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3 days 18 hours ago - Crannster published a blog
Being Ironed with my Clothes on...
April 12th 2014
D and T checking in once again to amuse you... The country of Paraguay... We took a bus across the international bridge between the Argentinian city of Posadas and the Paraguayan city of Encarna ...
3 days 18 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Last two Days in Paris
April 13th 2014
Last two days in Paris we were forced to slow our pace ( a little). Slept in Wed. A.M. Took our time and didn't arrive at Taverna Esmeralda until noonish. After another lovely brunch decided to stroll ...
3 days 18 hours ago - Higblog published a blog
new door
April 13th 2014
The storm we had on Feb 12th not only took a bit of our roof, but also broke the front door. The roof was urgent, so repaired quickly. The door I sealed with plastic feed bags filled with newspaper, s ...
3 days 19 hours ago - vyandjan published a blog
Cao Bang
September 30th 2013
Mmmh kein Text? Nein, diesmal versuchen wir es nur mit Photos. Wir haben ein bisschen mehr Fotos ausgewählt und diese mehr beschrieben. Mal schauen wies ankommt :-) Hier noch die Strecke von ...
3 days 19 hours ago - Helena and Emma published a blog
Day 3
April 10th 2014
By Thursday I think most of us were starting to get our head round the time difference .... But I personally still can't understand rice for breakfast!! So after a very cultural bowl of coco pops we r ...
3 days 19 hours ago - Been There Licked That published a blog
Mum, they have sheep!
April 13th 2014
First thing this morning we went squirrel hunting in the forest again. Although it was very cold, this time we were more successful and Em had fun shelling the peanuts and leaving them dotted around t ...
3 days 21 hours ago - paid to travel published a blog
Okinawa Honto - first impressions
April 13th 2014
Okinawa Honto (沖縄本島) is the main island in the 1000km long Ryukyu Islands stretching from southern Japan to Taipei. It is a tiny scrap of subtropical green in a huge vastness of ocean. It is s ...
3 days 21 hours ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Sweet like chocolate
April 13th 2014
At this point Eric leaves me in the hands of a crooked toothed guide and a bunch of geriatric Americans.The guide proceeds to pick up a poisoned dart frog so I begin to doubt his sanity for one and ab ...
3 days 22 hours ago - kevandcarly published a blog
Return to Bangkok
April 13th 2014
Back to Bangkok! Making our own way from the border with Cambodia we jumped in a tuk tuk to take us to the bus station and jumped on a local bus to Bangkok, not for the first time on our travels we ...
3 days 22 hours ago - WmMorris published a blog
Exploring Kowloon
April 13th 2014
This morning I set out to explore a bit. The narrow streets are initially confusing, especially since many of them change names every couple of blocks. I walked through the heart of the financial dist ...
3 days 23 hours ago - kevandcarly published a blog
April 13th 2014
So we reluctantly left Vietnam and made our way to Cambodia. We arrived in the capital Phnom Penh and although we say it about each place we visit, it really was exceptionally warm. We stayed in a hos ...
3 days 23 hours ago - Louise and Pete published a blog
Farewell to David and Cheryl
April 13th 2014
Our wonderful holiday at the bay of Islands came to an end today. Before David dropped us off we went to the mt Eden lookout. Mt Eden is an extinct volcano. It was quite an amazing view. We then got ...

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