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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 13th 2007

well this hotel/hostel is in the centre of everything and by doing the hop-on hop-off sight seeing bus today i really got a hang on where we were and we should have done it on the first day. i went to the botanical gardens today and walked for about 3 hours no kidding. the most wonderful trees, jungle, lakes and of course the orchid section which was to die for. my eyes were popping out of my head the colours and shapes and i could not help thinking about my talented friends the jacobs/rech family who have to come here if they have not done so before. what with the zoo, the birds and now the flowers its been awesome. i was so tired after that that i stayed on the bus till it got to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 12th 2007

well our last night in jerantut was lovely. terry had a sleep and i went for a walk around the bus station. it was full of muslims buying their dinner for the evening as that is what happens. roasting chickens many different kinds of currys and sweets. no place to eat there its purely take away time and of course no one is eating yet as they only break their fast at 7 p.m i had a couple cups of sweet tea - malay tea that is made in an unusual style with the swirling of strong tea in a long tea strainer and then topping up with hot water and of course the obligatory condensed milk. i like to not dissolve it all in the brew but so it settles on the bottom and then ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 2nd 2007

So, next stop was the Night Safari (technically a different place top Singapore Zoo but right next door). This was a brilliant trip and something that I've never seen advertised anywhere else in the world we've been - not even in Florida! The concept is simple - it is a zoo for nocturnal animals - all those creatures that you would never get to see normally when walking around a zoo because they prefer to hang out when you've gone home. We arrived at the night safari to see a group of people dancing with and eating fire. Against the dark night sky it was incredibly eye-catching. Then we were all loaded onto a train that took us through the park and the guide pointed out all the incredible animals in the fields around us - ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 9th 2007

The flight from Cairns to Singapore made a short stop off in Darwin which gave the captain of our plane two opportunities to demonstrate the art of 'flying into the ground at speed and surviving'. Once we'd picked up our teeth and belongings and made our way out of Singapore airport we encountered a strange man who seemed to want to talk to us. After several minutes we recognised the man beneath the beard - it was Imogen's dad Iain! He was joining us in Singapore and Malaysia for the next two weeks and had booked us into a hostel called Sleepy Sams to the North of Singapore city. We dumped our bags and went off in search of a nice cold beer so we could have a catch up together. However it soon became clear ... read more
Singapore Slings in Raffles
Iain and Paul race on the luge
Paul springs a leak at Sentosa

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village August 17th 2007

Arguably One of the Better Local Musical in Recent Times It was a night of nostalgia & musical feast for the 600 audiences who packed the Drama Centre Theatre to the brim last evening. For the kids who grew up in the early 80s, 新谣 Xin Yao was a familiar name for all. 《天冷就回来》, If There Are Seasons ~ the latest musical to hit the local theatre brought back beautiful memories for most. Songs they grew up with, and songs they could relate to as a kid. 《天冷就回来》, If There Are Seasons ~ did not have a solid story plot. What gave the show a boost were the casts immaculate singing that managed to fill in the whatever imperfections. The 3 hours musical succeeded in portraying a serious note revolving around dreams, love and friendship. However, ... read more
Nostalgic Journey
Promotional Banner @ Victoria Street

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