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February 14th 2009
Published: February 14th 2009
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"Nuuuyyys!" (nice) as Stu Lance would put it.
Hot diggity dog darn gosh molly, how nice it was to be back in civilized territory again after three long months in South East Asia!

It's nice and interesting (and frustrating...) to travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos but being a Westerner I gotta have me some of that civilized crap that's being offered by Western society. Good for me that Singapore is a SEA:n city/country that can give me just that. I'm totally biased after my travels through SEA but boy is Singapore a happenin' city! A perfect SimCity combo of cool buildings and green areas. I think it's even cooler than the major Australian cities. Some idiot (maybe in Lonely Planet?) said it's too clean... Uhhmm... What? What a mouthbreather! I wonder if he/she enjoys shit stains in his/her underwear aswell.

Unfortunately all this comes with a literal price as it's shit expensive being a tourist here. In this city I had the most expensive beer of my beer drinking life. But on the other hand you get the "necesseties" like MacDonalds and Starbucks. I quickly degenerated to the stereotypical Western "disgusto" only eating burgers and staying away from the local quisine. Shame on me!


Nice and clean!
this was the place where the British Empire got its ass handed to itself during WW2 there were a lot of historical places to see. So I ran around to different museums and old forts. I gotta say that the standard of these places were miles ahead of what I've seen in the other countries (no surprise there). Professional displays in the museums and high tech tools to mix up the experience. I have to say that many of the displays were quite corny with wax dolls having conversations and firing guns, bringing to mind their likes in some Simpsons episode, but still it sure as hell beats the poorly spelled signs with super biased rhetoric in Vietnam, even though those ones have their charm aswell. Only bad thing was the broschure guiding me to these places. It led me on wild goose chases and was full of errors. I might be doing a post more focused on these sites later on.

In the middle of the island of Singapore they have a small national park which is worth a visit too. It's quite touristy with paved roads and signs everywhere but still very nice with lots of squirrels

Behold the Sim City beauty!
and some monkeys. If you can get away from the noisy kids and joggers it's quite a sweet spot. I had some fun (no not that kind!) with a bunch of macaques until a stupid man turned up and started throwing seeds at them and finally the whole bag of seeds, trying to feed them (not allowed). Moron.

So in conclusion, get your ass there, especially after a long trip through SEA. It's a heavenly Western oasis in this sometimes rough part of the world. And uh oh yeah, the weather is perfect aswell!

PS. The Cozy Corner backpacker hostel is a total dump with cramped windowless dorms and flooded showers but at least it's the cheapset dump!

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Holy cowsHoly cows
Holy cows

In Chinatown of all places, not Little India.
Not so holy cow...Not so holy cow...
Not so holy cow...

Still Chinatown and more logical. A clue: Tet...
Lt. General PercivalLt. General Percival
Lt. General Percival

This is the dude that was at the helm of the British Empire's forces in Singapore. How could they possibly lose??? "Oeeewwwhhhh reahhhh-ley!"

Cute monkey in the national park. A bit apprehensive though, when Conny showed his face.

Sorry Conny, no cigar...
Uh.. flowerUh.. flower
Uh.. flower

I usually don't give a crap about flowers but these were nice.

is what Mr. Burns says in German and Conny has to second that when gazing upon the jungle.

18th February 2009
Hey thanks for the post. Amazing ain't it. There are just so many singapore tourist attractions. Will take me weeks just to finish visiting all of them. Wish me luck.
21st February 2009

Well thank you wincent and good luck!

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