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36 mins ago - tourdumondeSyS published a blog
Dernière semaine à Irvine
July 14th 2014
Notre dernière semaine à Irvine a été bien chargée. Les 2 premières nuits sont passées à l'hôtel en raison d'un détermitage de notre maison d'hôtes (pas de photo dispo de la tente recouv ...
50 mins ago - GearoidJess published a blog
July 20th 2014
Our bus from Ibarra dropped us at the bus terminal in Otavalo town at 1pm. You can easily walk into the town centre from the terminal. Hostal Runa Pacha - $14 for a double room with TV ...
1 hour 16 mins ago - muellerfamily published a blog
On the way to Moab
July 26th 2014
Nachdem mir am Morge s'Buffet im Hotel gnosse hän (es isch e sehr e 'grüens' Hotel, aber sie stelle d'Klimaalag im Esssaal uf ca. 15 Grad y) und no chli telefoniert hän via Face Time mit div. liebe ...
1 hour 49 mins ago - onthegogirl published a blog
Alaska by raft
July 26th 2014
A day on the river begins with breakfast at the beautiful Alyeska Lodge. This hotel is enormous and has lovely gardens around the grounds. It is the only ski resort in Alaska and has a chair lift and ...
2 hours 0 mins ago - sneekymongoose published a blog
The Kilimanjaro Experience ... sorry so late!
July 26th 2014
*** So it's been one week since I've been back from Tanzania. All that training, all that hard work and now I'm sitting back home and trying to remember the feeling while I was there. I told ...
2 hours 59 mins ago - CStephens published a blog
Welcome Back the Heat
July 25th 2014
Apparently our reprieve from the heat and humidity is now over. I discovered this the hard way by thinking it was a brilliant idea to go for a run and do interval sprints. It was not a brilliant idea. ...
4 hours 18 mins ago - pilnikjezerobota published a blog
The Valley of Clichés
July 23rd 2014
I was trying to think of a good title for my entry about Sarajevo and they all just sounded like clichés. "The Lost Olympic City", "The War-Torn Jewel of the Balkans" (well, that could be a lot of pl ...
5 hours 2 mins ago - Edison Wildcats published a blog
Farewell Haigerloch, May We Meet Again Soon!
July 25th 2014
It is amazing just how much humans can bond over a relatively short period of time, often without even realizing just how much they have. Our incredible experience in Haigerloch has come to a close al ...
6 hours 8 mins ago - Colin and Carole Block published a blog
Budapest day 1
July 25th 2014
Well they always say you should set off on the right foot, but unfortunately my right foot decided yesterday to have a particularly painful attack of gout! This was not good news the day before we nee ...
6 hours 34 mins ago - brontesblog published a blog
Trail to Pentewan
July 15th 2014
On the second day of our holiday we were itching to get outside after our long car journey the day before. The sun with its omniscient power, must have know it was the first day of our holiday: It's w ...
6 hours 37 mins ago - Sue70 published a blog
Pretty Le Puy!
July 25th 2014
Well, I took my trip to Le Puy today, and though it was a pricey daytrip, I'm glad I went. It was really cool to see in person the old Chapelle St-Michel on the rock, and the large statue (Statue Notr ...
6 hours 38 mins ago - dragonlady published a blog
Whale Watching and Other Wonders
July 13th 2014
Yesterday was a rest day, come fix-it day, come blog day. We slept in and then got on with our things while waiting for the call to say if the whale watching was on. It finally came and we breathed si ...

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