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2 days 8 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
treasure of galapagos IV
July 21st 2014
isla plaza sur lockt uns heute trotz frühester zeit und entsprechend morgendlicher temperaturen, mit witzigen kakteen über purpurenen flechten. die kakteen mit rieisigen tellern voll weicher nadeln ...
2 days 8 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
treasure of galapagos II
July 19th 2014
ein morgendlicher spaziergang auf erdzeitlich gesehen taufrischer lava leutet den tag ein. auf der insel santiago gehen wir an land und vor uns erstreckt sich erkaltete lava soweit das auge reicht. me ...
2 days 8 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
san cristóbal
July 22nd 2014
unserem letzten frühstück an bord der “treasure of galapagos” folgt ein ausflug ins hiesige interpretationszentrum. wie genau das denn jetzt mit el niño, den wasservermengungen und den auslöse ...
2 days 8 hours ago - Welcome2TheJungle published a blog
Tuis, Costa Rica
July 21st 2014
===English version below=== Na onze rondreis in Nicaragua worden we verwacht in Tuis, Costa Rica. De Amerikaanse eigenaar gaat een cruise maken door Scandinavië, wij gaan 3 weken op zijn huis en z ...
2 days 8 hours ago - kipperkungfu published a blog
some more fjn and games tryig to be a warrior. hahaha
Asia » China » Shandong » Qufu

July 23rd 2014
15/7/14 Well I went dancing I the rain this evening. We had a thunder and lightning storm. I danced a jive, charleston, some ceroc, east coast and west coast and also a bit of a cha cha. It was reall ...
2 days 8 hours ago - muellerfamily published a blog
Lake Powell
July 23rd 2014
Dr Morge het mol wieder mit ere Schlacht am Buffet und eme Kampf ume Tisch agfange... Nochane sin mir für dr Donnstigmorge (hüt und Mittwuch sin bereits usbuecht gsi) e Tour durch dr Antelope Cany ...
2 days 9 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
jour 42 Belle journée 310 kms
July 22nd 2014
Belle journée comme j' aurais aimé en avoir beaucoup plus.. Déjà il a fait tres beau, cet apres midi 26*, le ranch, et les montagnes autour de Jasper, sont superbes. Le ranch du nom de Black Ca ...
2 days 10 hours ago - le g ographe published a blog
Le grand tour
July 22nd 2014
Tupper Lake, New York, 22 juillet Ça y est, j'en ai fait le tour de ces gigantesques Grands Lacs! Quel régal pour le géographe, ce périple m'a fait découvrir plusieurs splendeurs de l'intérie ...
2 days 11 hours ago - GGandPaPa published a blog
July 22nd 2014
We have 2 nights in Bergen which is a treat because up to now we have stayed at each city for 1 night and then bags out early a.m. Today, we woke and had a leisurely breakfast before meeting our loca ...
2 days 11 hours ago - Mangmemium published a blog
Moab Camping! Efter några dagar i öknen.
July 22nd 2014
Så har vi landat på Moab Campingground i just Moab. Har elektricitet här och gratis Wifi. Så skönt. Blir kvar här två dagar, så skönt också att inte behöva ta ner och upp tälten. Har ha ...
2 days 12 hours ago - MikeCatty published a blog
Berlin - The Touristy Way
July 5th 2014
With the Herbys back in Sweden and just one day to see as much as we could of Berlin, Jo and I bit the bullet and booked ourselves on a bus and boat tour of the city. Generally we've found that just w ...
2 days 12 hours ago - HKs Travels published a blog
A Week in Menorca
July 22nd 2014
Menorca is a lovely island, and as I look back on my week there, I am very glad that I chose it as a destination after my stay in Barcelona. The flight to Mahon, the capital city, was only about half ...

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