approached us and (very helpfully) told us what was to be seen in Singapore and where to get a legit taxi to take us. He professed to be a tour guide for bus parties and was not touting for any business ... read more
singapore (1)
singapore (2)
singapore (3)

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village March 25th 2009

So our time in Singapore didn’t start all that well. The journey there was pretty good; armed with a couple of bags of Malaysia’s answer to Haribo the time flew by. And customs was seamless (which was a bonus given we had a few DVDs in our rucksacks that may or may not have been 100% legitimate - Singapore is a little “sticky” on such matters). We even had an Australian kid give us directions to a small store along the East coast of Australia where we can find the hard-to-come-by delicacy of sugar-free chocolate (no thanks), when we’re there next month. But after spending over an hour circumnavigating the way to our chosen hostel that then turned out to be part of a building site, we were pretty fed up. At about 9pm we eventually ... read more
Nightime In Singapore
Whilst Walking Around One Area We Looked Up To See Him Hanging Directly Above Us!
Unfortunately, Practising For The Circus Is The Only Way Some Monkeys Can Get A Job In The Economic Downturn

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 16th 2009

Danasnja prva destinacija je bil predel Little Indija, pa sva se na poti do tja (po mojem odlicnem navigiranju) se malo zgubljali v okolici najinega hostla. Po obveznem pitstopu na bliznjem marketu (sojino mleko, ananasov juice, durian tempura - tudi v drugem poskusu je durian pogrnil na celi crti in se ga ne dotaknem vec, dim sum dumpling ipd.) sva sli tudi mimo budisticnega templja Kuan Im Thong Hood Cho in hinuisticnega next door Sri Krishnan. Lepo je bilo spet videti budiste, kako se s prizganimi kadili priklanjajo svojemu bozanstvu. Lepo in domace. Sprehajali sva se mimo stavb vseh moznih oblik in velikosti (Beni, tale Singapur je direkt zate!) in koncno sva se primajali v zeleni becirk. Najprej sva hoteli zaruziti na Tekka market, ampak so ga povsem prenavljali, tako da je bil zaprt. Jebiga. Sli ... read more
Architecture 1
Architecture 2
Fish spa!

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 15th 2009

Od vceraj se torej nahajam - pardon, nahajava! - v nekem povsem drugem svetu. Kar sem danes videla od Singapurja, je prej New York kot pa Azija. Najin hostel Sleepy Sam's B&B (Mankica, hvala za priporocilo!) se je izkazal za dobro nalozbo singapurskih dolarjev, saj ima odlicno lokacijo. Zajtrk, ki je vkljucen v ceno, je sicer bolj tako tako - toast s sadjem ali cornflakes z banano ter caj ali kava - oz. zahodnjaski, cesar niti slucajno nisem vajena, ampak na sreco je pet minut hoda stran en lokalen hawkers market, kar bi bil najboljsi singapurski priblizek ulicnim prodajalcem in walk-in restavracijam preostalega dela Azije. Kot sem se ze prej izobrazila, je Singapur anomalicna izjema tega dela sveta z najbolj cistimi, skorajda sterilnimi ulicami in prodajalnami - in moram reci, da se nisem naletela na tako ... read more
Yes they have Ikea
All welcome
Ride of your life

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 14th 2009

Hot diggity dog darn gosh molly, how nice it was to be back in civilized territory again after three long months in South East Asia! It's nice and interesting (and frustrating...) to travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos but being a Westerner I gotta have me some of that civilized crap that's being offered by Western society. Good for me that Singapore is a SEA:n city/country that can give me just that. I'm totally biased after my travels through SEA but boy is Singapore a happenin' city! A perfect SimCity combo of cool buildings and green areas. I think it's even cooler than the major Australian cities. Some idiot (maybe in Lonely Planet?) said it's too clean... Uhhmm... What? What a mouthbreather! I wonder if he/she enjoys shit stains in his/her underwear aswell. Unfortunately all this ... read more
Holy cows

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 3rd 2009

I was really sad to leave thailand as i had such a great time there. I spent my last few days in ko phiphi and met up with the guys i went trekking with in chiang mai. Us and another couple of girls they'd met spent a few days chilling on the beach in the day and dancing at the beach bars in the evening. We found the reggae bar in phiphi and it had a thai boxing ring in the middle so we watched that. There were also volunteers from the audience fighting each other. One night two guys started fighting and one guy hit the other so hard he dislocated his shoulder. He was on stage for another 20 minutes while various people tried to pop his arm back in the socket. It looked ... read more
Thai boxing in ko phi phi
Drinking buckets and watching the boxing at the reggae bar
Long beach

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 3rd 2009

Singapore is the exact opposite to India, the place is so clean and so tidy and all the sky scrapers are incredible!! We had 36 hours in singapore so decided just to wander about and get a feel of the place, the prices were a big shock after india, £15 for two beers!!!!!! saying that it was worth it just because the toilets are so clean!!! Everything is in giant shopping malls, i was very well behaved and only bought a fridge magnet, the bags are already way too heavy!!! I wussed out of going on the singapore flyer and decided to save my nerves for the petronas towers!! Hope the snow has subsided a little and all is good in the uk, thinking of you all lots x x x x x x ... read more
Tel with a real prawn cracker
Tel with the death star!?!

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