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January 31st 2014
Published: February 2nd 2014
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we arrived safely in Singaporeafter a long arse flight, knew it would be tiring but we suffered from dizzy spells and were knackered.
we wanted to get hotel as soon as so we jumped in a taxi from airport( I know its not the backpackers way but it had to be done).
Sitting in the back of the taxi the city looked lovely, sun shining, people everywhere. We were ready to go and explore, after a shower.
Bags dropped off, showered,off to the streets.
It was chinese new year so the streets were busy, people outside the temples burning incense (which I do not like the smell of) and i was scared I mite get burnt as fire flying around as the people prayed with the fortune sticks and lotus flower which symbolizes rebirth and new growth. THis year is the year of the horse.
I was a little apprehensive about my first meal. We ordered from a little stall that was inside a very run down market but whats the point of coming so far andnot eating what the locals eat, anyhow it was rice and pork (apparently) tasted ok but avtually quite bland to what we were expectingbut its food.
We then had a walk to the marina bay which was beautiful,the skyscrapers in the dark and the boat hotel (not sure of its name) all lit up in the dark looked amazing.
There was also a celebration for new year, it was packed full of families celebrating. It was mainly light displays. THere was a nice friendly atmoshphere. We decided to head back as we both having diszzy spells but not before daz bought a few cans for the room.
We woke up sat morn all refreshed. We started rhe day with mcds (I know, but it was convient).We caught the MRT (like the underground in London) and headed to Botanical Gardens. The gardens were lively dont think we realised how much we walked till we had walked back to the entrance.Spent about two hours there, me being a proper tourist with my camera and daz doing an impression of chandler from friends ( as he cant smile). In the afternoon we went to the east coast parkway, had a stroll along the mammade beach, ate more food and daz drank more beer. Its fab not having anything to think about although beaches and the sea always make me reflect on things (dont know why).
Walked back to the hotel had a shower as its so sticky and warm (just to rub it in) and headed out to Little India. Had a nice indian meal however i still worry whats gonna be put infront of me. We walked through little india bought a postcard for my grandma. We planned to go to a bar however after google mappin daz had almost fallen to sleep. so early night was had.
Sorted plans for the last day here before moving on to bangkok.


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