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19 hours ago - GabbyChester published a blog
More fun In Berlin
July 21st 2014
I've spent the last few days in Berlin eating, wandering around the city, visiting museums, and enjoying a little night life. I want to start off by saying how much I really love the transportation ...
19 hours ago - Never too old published a blog
July 19th 2014
Thank goodness, I had no trouble in the airport upon arrival in Melbourne Australia. My visa was waiting for me…I applied for it on line about a month ago. But I didn’t find accommodations before ...
19 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Bag Packing Mistakes
July 21st 2014
If you travel, a little or a lot, chances are you have had some issues packing the right amount for your trip. My problem is that I usually pack too much on International trips. But since most of my ...
20 hours ago - lafehubert published a blog
Dresden: Moritzburg & Meißen
July 16th 2014
After another late night, it was another not-so-early-but-early-enough morning for us. We had two things on the docket for today: the king's hunting lodge, Schloß Moritzburg, and Meißen, a nearby ci ...
20 hours ago - onthegogirl published a blog
North to Alaska
July 21st 2014
North to Alaska Flying into the four hour endless sunset is weird and we arrive at dusk in Anchorage at 12:45 am. It is chilly waiting for the hotel shuttle, sort of like an October evening. C ...
21 hours ago - Mobile Geriatrics published a blog
June 18th 2014
We got up early and arrived home before lunch after an excellent trip to an area ofEnglandwe had not visited before. ...
21 hours ago - Mobile Geriatrics published a blog
June 17th 2014
We left the very pleasant camp site, drove through the forest and then along elevated roads above the fens which gave us distant views of our next destination, the small market town of Ely with it ...
21 hours ago - Mobile Geriatrics published a blog
June 16th 2014
The camp site is close to one of the Sustrans cycle routes and we followed this on our bikes along minor roads partly through the ThetfordForest to the ancient town of Thetford which turned out to ...
21 hours ago - LERawson published a blog
Gone to Ghana: My African Adventures
July 21st 2014
July 21, 2014 I know it’s been a couple weeks since my last entry. These last couple weeks have been insane at the house with people constantly coming and going. The house is literally overf ...
21 hours ago - fennas published a blog
Sunday 20th July
July 21st 2014
Laze in bed this morning after long drive yesterday although we did get up for breakfast in between. Research using free wifi creates plan of minimum walking as possible seeing as much as possible whi ...
21 hours ago - fennas published a blog
Saturday 19th July
July 21st 2014
Set off at allocated time with the extra stop at the cow bell shop think the owner was pleased to make a 20 euro sale at 9.10. Passed through some lovely towns on way to motorway but hit traffic probl ...
21 hours ago - Tianjin Scotland 2014 published a blog
Day 7 - Host school visits (Edinburgh Hub)
July 20th 2014
Ni hao! Today we have had the authentic Chinese experience: off campus, away from teachers and adopted by a bunch of Tianjin teenagers! We set off early and drove to the best high scho ...

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