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2 days 14 hours ago - MoGrath14 published a blog
Settling In for the Long Haul
April 20th 2014
Nothing is constant in this world except for change. I came here with the expectation that I'd teach for 5 months, move back home, and move on with my life and career. Yet here I am almost exactly 2 m ...
2 days 15 hours ago - Hola South America published a blog
La Paz (Days 3 - 4)
April 19th 2014
Days 60 - 61 Both days are free days. We said goodbye to 9 of our fellow tour group as this was the end of one section and the start of a new section. 3 new travellers joined the tour for the next leg ...
2 days 15 hours ago - povertyjetset published a blog
Black Jaguar
April 4th 2014
The third set of Mayan ruins that I visited after Palenque and Tulum were at situated ~30 kms north of Valladolid. The ruins don't get near the traffic of nearby Chichén Itzá which is a major part o ...
2 days 16 hours ago - Looking for the Dirt Roads published a blog
The Valley of the Four Seasons - Hudson Valley - June 2012 through April 2014
October 14th 2012
The Hudson Valley/ Weschester County area is a stones throw from our house. A beautiful area in all 4 seasons (think changing leaves, frozen river, blooming flowers and hot sunny summer days). There i ...
2 days 16 hours ago - Van Royce published a blog
Viva Las Vegas
April 20th 2014
Viva Las Vegas We're at VEGAS.....!!! But first , let's backtrack and fill in a couple of missing pieces that G forgot to add. First morning at San, showered and now just need ...
2 days 17 hours ago - vyandjan published a blog
Ba Be Nationalpark - schöne Landschaft und nicht viel los
October 2nd 2013
Wir waren nur für einen Tag im Ba Be Nationalpark. Leider war das Wetter nicht so gut und ausser ein paar Bootstouren konnte man hier nicht viel machen. Wir haben in einem Homestay in Nam Mau übe ...
2 days 18 hours ago - Joolzrockchick published a blog
My fellow travel companions
April 20th 2014
Evening everyone! It's 21.11 here in Delhi. We'll I've now met my travelling companions for my trip. Latoya from USA, Mary from Canada but she has been in Tiwan for the last. 3 years teaching English ...
2 days 19 hours ago - RuthElizabeth published a blog
Trinidad, Sanctus Spiriti, Cuba
April 14th 2014
Trinidad is the gem of the Sanctus Spiriti province. It is a small and relaxed town with cobbled streets and beautifully preserved and restored Colonial buildings. There are two picturesque bell tower ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Karina Bones published a blog
San Francisco i mitt hjerte
April 20th 2014
For en by! Internett bestemte seg for å slette bloginnlegget jeg skrev i går, så hvis noen er interesserte får de nøye seg med bildene gangen her. San Francisco har vært helt fantasti ...
2 days 19 hours ago - J61982 published a blog
Austin City Fun
March 16th 2014
Austin, wow what can I say. Such an enjoyable and mellow city. I went February 20th-23rd for my cousins Aaron bachelor party. I have never gone to Texas before and had heard so many amazing things abo ...
2 days 19 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
siem reap city
April 20th 2014
der duft von yasmin und frangipani durchsetzt die bereits vor sonnenaufgang sehr warme luft. mit unserem liebgewonnen tuktuk driver, ly, fahren wir noch in dunkelheit zum phnom bakheng tempel. relativ ...
2 days 20 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Cappadocia/Kapadokya ....."Land of Beautiful Horses"
April 20th 2014
Flew into Neveshir, in the Goreme Valley.In this valley lie the greatest concentration of rock cut chapels, monasteries and rock formations dating from the 9th. Century onwards. These formations, bu ...

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