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10 mins ago - jilltylerthailand published a blog
Rabat & La Garderie Nour
April 24th 2014
On Tuesday we got to work with the kids. It was tons of fun. In the morning we worked with the really young kids (probably age 1-3). They are so cute. We listened to the older kids recite the Koran an ...
19 mins ago - eshugerman published a blog
From Haifa to Istanbul
April 24th 2014
Romance language. It was originally spoken in the former territories of the (the Turkey and ) as well as in Italy, and the . Today it is spoken mainly by in more than thirty countries, most of the ...
2 hours 11 mins ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
On The Road Again....Day 3
April 24th 2014
The winds have been blowing....not at our backs but across us. I am almost ready to dig out the scopalamine patch we got for the cruise in case we got seasick. Between the horrible bumpy road of Rt. 9 ...
2 hours 37 mins ago - LauraJade88 published a blog
Days 3-5
April 24th 2014
22nd April-So we set off to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat at 5am! These early mornings are killing me! I'm forever catching flies and forty winks on our bus trips :/ It was pretty but I think we k ...
2 hours 38 mins ago - traveltalesofawoollymammoth published a blog
First Steps in a New Adventure
April 17th 2014
Woolly says – with a few days waiting in Aberystwyth before catching our flight home I decided that Jo would benefit from some time out and a bit of fresh air, not to mention leaving the pile of tis ...
2 hours 40 mins ago - Tilda10 published a blog
We're Home!!
April 20th 2014
I did it !!! I walked for 5 Days with my Dad , over lot of bogs ,through sunshine ,Fog & Rain. but all the same I did it!! it helped a lot having my friends encouraging me all the way ( thank ...
3 hours 28 mins ago - Sondi published a blog
Grand Bazaar. Kapah Carsi
April 24th 2014
Nothing can prepare you for the Grand Bazzar!!! A maze of streets covered by beautiful painted domes with thousands of booths selling fine jewelery, colorful ceramics, woven carpets, Killim rugs, anti ...
4 hours 0 mins ago - michelleandkev published a blog
East to West; back to Perth
April 24th 2014
This time it was only five hours on a plane to get from Sydney to Perth; a bit different to the four days, three nights it took to travel across the country on the train. But like the train trip it ce ...
4 hours 13 mins ago - piranha27 published a blog
Sanur (16-18 Apr 14)
Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Sanur

April 24th 2014
With the departure of my friends, I moved on from luxurious Seminyak to the eastern board and the original Balinese beach resort area of Sanur. I'd distinctly remembered passing by the area the last ...
4 hours 18 mins ago - billandJackie published a blog
The Pinnacles
April 24th 2014
Heading toward Cervantes we passed the entrance to the Pinnacles desert discovery centre which reminded us why we where here,this was to be a highlight of this region.This being Easter week leading up ...
4 hours 20 mins ago - Hola South America published a blog
Potosi Bolivia
April 23rd 2014
Days 63-64 Today was a 4 hour trip to Potosi by local bus for a two day stay at a hostel built in 1792. The trip was a constant climb of nearly 1400 mtrs over a 150 km's as Potosi is the highest ci ...
6 hours 48 mins ago - Mandaz published a blog
Vanuatu - ziplining and volcanos
April 24th 2014
Tuesday 22 April Up late (ish) this morning and wandered into town via bus for a late breakfast. Found our way to Nambawum where I had a fresh coconut and BLT and Stuart had eggs and one of the big ...

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