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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 16th 2013

8 hours quite comfortable flying with Singapore Airlines, arrived Singapore at 5.30pm. We made our first mistake of the holiday by attempting to use the MRT train from Changi Airport to get to our hotel which we understood to be close to Bras Basah station. 2 stops after embarkation we had to change to another line, but unfortunately this occurred during Singapore peak hour and there was no chance of us even getting on our 2ndtrain let alone with our bags. We took flight to the nearest taxi rank but very few vacant taxis appeared and we waited in the heat for a long time before we were picked up. As our hotel had recently changed its name, our driver had to phone base to get directions. The hotel was right next to a massive construction ... read more
Singapore Art Museum

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 15th 2013

Left Katoomba lunchtime, called in to Dalton Gardens to farewell Pauline then headed to Summer Hill to leave car with Chris. He and Clarke drove us to the Ibis Airport Hotel at Mascot where we spent a relaxing evening before flying out on our first leg to Singapore Fri morning.... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 25th 2013

Malaysia and Singapore food favorites: First we will mention what we didn’t eat; frog leg porridge, pig organ soup, and many other things – unusual ones (for us) that we did try; fish head curry, fish ball (made with ground dried seahorses!) soup, and pork skin noodles (for breakfast no less). Second apologies to vegetarians as Malaysians seem to love varieties of meats in everything and we were trying most of the famous dishes. Speaking of which Hainan chicken and rice, and Singapore chilli crab were not our favorites though deemed “must trys”. BC crab is much bigger and chilli crab here is just cooked whole crab with a sweet spicy chilli sauce on top (need lots of napkins – bring your own!). Chicken and rice was relatively boring compared to everything else! So here are ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 4th 2012

Da die Fahrt sich erfahrungsgemäß in die Länge ziehen kann starten wir früh am Morgen. Frühstück wie gehabt im Hotel. Wir treffen das chinesische Pärchen vom Vortag, die uns stolz verkünden am Abend 1.1Kg Hummer gegessen zu haben – na, ja Eiweisvergiftung scheinen sie nicht zu haben, es reicht noch für einige Eier zum Frühstück. Wir verstauen unser Gepäck und los geht es anfänglich Richtung Kuala Lumpur, dann auf Landstraßen Richtung Süden. Die Gegend ist nur wenig besiedelt und so kommen wir gut voran. In der Nähe von Segamat machen wir Mittagspause und decken uns nochmal mit Früchten ein. Weiter geht es über Labis und Yong Peng auf die Nord-Süd-Autobahn, die die Metropolen Kuala Lumpur und Singapur verbindet. Der Verkehr wird nun merklich dichter, wir kommen aber immer noch gut voran. Mein Rückspiegel auf der Fahrerseite ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village June 22nd 2012

We have arrived in India! Well, Little India. After a quick and relaxing 4 hour bus ride we arrived in Kuala Lumpar, we had arranged to stay in Little India as it was a 5 minute walk from the train station, which we would be using to head to Singapore in 2 days time. Our hotel was actually really nice and even though the Bollywood music blaring from most shopfronts prevented any conversation on the street all was quiet indoors. In a town in which we were only spending one full day it was important to fully take advantage of it by pre-booking a fully guided tour. This meant no excuses of laziness – we had to do it. The tour was a free walk around significant sites around Chinatown. Our guide was informative and we ... read more
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Lonely Bench

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village May 8th 2012

About a third of Singaporeans identify themselves as Buddhist. Vesak Day is a big deal on the Buddhist calendar, commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. (Kind of like Christmas, Epiphany, and Easter all rolled into one.) It happened to fall on May 5th this year, my second day in Singapore. A caveat is in order here. I am not a Buddhist, and any mistakes I make in writing about Buddhist practices or thought come from my faulty research, not from any disregard for another’s beliefs. I try to be as clear as I can within my limits of understanding. Buddhism in Singapore is mainly of the Mahayana school, rather than the Theraveda school practiced in Thailand. The Thai version is heavily influenced by Burmese monks, Singaporean Buddhism is strongly influenced by Chinese immigrants. There ... read more
Outside the temple
Buddha Hand pastries
Lotus blossoms

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village March 24th 2012

So Jeppy has filled you in on our progress up to Surfers paridise. This is where I take over again, notice the sudden improvement in writing style and wit. Firstly I should note on my version of our small split before Byron. We visited Newcastle, which had the largest ocean baths in the southern hemisphere (10 points to who knows the one in the northern hemisphere). We stayed for Sunday and had a relaxing night of recovery from Sydney. In Port Macquarie we decided to go for a stroll to see the sights. As the rest of Australia though map distances are decieving as Aussies have no reason to build things close together. So it was probably a deserved kip on the beach when we finally arrived 6km later! Coffs was a strange mix. The terrible ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village February 4th 2012

I promised myself before leaving Canada that I would enjoy a Singapore Sling during my time in Singapore. Completely cheesy, I know, but it had to be done. Alcohol is quite expensive in Singapore – they make mixed drinks in Canada look quite cheap. Examples: A half pint of Tiger beer cost about S$9.00 at an Irish pub. Mixed drinks cost at least S$10.00. My Singapore Sling cost S$17.00. Yes, S$17.00. I’ve never paid that much for a drink in my life. The most expensive drink I think I’ve ever had was a Screwdriver in the south of France for about 10€, but that was kindly purchased for me. …but I said I’d do it. I researched prices for a Singapore Sling in Singapore, and it turns out that the S$17.00 was quite reasonable by Singapore ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 10th 2011

I go to Singapore rather frequently on business and usually have nothing to write about. That just about summarises the place. It's safe, clean, organised. You go there, arrive at Changi Airport which is just about the best in Asia, get an impeccably polite taxi down town, whip through the check in procedure at your (usually shockingly expensive) hotel and reverse the process on the way out. Nothing untoward happens, and nothing interesting happens either. It's too expensive to eat really well and the night life.... well, Orchard Tower is known as the "Tower of Whores" - but that's also organised and if you want to take one of the various Vietnamese, Russians or Thais (No, I don't!) for extra curricular activities, you also pay about three times the going rate elsewhere in the region. That's ... read more
... but Good Value

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 15th 2011

Arrived! 12/9 (3 days ago) Jetstar plane was very late - left at 3pm instead of 11am, so we didn't get here until 10.20pm local time. Apart from that it was smooth and the cabin only about 1/3 full, so a pleasant trip. Also the qantas lounge was lovely and a godsend when such a delay - very civilized. It is 28 degrees and smoggy. The suburbs are 'aerial' ie all multi-storey apartments. We are pooped and going to sleep very very soon. 2 13/9 We went into an alleyway and had hawker food for breakfast then we did a self-organised walking tour of places of worship, and saw a buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a mosque, a synagogue and 3 christian churches; all in the space of 3 blocks. The people go into the temples ... read more
Orang utans

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