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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 14th 2011

Hi Everyone! Well tonight is our official last night in Asia before reaching our final destination which is Perth Western Australia. At this point I'm fairly exhausted from all the travel. After being on 12 flights in 10 weeks and not to mention the other 100s of miles we travelled overland I think it's all finally catching up with me. That said it has been such an amazing experience, with so many countless memories, pictures and funny stories. It is going to take me some time to process it all! It's hard to pick one thing or one place that was my ultimate favourite although I will say I will DEFINITELY be back to Vietnam as I loved it there. Kuala Lumpur and Singapore took some time to get used to as they are much more ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 16th 2011

Sin City as seen from The Fairmont Hotel during Buffet Brunch. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 8th 2011

Its been a while since my last post so I'll try to make it up.... Went to Singapore last Apr with my family for a little R n R. It was actually 3 months waiting period as the airline tickets were both sometime in Janaury to which we've managed to get it at a knock off bargain price of 350 usd...a two way ticket for the four of us!!! we arrived about 1400 hrs to which hunger struck us big time as the budget airfare doesn't offer free food, and the only thing they have on the menu is some instant noodles and colas......hey its a budget airline so I beleive it is all good right? After a late lunch, we proceed to our hotel in Arab street called the Landmark to which T n Z ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 8th 2011

Ilona- No sleep before travel day, excited like a kid before christmas, up early to once more being stuffed like a pig by my grandma. then in the car and go go go go go go to the airport, Richard- i awoke at 4am, with a gut feeling we had a problem with the tickets, then we sat for breakfast, jumped in the car for the airport, a couple of ambulances screamed past us. as the weather was so bad we started to worry we may miss our first flight, we arrived in time dumped the hire car, i jumped over the barrier( because my bladder was about to split and i was in headless chicken mode) in my new boots into waist deep wet snow, "congratulations, you now own the wettest boots and trousers in ... read more
departures gothengburg

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 16th 2010

Saturday, 16th October 2010 As I completed my final ushering assignment, "Pagar Makan Padi (Unreliable)"at the Drama Centre Theatre this afternoon, I knew that my time with them was up. For this would be my last time donning the NAC uniform and working at the Drama Centre. 5 years on and after ushering for more than 180 shows in the theatre, we were told to pack our bags and leave the place we were once familiar with, together with my 80 odd colleagues. I started working with them way back in August 2005 and I belonged to the first batch of ushers recruited by the National Arts Council during the initial start-up at the new National Library Building. I was still a student back then when I was gainfully employed as a casual part-timer. This position ... read more
It's history after today

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 17th 2010

A brief stop off in Singapore, just enough time to cook ourselves beans on toast! mmm home comforts. We went to Orchid Road (Singapore's big shopping district) and sent back a large box full of things back we never should brought out with us . We also did a bit of shopping a took in the view on top of one of the many shopping centres. Jim had the crazy notion of running in the middle of the day and almost past out! Recovered, we sauntered about in the evening and stubbled upon a festival on the Clark Quay where the river was lined with amazing paper mache statues of animals illuminated from the inside. A few beers and an early night in preparation for a 48-hour train journey to Bangkok, Thailand. Love, a well fed ... read more
Singapore shopping

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village April 3rd 2010

We only stayed three nights in Singapore. It is a place where I could live! It is very a very cosmopolitan and vibrant place. First impressions were fantastic as we booked the hotel at the airport, then we got the tube there, which was only half an hour. It is very clean and efficient! Our hotel was very nice and centrally located. We just ate and went to one bar the first night as we landed at around 10pm. The next day we got a day pass on the tube and went around most of south singapore. We went to china town, the business district and the marina harbour. We spent the night in the Clarke Quay area, which is full of a lot of bars - very expensive in Sinagapore though, some places was nine ... read more
Random Singh

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 9th 2010

From the time of taking off to now, sunday 2am us or about 7 pm singapore, i've had 3 solid hours of sleep and some catnaps on the plane. let me tell you, sleep deprivation gives a whole new light to what is true and real, i know some psychotherapeutic techniques require patience to stay awake for more than 24 hours before treatment can begin. it wears down the mind and makes one more raw to an extent of course. so i arrived in singapore took a taxi to my hotel, found out that my booking is only good for afternoon of the booking date, my mom reserved the 7th but i had to spend more money on another guesthouse so i could shower and be somewhere while waiting 'til noon to check in to the ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 8th 2009

30 August 2009 - 05 September 2009 Mersing to Singapore by bus (RM15.50) 4 hours SUNDAY We left Mersing about 45 minutes late for no apparent reason at all and headed off south to Singapore. The bus was a comfortable one, taking us through scenery that we could say was similar to the Canary Islands or somewhere similar--rolling hills of palm oil plantations. We were a little stressed already as we were behind schedule and we had until 6pm to check into our hostel, and then 7pm to catch the Grand Prix somewhere. We arrived at Malaysian immigration at Johor Bharu, which was a peculiar affair. We had to get off the bus with our baggage and walk through a building similar to that of an airport. We passed through immigration with no problems and had ... read more
Mersing to Singapore
Mersing to Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village June 18th 2009

After a long flight from Adelaide we were keen to get out of the airport and stretch our legs, but we only had 7 hrs, so this will be a short entry. We caught a bus to Bugis Street, where there are food courts and markets, and found it was very busy. After traipsing around for a bit, we found some nice Laksas that we were served in metal pots, with a flame underneath to keep it hot. We then had a quick beer before it was time to head back to the airport. It was a nice place, although stinking hot, and we were sorry we couldn't have stayed there longer.... read more
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