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3 days 2 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Day 3 Working with Parents at the Center
April 8th 2014
Day 3 stated with a couple of hours of productive updating of the application. While I worked, Jack went of to take picture of mother’s and their kids at the Center. Our walking tour began when we m ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Higblog published a blog
to buy Easter eggs
April 14th 2014
It was a glorious spring day so Mum and I walked down the canal into town and ended up in Tescos to buy Easter eggs. There was a chilly wind when the sun went in, so that's why she's so well wrapped u ...
3 days 3 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Working with Parents at the Center Day 1
April 6th 2014
CJP paid for my airfare and for my hotel in Haifa in return for my work on the system for Parents at the Center. They are certainly getting their money’s worth! We arrived at the hotel in Ha ...
3 days 3 hours ago - Kaz Hicks published a blog
South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima

April 12th 2014
I'm here in Peru .... I made it!! Sooo busy at the airport. It felt like every flight arrived at the same time and apparently they do! My driver Mario was there to great me and provide a very calmi ...
3 days 3 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Ulus Cafe and Park
April 14th 2014
Day one in Istanbul started at noonish :-) with brunch at Ulus Cafe and Park. We enjoyed a Turkish mid-day meal of Bourek. A type of noodle casserole with cheeses and cream......stewed tomatoes with ...
3 days 5 hours ago - Xeaman published a blog
Underwater Photo-Shoot For Hire in Florida - "MerPrincess Casidy"
April 14th 2014
www.immersion-photography.NET presents "MerPrincess Casidy" Underwater Photo-Shoots For Hire in Florida By Ximena Olds Music By: Mika "Kick Ass" and Katy Perry "Roar" Make-Up Artist (MUA) ...
3 days 6 hours ago - PurpleNed published a blog
Van, Plane, Van, Boat, Feet \"We\'rrrrreeeeeeee here!\"
April 13th 2014
Up at 05:40 again, coffee, breakfast and off to the airport to fly to Guatemala City, then continue by van to Lake Atitlan. Airport was entertaining; they have a single lady physically checking bags b ...
3 days 7 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
can tho
April 14th 2014
ein neuer drückend heißer morgen im mekong delta führt uns mit dem boot zurück zur fähre und dann weiter mit dem bus richtung can tho. der bus ist diesmal wirklich sehr autenthisch - mit händen ...
3 days 7 hours ago - JennaNicole published a blog
London, UK
April 14th 2014
London, UK ...
3 days 8 hours ago - Hola South America published a blog
Puno/Lake Titicaca Peru (Day1)
April 13th 2014
Day 55. We farewelled Cuzco with fond memories with a mini van trip to the bus station for a 7 hrs trip by local bus firstly back-tracking to Juliaca before heading further into the highlands and Puno ...
3 days 8 hours ago - Hola South America published a blog
Cuzco Peru
April 12th 2014
Day 54. Today was a well earned free day in Cuzco. Time to arrange laundry, rest weary bodies & for me time to catch up on the blog. In the morning we took a leisurely walk into the city hoping for a ...
3 days 8 hours ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Live long and prosper
April 14th 2014
Having finally made it to the right start point hotel (I got a taxi with a German couple from my group who were also at the wrong hotel) I finally get to meet Brian our Costa Rican tour guide (he look ...

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