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14 hours ago - Northern Rainbow published a blog
Travel day
July 7th 2014
It was a long day. Sunday felt like a long day while we were waiting at the airport. Everyone seemed to have their own quiet anxious moments. A few moments aside to talk to loved ones and reflect inwa ...
15 hours ago - Sarbar published a blog
July 29th 2014
Yesterday I talked on the phone with my mom for about an hour and she just kept telling me that I needed to post on my blog as soon as possible because my fans were getting antsy. Well guys, I’m ...
15 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
Hobart - Richmond - Coles Bay, Freycinet Peninsula
July 29th 2014
Our run of outstandingly beautiful weather came to an end this morning! We packed our bags while looking out on a rather gloomy day from our room at the Fountainside Hotel. We packed the car in light ...
16 hours ago - LERawson published a blog
Gone to Ghana: My African Adventures
July 28th 2014
July 28, 2014 Yesterday was a crazy day. Some of the volunteers took the kids from the new orphanage to a beach. We cooked food for about 6 hours and then we packed it all up in 2 taxis and me ...
17 hours ago - dbabbitz published a blog
More Eating
July 24th 2014
My day has been planned for me. William picks me up at the Merry Nest Inn he booked me into in the heart of Panyu, we stop to pick up a friend's daughter, Charlotte, who wants to practice her English ...
17 hours ago - NickGoesToIndia published a blog
Jaipur, Trains, and Automobiles
July 29th 2014
So this past weekend was spent on a little trip. All of the groups that came to India were given a little weekend retreat, except for our group. So we decided to organize an excursion out to Jaipur, t ...
18 hours ago - vyandjan published a blog
Chillen auf den 4000 Inseln
Asia » Laos » South » Don Det

November 19th 2013
Bevor wir zu den 4000 Islands fuhren, mussten wir unser Visa erneuern. Zum Glück waren wir in der nähe der Thailändischen Grenze. Wir fuhren zu der Grenze und gingen zu Fuss rüber nach Thailand, w ...
19 hours ago - mindastray published a blog
June 13th 2014
Went to Brasov again for work (at a conference). Stopped at a nice restaurant in Predeal on the way there, then got to Brasov just in time for the first lectures. After the Friday talks were over, I w ...
20 hours ago - mindastray published a blog
Monasteries near Valcea
June 6th 2014
Left work on Friday and went to Buleta. On Saturday I went around to see the monasteries: Dintr-un lemn, Surpatele, Horezu and Govora. On the way back home I stopped at Bunesti. It was a nice, rela ...
20 hours ago - laurawhite published a blog
How I Survived a Cruise Despite a Crippling Fear of Boats
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome

July 29th 2014
I was catching a boat a few weeks back to the Perhentian Islands, in Malaysia (more on that later, it's an amazing place). And it reminded me of another boat ride I took, a cruise with my parents, and ...
20 hours ago - mindastray published a blog
May 31st 2014
A short trip to Brasov that I hadn't planned. On a Saturday evening, after finishing with the exams, I felt I couldn't stay home anymore and left for Brasov... After a nice dinner in an obscure pub ...
21 hours ago - Colin and Carole Block published a blog
Departure from Budapest at night (retrospective)
July 28th 2014
Darn it! Andrew has better jokes than us! The internet connections, both Wi-Fi and mobile, were almost non existent in Bratislava, so this is actually posted from Vienna! Even in Vienna the connect ...

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