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1 day 15 hours ago - CrazyLegs published a blog
Longest drive but totally worth it!
July 26th 2014
Saturday morning, I packed up all my stuff and realised that I may need an extra suitcase just to get things home! Oopsy!! I went to fill my new water bottle up (must drink more water!) and it still h ...
1 day 15 hours ago - Laurent Agache published a blog
Day 9 & 10: Miramichi
July 30th 2014
I left Campbellton for Miramichi; I was now exclusively traveling in New Brunswick. I decided to pop up to Shippagan and the row of islands North-East of Caraquet, an original Acadian town. Shippigan ...
1 day 15 hours ago - Texadian published a blog
Good Day for Shopping!
July 30th 2014
Woke this morning to Gry telling me she was off to the hospital to be checked and wondered if I was also wanting to go. I got out of bed and did some moving to assess the situation and didn't feeling ...
1 day 15 hours ago - Texadian published a blog
1st day in Norway
July 28th 2014
i landed in Norway and my phone immediately buzzed. "Welcome to Norway" says the text from Andy. Whoot whoot! I am finally here! I get off the plane, go directly to duty free and get wine and beer ...
1 day 16 hours ago - Jebo published a blog
Kings Canyon
July 30th 2014
The drive out of Boggy Hole was abit rougher than the drive in but we managed it with no issues. We continued onto Kings Creek. This is a camp ground established by one of the stations about 15 ks awa ...
1 day 16 hours ago - CStephens published a blog
The Ministry's Summary
July 30th 2014
First, a note to my family and anyone other people or groups to whom I promised to send postcards (you know who you are): I did, in fact, uphold that promise, and postcards were sent out from Sarajevo ...
1 day 16 hours ago - todd856 published a blog
Timmins Moosonee 2014
July 30th 2014
This summer Gielyn helped me move to Timmins from Thunder Bay. We did a few things in the short weekend. We visited an Alpaca Farm, and had a tour in Cedar Meadows. Weeks later my brother came up to v ...
1 day 16 hours ago - roundeuropeinavan published a blog
saying goodbye to the dog
July 30th 2014
Less than 48 hours and we'll be on a big boat going across a big sea, hopefully drinking wine. Had to say goodbye to the dog which is clearly far far worse than saying goodbye to any person I think. I ...
1 day 16 hours ago - Texadian published a blog
Up in The Air
July 28th 2014
Stuffed in like sardines, just enough space for one to breath! And turn to thy neighbour! This is what it is like on a plane flying economy! Take off was on time. I got a window seat and was quite hap ...
1 day 17 hours ago - Meg and Rob published a blog
Iceland Day 4
July 30th 2014
Another day on the road, bright sunshine, and warm but windy, and another first for us as we have driven from the American continent to the European, and we walked across it twice as well, no passport ...
1 day 17 hours ago - silvernomads published a blog
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming & Montana - 13 to 19 June 2014 (Part One)
July 20th 2014
What a tremendous scenic drive through and on the way we passed Shoshone River the hills all around were covered in lovely spring flowers in golden yellows and cobalt blues with towering mountain and ...
1 day 17 hours ago - Sue70 published a blog
Heidelberg vs Frankfurt?
July 30th 2014
So if there were a contest between Heidelberg and Frankfurt in which had the prettier city, Heidelberg would win hands down. Which had more sights to see? Heidelberg. Which had friendlier people? Heid ...

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