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3 days 18 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Parakai - Waimauku - Avondale (50km) (Total 20894km)
April 21st 2014
-SP- He madrugado bastante porque a eso de las 7 no llovia, y he decidido desmontar campamento lo antes posible, antes de que venga otro chaparron. A eso de las 8 ya estaba otra vez lloviendo fuert ...
3 days 19 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Orewa - Puhoi - Ahuroa - Kaukapakapa - Hellensville - Parakai (65km) (Total 20844km)
April 21st 2014
-SP- He empezado hoy a eso de las 10, y me he dirigido al norte por la carretera de la costa. Al poco rato ya me ha pillado una nueva tromba de agua. Cuando ha aflojado un poco he continuado, y vis ...
3 days 19 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Auckland - Silverdale - Orewa (40km) (Total 20779km)
April 21st 2014
-SP- Esta mañana he empacado todo sobre la bici nuevamente, he pasado por la tienda de bicis para reservar una caja y he bajado al puerto de ferrys de Auckland para pillar el siguiente barco a Dev ...
3 days 21 hours ago - SharonAN published a blog
Celebrating Easter in China or Downpour at that Damn Three Gorges Dam
April 20th 2014
Easter Sunday began for us on the Yangtze River with the first glimpse of the sun we’d had all week. We went up to the fifth deck Lounge to see if we could connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi because the ...
3 days 21 hours ago - FamEck published a blog
April 20th 2014
Hallo zusammen. Wow, ist schon einiges passiert seit dem letzen Blog Eintrag! Zuerst einmal, es geht uns allen sehr gut, wir geniessen die Zeit hier miteinander und nehmen einen Tag nach dem Anderen. ...
3 days 22 hours ago - Josevich published a blog
The Canadian Rockies. They're so beautiful you'd want to cuddle them.
March 25th 2014
I wanted to see Lake Louise after the snow has melted like the one that I saw on a postcard. But alas, it’s already spring and the lake is still frozen. It’s the last week of March and I’m leavi ...
3 days 22 hours ago - costaricakid published a blog
April 20th 2014
JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: CANCUN, MEXICO 1984 I read in the Auburn student newspaper, the Plainsman, in January about an upcoming Spring Break trip to Mexico. After reading the details, I decided ...
3 days 23 hours ago - Go where the pepper grows published a blog
Japan, finally
Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto

February 4th 2014
Preparing myself for the ultimate culture shock, I get off the airport bus in downtown Osaka. Jaclyn, whom I met up with at the airport, has already been to Japan various times, making her mind less l ...
3 days 23 hours ago - Emma Mulcahy published a blog
Monte Verde - Samara - San Jose
April 21st 2014
Hola! Over the last week I have been to Monte Verde in the hills, Samara at the beach and back to San Jose. I finally got my bus to Monte Verde and travelled for 5 hours, arriving there at 1930. ...
4 days 0 hours ago - Lindsay2011 published a blog
The Easter Bunny found us in China!!!
Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA

April 21st 2014
It has been a busy weekend!! On Friday I decorated lots of eggs ready for our Easter Egg hunt on Sunday. The boys had a great time reading the clues and searching all over Green Park for them!! While ...
4 days 0 hours ago - Lindsay2011 published a blog
Happy Birthday Nanny Dragon!!!!!
Asia » China » Tianjin » TEDA

April 21st 2014
Hope you enjoy your presents from us and have a lovely day!! ...
4 days 0 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Happy Easter at Universal Studios - Day 3
April 21st 2014
Easter Day was chilly here in Florida. I'm sure the Easter Bunny was glad he had a fur coat on today. Remember our chocolate Easter Rabbits that MJ & Mike gave us? ......the pathetic ones that met a s ...

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