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2 days 6 hours ago - muellerfamily published a blog
Bryce Canyon
July 30th 2014
Wo mir hüt ufgstande sin, hän mir tatsächlig blaue Himmel gseh... Aber heiss isch es also au hüt nid gsi, knapp 18 Grad (und au am Nomidag nur knapp über 20 Grad). Trotzdem aber: nüt wie los in ...
2 days 6 hours ago - Wildetrips published a blog
Lima, Peru - Our First South American Adventure
South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima

April 12th 2014
When most people think of Lima, the next thought that comes to mind is that long layover before flying to Cusco and Machu Picchu. But Lima has preserved history in a way that is truly amazing, by addi ...
2 days 6 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
Jour 49 dinosaures 340 kms
July 29th 2014
Le beau temps continue Ce soir je pense que je vais être assez bref. Je ne vais pas vous abreuvez, sur toutes les informations que j' ai eu ce matin au Royal Tyrrell Muséum. Je ne sais pas ...
2 days 6 hours ago - Laurent Agache published a blog
Day 5 & 6: Tadoussac
July 26th 2014
After two great nights in Quebec city I made my way to Tadoussac, following the road along the St. Lawrence river. This small town is known for its superb whale watching, especially for belugas, which ...
2 days 9 hours ago - CStephens published a blog
A Rocking Politician
July 29th 2014
A tip for anyone planning on traveling to the Balkans in summertime: plan for heat with random intermittent thunderstorms during the day and every night. Also, do your best to not need to wear pants o ...
2 days 9 hours ago - Colin and Carole Block published a blog
July 29th 2014
Thought about going on the Vienna bus tour this morning, but decided to just walk about on our own in the vicinity of the ship. Everyone else left bright and early on the buses, leaving an eerie quiet ...
2 days 9 hours ago - likejakarotemi published a blog
dag 17 Knysna
July 28th 2014
Nadat iedereen weer gewekt was, hetzij door zijn of haar wekker, hetzij door een hond of overtrekkende gans, zaten we om half negen gezamenlijk weer aan een heerlijk ontbijt. Onze gastvrouw Ypie had o ...
2 days 9 hours ago - likejakarotemi published a blog
Dag 18: Knysna - Mossel Bay - Swellendam
July 29th 2014
Strakblauwe lucht en dat al om 8.30 uur in de ochtend. Een half uur later schuiven we weer aan de ontbijttafel voor ons, alweer laatste, ontbijtje in de Knysna Country House. Zoals gepland zitten we o ...
2 days 10 hours ago - Meg and Rob published a blog
Iceland Day 3
July 29th 2014
Today was a relatively lazy until late afternoon. This morning we moved on, slowly making our way down to the south coast and, as it was a relatively short journey for us compared to some of our adven ...
2 days 10 hours ago - CrazyLegs published a blog
I'll be back in an hour....
July 25th 2014
Friday was the last day I planned to stay in Clermont, and I had a few bits an bobs that I wanted to do before diving into the pool and staying there for a while! I filled up mu water bottle w ...
2 days 10 hours ago - Good Times Girls published a blog
Bolivia, where Pachamama got it right
July 22nd 2014
After plenty of World Cup Mania, we ventured over to Bolivia. We spent some time in Spanish School which has made us much more effective at getting around and ordering vegetarian food. We just finishe ...
2 days 11 hours ago - wokeye published a blog
St. Lucia Caribbean
July 28th 2014
St. Lucia: What a wonderful day firstly we boarded a catamaran for a cruise around the harbour, then headed out to sea towards the coral reefs for a snorkeling adventure. Luckily for us we were not pe ...

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