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1 day 3 hours ago - boro boy published a blog
Mount Tamborine
April 22nd 2014
Mount Tamborine is a short drive from Brisbane. The surrounding countryside is very beautiful. Mount Tamborine has a nice trail walk through a rain forest to Witches Falls. This walk was very ...
1 day 3 hours ago - boro boy published a blog
Super Straddie
April 22nd 2014
North Stradbroke Island is a short ferry crossing from the outer suburbs of Brisbane. It is a wonderful island with great sea views, beaches, walks and there are many birds, animals and marine life ...
1 day 4 hours ago - EMP published a blog
Feeling Hungry in Hungary
April 11th 2014
We flew into Hungary last night from Malta via Frankfurt and by time we settled into our suite we decided that it was too late for a big meal. However after wandering the streets a little we ended up ...
1 day 4 hours ago - piranha27 published a blog
Kuta (10-13 Apr 14)
Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta

April 22nd 2014
And so it almost comes a full circle. Some 23 months ago, on the fifth day of my Southeast Asian adventure, I crossed the straits from Eastern Java to Bali and arrived in Kuta. 23 months later, and ...
1 day 5 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Avondale - Auckland Central (10km) (Total 20904km)
April 22nd 2014
-SP- Por la mañana he hecho limpeza a fondo de la tienda, desmontar todo, pasarle un trapo por dentro y por fuera, y manguerazo al cubresuelos. He dejado secar y he empacado todo. En marcha para l ...
1 day 5 hours ago - Toes Thompson published a blog
Buffalo Bay aka Buffelsbaai
April 20th 2014
Easter Weekend. We only arranged with a friend to meet at her holiday house the week before. So we had lots to do, well I did as I'm not in full time employment!!! We left early Friday morning t ...
1 day 8 hours ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Postojno, Skocjan, and Predjama, Slovenia
March 26th 2014
"So we had a long drive to Slovenia. It was my 59th country! We went to this cave that was pretty cool that people discovered a long time ago. It had an amazing view of a waterfall. There was all thes ...
1 day 8 hours ago - Bronstein published a blog
Ooty, Coimbatore and an Adventurous Number Two
April 16th 2014
Dislcaimer: This blog entry does indeed go where the title so eloquently infers. With that said, you can turn away now or skip paragraph 5 while reading. Hope you’re not offended, but hey, it is a p ...
1 day 10 hours ago - Peeke published a blog
Het laatste van het Zuid-Eiland was nog meer dan de moeite waard!
April 22nd 2014
Donderdag 10 April 2014: Als ik ontwaak is iedereen al naar het werk of school. Ik maak me langzaam klaar om naar de stad te rijden. Als ik goed en wel vertrokken ben, realiseer ik me dat ik m ...
1 day 12 hours ago - denidax published a blog
Life in Majorca
April 22nd 2014
Winter is finally over; not that it was long here in Majorca, but it was cold. I haven't been so cold in my own house for... ever! Luckily we have a chimney, but Majorcan houses are prepared for the h ...
1 day 12 hours ago - ClaireandShelly published a blog
a relaxing day (monday)
April 22nd 2014
Today started with Shelly kayaking around the area where we were anchored. Then we sailed to a sandbar and later an island. At the sandbar we all snorkeled and saw some wonderful fish. The water is so ...
1 day 13 hours ago - Dolphin7 published a blog
Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso y el Palacio Real de Riofrio
June 8th 2013
Next destination was another royal palace, this time built on the site of a shrine dedicated to Saint Ildefonsus and a farm (granja) built by monks from the Parral monastery giving the palace its name ...

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