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1 day 7 hours ago - Happy Heart published a blog
Galapagos and The Land of the Incas
April 18th 2014
Getting ready for the Galapagos and Machu Picchu. Planning for this trip has been a little more tricky, the weight restrictions on the baggage makes taking all your gear impossible. So we opt in a ...
1 day 7 hours ago - tonywilsonslo published a blog
World Cities Tour - Spring Break Edition - Day 7
April 17th 2014
Day 7 – Stand back, I’m going to try Science! Once more, Tony sacrificed himself on the altar of work while Michelle and Anne explored Seattle. They started out with every intention of getting ...
1 day 7 hours ago - AddicktoOman published a blog
Vegetable souks and forts from abroad.
April 18th 2014
This fortnight, being a school holiday gave us the opportunity to explore beyond Muscat and it’s neighbouring settlements. We decided to move inland and visit the souk at Niswa, Oman’s second city ...
1 day 8 hours ago - Raquel89 published a blog
Bupyeong Underground Markets
April 14th 2014
Back to South Korea again. This time I opted for a tamer, rejuvenating trip instead of singing until the early hours at karaoke. Got to hotel early morning again about 8am and headed to bed for a litt ...
1 day 8 hours ago - Nele published a blog
'Fire Truck' of 'Friar Tuck'?
April 18th 2014
Weer een jaartje ouder, en dat vieren we tradioneel niet in België. Kris, Dieter en Jerina hadden besloten ons te vergezellen voor een klein 5-daags tripje naar the Peak, UK. Erik en ik reden ...
1 day 8 hours ago - Test published a blog
Firefox Tests
April 5th 2014
Test ...
1 day 22 hours ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Valpolicella, Italy
March 24th 2014
" First we went to a couple of wineries. We had lunch at a small place but it was very good. Then we went to 2 other wineries where they know me which was Begali and Speri. Speri in the one I know mor ...
1 day 23 hours ago - SharonAN published a blog
Shanghai Showers, Sightseeing, Supper and Show
April 17th 2014
I really can’t say enough about the Shanghai Westin on the Bund. This is a great place to stay and it’s understandable why it is the preferred hotel among our many fellow Viking Cruisers. Our bed ...
1 day 23 hours ago - Kaz Hicks published a blog
It had to happen.....
April 18th 2014
Yep, just when I thought I had escaped the dreaded altitude sickness it hit me! Icky headache on day 3, which I thought was to do with not wearing my new hat while playing with the kids at the 3-4 yr ...
2 days 2 hours ago - Alex and Mike published a blog
Puerto Madryn
March 26th 2014
We left Buenos Aires at 11am for our first experience of the lowest class on Argentinian buses, semi-cama, with a company called Andesmar. The bus journey was great. There were 4 films in a row in Eng ...
2 days 3 hours ago - beentouring published a blog
Return to England - London, Monday 2010 September 13
April 17th 2014
Great day! Camden Market and British Library card! Having done too much yesterday, I had a slow morning until about 10:30. Then off to , a simple walk of about thirty minutes. Long before the marke ...
2 days 3 hours ago - anaanddan published a blog
Breweries, museums & bicycles - Cervezerías, museos y bicis
April 17th 2014
It has been several weeks since we last added to the blog so we have a lot to write. To start Ana has been busy building her business as a language coach. At our local library she did a presentati ...

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