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Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village January 3rd 2008

Now we're definitely abroad! We could notice it the moment we stepped out from the airport: the air is hot and humid, the smells are unfamiliar, we look different from everyone and we can't understand the language. I like it! The first night we stayed at Betel Box Backpackers hostel on Joo Chiat Road in a suburb somewhere in Singapore. Being exhausted after the trip we went out for a quick dinner(we had to point at the pictures on the menu because we couldn't understand it) and then straight to bed. I fell asleep the moment my head touched the pillow. And then at 3 am: I woke up and I simply couldn't sleep until about 8 am. The next morning we changed hostel to Sleepy Sam's Bed and Breakfast in Kampong Glam, the islamic neighbourhood ... read more
Two drunken prawns
Chinese temple...

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village December 25th 2007

Hey Hey everyone, Just let you know I am ok, in few hours flying out from Singapore. Last week in Thailand was great although I was a little sick...I had dizziness and stomach upseting caused by antibiotics for malaria. So I stopped taking them and now I feel great! Phukett is a holiday place to be with family. We didn't choose Patong to stay in Phukett as it is very busy place and we wanted to chill out a little. What shall I say about Phukett? Beach, hotels, cheap food and great shopping. That is really it..I bought few 99% original ;-)) things, you have to bargain as well, but it is easier than in India.. Now we are in Singapore. Wow, this is really beautiful, modern place. We had a great trip to Singapore Zoo ... read more
airport in singapore

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village December 24th 2007

After a long flight and some jet lag, arrived in Singapore and despite being completely knackered, the excitement and hyperactivity kicked in and as soon as I'd checked my luggage into my hostel was out again exploring. Despite hearing that Singapore is boring, clinical, too clean, I love it here! Not sure if its the contrast from going from Africa to here but everything is soooooooo easy and civilised plus after walking around for a few hours still in African attire (ie covered up) i had my first halleleuija moment - I could go back home and change into some little shorts and vest top...such a good feeling to not have to wander around in heat covered from head to toe :) Its brilliant here, so much christmassey stuff - trees and decorations...some would call it ... read more
Merry Christmas
And the xmas street lights
Orchard Road

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 25th 2007

We caught a taxi from our hotel in Kuala Lumpur to the bus station to ensure that we arrived in plenty of time for the bus to Singapore. However we could probably have walked it 3 times over by the time the bus pulled out of the station. The buses were luxurious, big seats with lots of leg room even for Gary!! The journey included the usual stop at a service station for refreshments, however as we got back on board the bus, our driver informed us that we would have to change buses. Along with another 4 passegers we moved our bags over and settled. This was a different bus company, although by this time we were used to sudden changes and didn't think much of it. We were dropped off at passport control, collected ... read more
Temple of 1000 Lights
And a mosque...

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 21st 2007

Well we got our bags packed just about and headed off to Manchester airport to begin our 13 hour trek to Sing!! wwwooooo so exciting! Of course we had to start of the journey in true style by having a beer in the airport... which turned into 2 due to the delay on our flight! After a speedy connection in Heathrow we arrived in Singapore...but our backpacks didn't! 70 quid richer (due to baggage delay) and quite happy as we didn't have to cart our backpacks around in search of our hostel!! we caught the MRT (aka the underground) to Bugis to find our hostel. After a couple of wrong turns, New 7th Storey Hotel was fairly Ok to find - need to brush up on those map reading skills but am sure we will be ... read more
Lou posing in our smelly hostel room!

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 20th 2007

Well here it all starts! After the struggle of packing my back pack (what to take, I have so many pretty things!) I have finally managed to squash it all in - it's so heavy! As a little travel companion (and also to help me recognise my bag) I have attached Tigger to the outside of my rucksack. Tigger is my little Tiger Keyring and likes to travel aswell so thought it was only fair! Took the train to Manchester airport so this gave me a bit of practise of lugging my luggage around and how to avoid knocking people out of the way (whoopsies!). Met Diane in the coffee shop - we both can't believe we are actually doing this!- and then off to Terminal 3 for our 1st plane of the journey. When we ... read more
Our little room with sink (no ensuite here am afraid!)
Me, packing my only bag!

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 13th 2007

Well... I didn't get a chance to jump on before I left, I don't think I physically stopped in the last 4 days of going. I arrived at Sydney airport on the morning of Tuesday 13th November, proceeded up to the line for people who have checked in online. Thank god I had, the other line for the ones that hadn't would have had at least 100 people in the line 2 hours prior to boarding. I think everyone was very eager to get their butts firmly planted into their seat on the new A380. I know I certainly was!!! I couldn't get over the size of this aircraft it was massive!!!! To walk through business class with their fancy little 'day beds', their little bottles of champers etc etc etc you almost had to turn ... read more
A380 Window storage
Peering out of my window

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village November 4th 2007

Hello my friends, how are we? Thought I would keep you a little more updated on what we have been doing. This is our third hostel that we are in, skanky room but very cheap. We were paying too much at the other ones for a bit of luxury. Singapore is very cool, we like it a lot. Food is cheap, and the clothes are even cheaper which is a bit annoying seeing as we are supposed to be travelling on the cheap. Watched half of the football last night in a swanky bar (the only one showing the Spurs game, every other pub was showing Chelsea.) Paid an awful lot of money for two drinks so had to make them last until seventy minutes into the game!!!! Much to the annoyance of the bar staff. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 24th 2007

I went to Singapore last April 2006. I went there to audition for a theatre training and research program @ Practice and Performing Arts, Waterloo. I stayed at Bugis Village. I thought at first, I would have a hard time, since it was my first travel outside the Phils. and all alone. I did't know anybody there, but my friend sent me contact numbers of his friends so I can ask for help. I arrived there on a friday night, and my first meal...well, I had to eat at one of their fastfood chains that's familliar to me, MCDONALDS!!!;-) but take note, PINOYS, they don't serve rice there..huhuhu.;-) After my first dinner @ Mcdonalds, Bugis Village, Singapore...I had to take some rest. I stayed @ this place called the's a nice, cozy, dormitory-like place, where ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village October 15th 2007

Got a prepaid taxi at the airport to our hostel-Backpackers cozy corner--nice to have a quiet ride in an A/C car for a change. Our hostel is really nice we have a private room with shared bathroom. The room doesent have any windows but Im happy with that as I desperately need to catch up on some sleep. The lady who runs the place is friendly and organises trips to different places, we've booked to go on the nighht safari. First off, Singapore is not as exepensive as everyone makes out, Dublin is far more expensive. Clothes are really good value for money I bought 2 funky t shirts for about 10euro. Theres also Chinatown and Lillte India, which also have cheapies and souvenirs. We're staying near Bugis station--massive shopping centre, with cinema and lots of ... read more

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