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February 3rd 2009
Published: February 3rd 2009
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I was really sad to leave thailand as i had such a great time there. I spent my last few days in ko phiphi and met up with the guys i went trekking with in chiang mai. Us and another couple of girls they'd met spent a few days chilling on the beach in the day and dancing at the beach bars in the evening.

We found the reggae bar in phiphi and it had a thai boxing ring in the middle so we watched that. There were also volunteers from the audience fighting each other. One night two guys started fighting and one guy hit the other so hard he dislocated his shoulder. He was on stage for another 20 minutes while various people tried to pop his arm back in the socket. It looked so painful.

Showed off my drunken pole dancing skills at one of the beach bars - probably not a wise move.

On the last day we took a boat to long beach, which is quite secluded and got beach bungalows there. probably the worst room i've stayed in so far but it was quite amusing, with a rubbish dump right outside our bungalow for a view. Was very cheap though and on the beach in the evening they had fire twirlers and a skipping rope and limbo made of fire that drunken people took their turn on. Even a policeman (although could have been a security guard, we weren't quite sure) took his turn on the fire limbo, beer in hand. Really funny to watch.

After all the ebach and partying time i tooka flight from Krabbi to kuala lumpur. It was really nice to be back in a city with a decent transport system. The monorail is laid out similar to tubes back home so i spent my couple of days in KL seeing the city sights. I went to the skybridge between the twin towers there, from where you can see the whole of KL, went to chinatown and also hit the huge shopping malls there. I also went to a spa place and had fish nibble on my feet, which was an interesting experience.

The train from KL to singapore was long and not helped by the fact that it broke down for three hours, apparently it's a common occurence. So didn't get to sinapore til the evening so took a cab straight to my hostel. Spent yesterday exploring the different parts of singapore, the arab area, little india and chinatown. Last night i made friends with the people who worked in the restaraunt next to the hostel and tried my first sheesha pipe.

My flight to Cairns is this evening and i'm hoping the weather picks up there, at the mo it's stormy with cyclone warnings 😞

Will update when i'm in australia when i've turned the grand old age of 26.

Love to everyone back home.

x x x

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3rd February 2009

jealous of your tan... the area looks beautiful.. xx
8th February 2009

Feet eating!!
Nice to see the fish enjoying your feet, that's about the only species that do!! Nan and Grandad XXX

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