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2 days 2 hours ago - Aiofe published a blog
Cat and Mouse Games.
November 30th -0001
I love catching people out in a lie, it's one of those sick satisfying things I secretly enjoy and today I caught a big one. I've been playing cat and mouse games with two companies for the last th ...
2 days 2 hours ago - SharonAN published a blog
Sightseeing the Scenic Surroundings of Sydney
July 8th 2014
I went up to the gym for my morning workout around 7:00 AM to discover quite an early crowd already burning calories. I finished on the treadmill with only fog to be seen outside. I had to juggle the ...
2 days 2 hours ago - MsJoele published a blog
Music Madness-Guitars and Greatness
June 27th 2014
So, I was riding the subway, U Bahn more accurately, home from somewhere with Jimmy the Aussie and we strike up a conversation with a true Berliner on the train. He tells me that next weekend is a mus ...
2 days 2 hours ago - JENNISONS ON HOLIDAYS published a blog
First Day in Khao Lak
July 9th 2014
Well we made it to "The Sands" at Khao Lak in the early hours of the morning today after our uneventful flight from Bangkok to Phuket, followed by an immediate transfer in a private minibus direct to ...
2 days 4 hours ago - Soumitra published a blog
Footloose in London, where the worlds meet...
July 9th 2014
London was at its glorious best as we touched down at Heathrow in an April afternoon by Air India’s AI-111 from Delhi. We all came for the seemingly noble purpose of participating in an internation ...
2 days 4 hours ago - Yves en Anne published a blog
Outdoor op kindermaat
July 7th 2014
Onze eerste ochtend in San Gil begon niet veelbelovend. We wachtten op onze hotelkamer tot 8.00u, want dan pas werd het ontbijt geserveerd, om dan tot de vaststelling te komen dat het ontbijt niet inb ...
2 days 5 hours ago - EMESS published a blog
July 9th 2014
Sites of London. Changing of the guards. ...
2 days 5 hours ago - BethElgert published a blog
Italy with the Family Day 13: A Day in Provence
July 6th 2014
We woke early, had breakfast delivered early, and met on deck 4 by the theater at 9:15. Cannes is a tender port so we had to get on the tender to get on shore. Andrew and Erika had gotten downstairs t ...
2 days 5 hours ago - BethElgert published a blog
Italy with the Family Day 12: Come Sail Away With Us!
July 5th 2014
Mark and I both woke up with ever so slight hangovers. I, we both said, are too old for this. We met Andrew and Erika in the lobby at about 9:25 and set off for La Sagrada Familia. The bus left pre ...
2 days 6 hours ago - letsgotospain published a blog
July 8th 2014
Today we reach Pamplona. There is San Fermin festival this week - running of the bulls :) unfortunately we missed the run, caus its at 7 am. Still there was lot of thing going on in the city all day, ...
2 days 6 hours ago - CStephens published a blog
A Decade From Celebration to War
July 8th 2014
Today was another somewhat slow day. We started with a lecture from our Serbian TA on Balkan relations and why differentiating between the different nationalities can be so different, what with the do ...
2 days 7 hours ago - lafehubert published a blog
Topography of Terror, Cake, and Football
July 8th 2014
Today, we chose the as our museum of the day. It's not all that far from Checkpoint Charlie, so the bus ride was familiar, right down to getting bottles of from the newstand thing near the bus stop. ...

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