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Africa » Morocco April 9th 2006

Dear All, We are here and the first day is done. Having arived here 2 days ago we have spent most of our time since preparing ourselves and our kit. our first night here was beautiful..the sky amazingly clear, sunset probably the best I have ever seen & the food better than anything I could have cooked. We woke up the next morning after a fairly uncomfortable nights sleep to prepare all our kit..this is no easy task,making the final decision on what things you will need to see you through. One has to balance off the greed which makes you throw in an extra chocoloate mousse with the practicality that I cant carry 3 square meals across the desert. Our first day of racing was today...28km which started at 9am this morning. This I have ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo April 8th 2006

Welcome to Egypt We have made it to the bustling streets of Cairo. All the horror stories of Cairo that I have heard in my research of this place have been so very, very wrong. This is a wonderful city. Even before landing the flight steward on our flight in (on a brand new plane that was nearly empty, which made it very cushy) offered to give us lift into town. We landed after 5:00 and were at our hotel at 6:00. Not a single hassle except for the guy who wanted money for giving me a paper towel in the bathroom. The Ishmalia House Hotel is amazing. We have a birds eye view over the heart of the city, a busy circle know as Tahir Square. The room is huge with wood floors and ... read more
Inside the Tomb
The Sphyix
See, we were really here!

Africa » Tanzania » East » Dar es Salaam April 8th 2006

random thoughts: i'm moving out to the "country" on monday. right now i living at a nice hostel type place with around 12 danish/swedish people. i'm going to move near to where i volunteer and stay with an african family (there is a dane staying there as well). the "mama" of the house cooks dinner so my diet will improve. i also eat a lot of bananas and mangoes. both are very good and quite cheap here. not much happening this week. making decent progress with the kids on their english so thats good. also giving them alots of attention and kindiness which is a lot more important. i'm planning a trip to zanzibar near the end of my stay with a danish girl so that should be fun. i'll probably go to the beach this ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Oudtshoorn April 8th 2006

Friday we all got up bright and early so we could be out the door at 8am. It ended up being closer to 9am in the end, for all those reasons that sneak up on you when you least expect it. Nick came over, we picked up Morne, and the five of us were off on a car trip. First stop: McDonalds. This by request of Susie, but of course I didn’t object. There is no McDonalds in Plettenberg Bay, nor any closer than the one we ate at, so it was a special treat. (Weird to think that food I never eat at home for a reason becomes a special treat abroad). We had lunch there at 11am and we all ordered exactly the same enormous meal and proceeded onwards to Oudtshoorn, about an hour ... read more
On the road

Africa » Swaziland » Mbabane April 8th 2006

Well we're writing this 7 months in arrear, but realise there's no picture's of swaziland on google!! am writing this with my sister, who's husband is swazi. we've been there for a total of 5 weeks during the past 2 years with their twin boys - 2 and a half as we write. i have to say if you're travelling in southern africa and have a chance to, visit swaziland! it's the most breathtakingly beautiful landscape, and if you feel in anyway unsafe in south africa (where amy had her wallet stolen - but we loved despite that!), you won't feel that way here! sd (swaziland to the locals) has a wealth of game reserves and wildlife reserves that are far better value and have easier access than those over the south african border. aside from ... read more
hlana game reserve
my mother in law's view from her house!


Africa » Djibouti April 8th 2006

My thoughts for this day- I was able to convince my boss to go out on a camp sponsored shopping trip as I had done a couple of weeks ago and enjoy himself. Upon his return he told me about how he had seen some small children that appeared to have nothing to their names. He handed out 1,000 Djiboutian Francs (equivalent to $6US) to this child and out of nowhere he was inundated with children wanting money, chewing gum, anything he had to offer. He then realized that his small gesture of generosity was becoming uncontrollable and got back on the bus. He said it reminded him of a story that was told to him once about the Mexican gypsies. He began to tell the story of a poor woman who was holding a very ... read more

Africa » Botswana April 7th 2006

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa April 7th 2006

The coach trip was uneventful until Tanga right in the North East of Tanzania. After a break for food and other things we set of. I had been warned that the road was bumpy. What people forgot to mention that it’s not actually a road like we know it. It wasn’t tarmaced. I was asleep until this point. The road was so bumpy it was like receiving a spine shattering massage, for two hours straight. Then at the Kenyan border I started to feel the effects of dehydration sickness kick in. As I was looking for water the bus decided t leave without me and I think I found myself running the fastest I had ever run shouting the loudest I have ever shouted. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one and the bus stopped 100 meters ... read more

Africa » Morocco April 7th 2006

We landed and amazingly have cellular service:)) Woke up at 430 this airport by 6...stuffed around at airport for 3 hours..flight delayed by 2 a 5 hour jeep ride out to the middle of nowhere. Oarzazate is beauuutiful!! Covered in adobe/sand kasbahs and rolling hills. the best news is that it doesn't feel THAT least not as hot as we were fearing. Fingers crossed that it holds. Have an enormous grin on my face to finally be here. Everything is grand..nice people from all around the world is the best bit for sure. Probably wont hear from us for a day or two. xxchloe... read more

Africa » Morocco April 7th 2006

I have just made use of the last sit down loo i will see for nine days. From now on we are going freestyle....... read more

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