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3 days 20 hours ago - Emma Mulcahy published a blog
Charleston, Washington, Atlantic City
April 14th 2014
So I have come to the end of my time in the USA and I am only getting round to writing my blog. Hopefully I will be a little more organised in South America! Stuart and I spent a week travelling up ...
3 days 20 hours ago - JennaNicole published a blog
Toledo, Spain
April 20th 2014
Toledo, Spain ...
3 days 20 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Mark It Up, Ann!!!
April 16th 2014
As in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Why is Ann Arbor a big deal? It is Michigan. It is my 50th and last state that I have visited. Today, April 16, 2014, I set foot in Ann Arbor at 1:05pm or thereabouts. This ...
3 days 20 hours ago - JennaNicole published a blog
Madrid, Spain
April 20th 2014
Madrid, Spain ...
3 days 20 hours ago - Backpack Bug published a blog
Singapore Sling
April 20th 2014
3 whirlwind nights in Singapore....where to start?! We started with an 8 hour flight to Dubai. I'd managed to get us seats together 'in the middle in the middle in the middle' of the plane, wh ...
3 days 21 hours ago - SlavicNerd published a blog
Dia segunda - Alfama, Bairro Alto, e Chiado
April 20th 2014
Day two was supposed to be rainy all day long, so when we got up at 9 and it looked the same as when we'd arrived - just somewhat overcast- we were relieved. We headed downstairs for breakfast, since ...
3 days 22 hours ago - Miss Chris published a blog
Up and Around a Waterfall
April 20th 2014
As I’ve written plenty of times before, a great thing about my job is the ability to experience those things off the beaten path. For the past 2 weeks we’ve had claims northeast of Redding. 2 w ...
3 days 22 hours ago - Vlekkie published a blog
Day 7: Horse Riding in Wadi Musa and Wadi Rum
October 18th 2013
I never was into a desert before, so how would it be to stay in "the middle of nowhere", between sand (dunes), the silence, the heat and the wind? And how would it be to sleep under the stars? And how ...
3 days 22 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Saksagan Cave Hotel ..... Goreme
April 20th 2014
Today we leave our beautiful oasis in Cappadocia. After another lovely Turkish breakfast at the hotel we went back to "gourd Man" where we purchased some beautiful hanging gourd lights . We Were ...
3 days 23 hours ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Grizzo, Barcis, & Sacile, Italy
March 26th 2014
"It was about a 2 hour drive to get to Sacile which is where I was born so we went to my hospital to take a couple pictures. Then we went to Vitor's old school. We could not go onto the military base, ...
3 days 23 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Cappadocia/Kapadokya ....Day two
April 20th 2014
Good Friday AM...up at 4:00 again today....bad news at 5:00 too much wind to fly. Back to bed until loud pounding on door at 7:00. HURRY....We are going to fly! In air by 7:40 after being literall ...
4 days 0 hours ago - KatieKerrySteph published a blog
San Francisco
April 18th 2014
Today we had the last full day of our holidaying in San Francisco. It took us a while to get up and ready for the outside world after the night before!! We eventually left the hotel about 10.15. It wa ...

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