Dean & Sarah


Dean & Sarah

Yay, after both wanting to travel the world for as long as we can remember we are finally off!

A year working, living with mom :-) and general penny pinching and we've managed to save up enough to get rid of our post Uni finances - now up to that magical figure zero! With graduate loans in hand we are planning to travel for the next 9/10 months across Asia.

Fingers crossed route will be London > Dubai > India > Sri Lanka > Vietnam > Cambodia > Laos > Thailand > Malaysia > Indonesia > Singapore > London

We will update the blog with pictures and stories for you all as often as possible, apologies in advance if that is'nt too often!

We will miss you all very much and will be thinking of you (and the lovely British weather) whilst we lay in the sun, drink in hand :-) he he... keep us updated with messages when you can...

All our love, Sar and Dean xxx

Europe » Faroe Islands » Eysturoy » Leirvík June 22nd 2009

Dont worry people... we are not travelling again (we wish!) but our holidays this year in the Faroe Islands were unusual and photogenic enough to warrant a little write up and a few photos. So here we go mini-blog! For any (most) people who have no idea where the Faroes are; they are a small group of islands north of scotland in the north sea midway between Iceland and Norway. I have a lot of family on my fathers side who live there and so I have been lucky enough to visit a few times as a child but having not visited in 12 years, marc reluctantly joining the family holiday (what do you mean there arent any nightclubs?) and with Sar onboard as a Scancinavian first timer everybody was genuinely excited about this trip as ... read more
Serious plane! More power than a jumbo and only 85 seats!
View down into Gøtu
Sar looking back down to the house and Kalsoy behind

Asia » Singapore » Bugis Village September 11th 2008

NOTE: Sorry for typos and the lack of any detail and/or the fwe photos but weve only got a few minutes before we are off and this computer is ancient! Hello Readers! It is here, the final blog! We know you have all been waiting for it with naited breath, so fight back the tears, lets get on with it...! Our last night in KL was predictably brilliant. Yet again involving copius amounts of brilliant local food. This time Jonathan took us out to try the infamous fish head and pork ribs. The food was amazing and we even brought some of the herb mix to make the ribs when we get home. Best of all the restaurant was under a motorway flyover, great fun! When Jennifer joined us later around midnight/1 we went accross town ... read more
The decorator crab, decorating!
Croc @ Zoo
Penguins @ Zoo

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Perhentian Besar September 2nd 2008

We know titles have descended into silly-ness now, but to be fair its all nearly over now so we havn't got time to think of blog titles. We will be back in the UK in a week, its worrying to even say it. But hey we will save all those end of travels type messages for the final blog from Singapore we think... ...Anyway how are you readers? :) Hope you are all well and have been behaving yourselves while you've had no blogs the last few weeks to keep you entertained on those balmy British summer evenings! Believe it or not it has been raining a fair bit here too, though I doubt you have that much sympathy for us :) There are even more photos than usual in this blog as it the ... read more
The dreaded Durian!
A spiky little number and smells VILE!
Its all thumbs up but we both feel like being sick!

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur August 11th 2008

Hello everyone, Hopefully your all enjoying the great British summer (tee hee!) though to be fair you only really know rain once you visit the tropics. When it rains here it RAINS! Drizzle is not even a concept! From Bandung it was another slightly disorganised departure by AirAsia. The flight had been re-scheduled, again! Still we were put on a flight only about an hour later than originally intended. It was quite amusing hanging around though as Bandung aiport is TINY! Anyone who has been to the Faroeese national aiport or an aiport like the East Midlands one will have some idea but not the whole picture. The entire aiport including check in departures, arrivals et al was around 15m by 40m (40 foot by 100 foot ish in old terms!). The highlight though was when ... read more
The luxury 'Gardens' mall 1
The luxury 'Gardens' mall 2
Amazing Islamic skyscraper

Asia » Indonesia July 22nd 2008

Hello world, hope your all OK and ready for the latest thrilling (?) installment of the blog! To be fair the titles are probably the highlight these days! Irresistable, sigh! WARNING: We have done quite a lot (and more milage) this last 2 weeks so this is one loooong blog! So if your only after a quick visit ckeck out the pictures and videos, otherwise get yourself a healthy beverage (I reccomend carrot or tomato juice!) and get comfortable! We set off from Sabah pretty late as when we got to the airport the woman on the desk said oh that flight doesn't leave for like six hours, it was rescheduled months ago, you should have been informed. Yes we should have been informed love! Anyway, everything had been going so well with our cheap Air ... read more
Mmmmm toasties a plenty in Ubud
Balineese food is lovely! Feast after our mini cookery class
Traditional Balinese dancers 2

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah July 20th 2008

Hello everyone from the isle of Borneo, Before anyone gets confused Borneo is an island of which half is Malaysian owned and half is Indonesian owned (we will ignore Brunei for ease!). The Malaysian part is split into southern Sarahwak and northern Sabah i.e. where we are now, get it? Got it? Good! We arrived in Tawau pretty late at night and needed sleep after the night before in Hanoi!! Thanks Aled and Lia! The town seemed dead but we found a little place to stay in the book before planning to bus it to Sandakan the next day. In the end we decided not to spend any time in Tawau because of the FCO's advice about Sipidan and to avoid going offshore and diving etc :-( Never mind, we have been told that the diving ... read more
Another day another country, note our malay friends leading the way in true asian style!
Glamourous downtown Tawau
Its breakfast Jim but not as we know it!

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay July 6th 2008

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well. This is just a mini (and already late) blog to keep you all updated and also it neatly ties up Vietnam so that the blogs dont get too hard to follow! I expect most of you will end up reading this at the same time as the previous blog as they are so close together so shouldn't be too much bother! And yes before you ask they ARE shocking sandal tan lines on my feet in the panoramic picture above (I hope your enjoying the new panormas on the blogs, makes it look almost professional!) Sar's feet manage to look slightly more normal as she has some crock sandals too. I've been wearing the same pair of smelly (very smelly from sar) Merrells everyday since new years day! Rock ... read more
Russ would love the electrics - Try and  work that out!
Hanoi - Old quarter streets
Halong Bay - You are not alone!

Asia » Vietnam » Northwest » Lao Cai » Sapa June 22nd 2008

EDIT: Stupid PC just deleted yesterdays walk pics, Ive just had to run out and take a few more. Not as good but you get the idea. And its also not going to let you guys have any video for now!!! Hi back at home, it's us in Vietnam again! Hope all is well back in the sunny UK? :) So to catch up... we left the twee times of Dalat early the next morning, leaving our huge lovely room and decided to bus it to Hoi An with a change at Nha Trang, an un-inviting journey of nearly 24 hours! We got our dubiously cheap tickets from a company called Am Phu and later found out this was a bit of a mistake. Needless to say, the journey turned out to be quite eventful. The ... read more
Health and Safety concerns en-route to Nha Trang (for Hoi An)
Hoi An main street by Hotel
Amazing room in Hoi An

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City June 12th 2008

Hello World! Yes I know Vibrant, terrible, but you try thinking of a better word beginning with V!! It was the best we could think of... suggestions on the back of an e-postcard please! So yes another blog another country and this time its Vietnam! We've only got 2 real countries left after this (if you exclude Singapore and don't class Malaysian Borneo as a different country!) so we are trying to appreciate everyday to the max as it will all be over soon! Last time we blogged we was post Angkor. From Siem Reap we took a largely uneventful bus back into the capital Phnom Penh. It was odd going back to somewhere we had already been for the first time since leaving home. It was great because the bus stop in the melee of ... read more
This ferry almost looked safe! How odd!
Time for one last ethical sarnie for Sar before leaving the capital!
They can get another 20 on here surely!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 3rd 2008

Hi Everyone, Apoligies if this blog is written a bit weirdly but we have decided to write a bit each day while we are in Siem Reap as we have free internet at the hotel. Also we don't want to write about Angkor all in one go because I think we would forget a lot of stuff! (We also have to download the pictures to Deans gadget everyday because there are many!!!) So I think we last wrote about Battambang... we left early in the morning to get on a five hour bumpy bus journey to Siem Reap. The road was pretty awful in parts as it is being re-built which is why it ended up taking so long to do quite a short journey. When we finally got there we stumbled across another really good ... read more
Carving up close
Decorative enough for you?
Little library to the side!

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