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a family get away from singapore

3 kids, 2 adults, new to singapore and are looking for any ideas or suggestions for a family getaway for the weekend. we would love to do some diving!
11 years ago, July 22nd 2009 No: 1 Msg: #80488  
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hi we are just new to sing and need a get away. my husband and i havent done any diving since the kids were born so now that they are older we are looking for a place to go that offer some diving and some sort of service taht will look after our kids for those few hours. we are really only looking at a weekend trip.
any idea? love the middletons Reply to this

11 years ago, July 22nd 2009 No: 2 Msg: #80512  

You've got Tioman...you can fly direct there and check the Berjaya. Easy diving, and good season right now. Perhentian is good for diving, but no big resorts....with the exception maybe of PIR.

For the diving be careful with the season...Phuket area is no good for the moment.

You've got Gilis, but same problem with babysitting and you may not find it suitable for a short week-end.

No there is a GREAT option for week-end, but not the cheaper....and it's all depend how old they are. You stay at Club Med Bali. They will be able to take care of the kids all day long if you need...and the kids will LOVE it. And if you go in August, it's Mola Mola time. But to do this, you've got to go for a full day, 3 dives...you leave around 8am and back around 5.30pm...but everybody is going to have a blast...

You may find few ideas on my blog...we dive...and have kids!

Hope this help,

Peter Reply to this

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