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1 day 21 hours ago - Overton Grange Project India published a blog
Pool party, school visit and a banquet
July 22nd 2014
After waking up on Tuesday and getting ready for a morning on the project site we were informed that unfortunately due to a missing engineer we were unable to work, so we made the most of a chilled fe ...
1 day 21 hours ago - Jay and Alex published a blog
July 24th 2014
We finally made it to Jakarta after a long journey. Vancouver-San Francisco-Tokyo-Jakarta. In total it was 20 hours in the air plus layovers which takes a toll on these aging bodies. ANA is pretty goo ...
1 day 21 hours ago - Whirl Traveller published a blog
Small wonder, big impression!
July 18th 2014
I know, I know! I did say that my last blog on this trip was from the French Riviera but it truly would be remiss of me not to at least share just a few of the many pictures from in low lying Belgium ...
1 day 22 hours ago - Never too old published a blog
July 11th 2014
After two days on Mabul Island and diving the third day on Sipadan I was ready for something different. Spartan budget accommodations on Mabul encouraged me to I booked a room in a nice hotel; one wit ...
1 day 22 hours ago - Zephyr published a blog
Gyeongju II
June 21st 2014
21st Jun: Our train left Suwon station around ten to nine. After a quick sandwich and coffee for breakfast and planning what we would do while we were in Gyeongju, we napped away the rest of the journ ...
1 day 22 hours ago - NanandZan published a blog
Levant Hall/Gardens & Windermere
July 24th 2014
It's so interesting to see what families living on private estates are doing to stay afloat with their high maintenance costs, taxes, etc. Levans Hall is one estate that we visited today. They invite ...
1 day 22 hours ago - KristyMau published a blog
The University of Queensland a moje bydlení
July 24th 2014
Dostávám často z domovním otázku jak se tu vlastně mám? Jednoduchá odpověď: mám se tu dobře! Jsem tu necelý týden, ale mám pocit, jako by to už bylo déle. Zabydlela jsem se ve měst ...
1 day 22 hours ago - pamelan published a blog
Scotland 1 July - 7 July 2014
July 13th 2014
1 July Tuesday Southampton, Edinburgh, Waterburn We flew from Southampton with a low cost airline called Flybe. Even though only a local flight in UK, security is as per international ...
1 day 23 hours ago - Pratty1 published a blog
Déjà Vu
July 23rd 2014
12/07/13 - 18/07/13 So as I left off in the last post I had got back to Barcelona airport and was after a flight back to London. Not an issue to find but I wasn't expecting it to cost me almost € ...
1 day 23 hours ago - CrazyLegs published a blog
A little more Nashville
July 20th 2014
Sunday started very slowly for Brittney and I, Patty on the other hand was bounding around, fresh as a daisy early on. As we started the day a little leisurely, it seemed apt to have a leisure ...
1 day 23 hours ago - Never too old published a blog
July 12th 2014
BORNEO KINABATANGAN RIVER TRIP As a child I was wild about jungles, and Tarzan and Sheena. I grew up and twenty years ago I had a chance to motor in a small Philippine banka or pump bo ...
2 days 0 hours ago - Never too old published a blog
July 14th 2014
BORNEO INTO THE JUNGLE In addition to the river cruises, each day there were two scheduled jungle walks. Rubber boots and high cotton boot liners with draw strings could be rented for ...

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