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14 hours ago - Jackrabbit published a blog
Day 22 7/18/2014
July 28th 2014
Drove north today crossing the Golden Gate Bridge stopping to walk out onto the bridge. Spotted some dolphins swimming underneath the bridge, but I am unable to prove it since we were so high they app ...
14 hours ago - dragonlady published a blog
Bundaberg Part One - Bert Hinkler, Aviator Extraordinaire
July 18th 2014
Our first stop today was the Botanic Gardens Hinkley Aviation Museum, which is a complex including the gardens, the aviation museum and Hinkley’s house, a sugar museum, a local historical museum and ...
14 hours ago - Liesbethdh published a blog
Vakantie & Wilde Dieren
July 27th 2014
Bij Afrika denk je aan geelachtige landschappen, grote vlaktes, af en toe een boompje en heel veel droogte. Waar ik het grootste deel van mijn tijd heb doorgebracht, aan de kust, is dit typische beeld ...
14 hours ago - dragonlady published a blog
Bundaberg Part Two - It's a Rum Do
July 18th 2014
We had a rather late sandwich lunch at a picnic table under some trees in the gardens watching the birds as usual. Ros and Arthur came past as we were packing up and we said goodbye. Our next stop wa ...
14 hours ago - Hawaii2014 published a blog
Helicopter Tour!!!
July 26th 2014
Another early start to our day - we arrived at the helicopter tour office at 7:45. After checking in, we had to get weighed so they could decide where to seat us in the helicopter. Happily, no numbers ...
15 hours ago - Jackrabbit published a blog
Day 20 7/16/2014
July 28th 2014
We travel today to San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica, Ca. The park is located on the ocean, but main reason for this park is close location to San Francisco. No travel photos. ...
15 hours ago - Jackrabbit published a blog
Day 19 7/15/2014
July 28th 2014
Left early today so we could find parking at Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. Hiked trail through old forest, saw a sequoia estimated to be 1,800 years old called The Grizzly Giant, the California Tu ...
15 hours ago - tourdumondeSyS published a blog
Getty Museum
July 16th 2014
Courte visite au musée Getty. C'est un musée privé 'gratuit' (on paye 15$ de parking mais l’entrée est gratuite). M Getty a acheté une belle colline proche de Malibu et a demandé à l'architec ...
15 hours ago - dragonlady published a blog
An Amazing Dawn Chorus
July 17th 2014
I woke at 7.30am to Kookaburras calling across the woods and went outside to see what was around. Right opposite me, standing in our paddock next to the gate into the wood was a wallaby watching me. I ...
16 hours ago - dragonlady published a blog
More Wonderful Whales and Warm Wine
July 16th 2014
We woke early, 6.30am, to make sure we had enough time to have breakfast and pack everything up as we’d told the Council lady we would. We don’t want to risk getting a fine! The drive to Hervey ...
16 hours ago - BKKCYCLIST published a blog
July 28th 2014
ISTANBUL SUNDAY/MONDAY 27/28 July, '14 Today is my last day on the Silk Road and my last blog, until next time. Recipients who want relief from torture, can let me know and I will remove you from t ...
16 hours ago - silvernomads published a blog
South Dakota and Wyoming - 8 to 12 June 2014
July 16th 2014
This is going to be a really long blog again as we seem to have done so much in such a short time but wanted to record it all but you need not read it all………. Our first stop in was going t ...

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