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4 days 14 hours ago - Hola South America published a blog
Inca Trail (Day 2)
April 9th 2014
Day 51 a very early 5.30 am start with a gentle call by the porters to wake us up by asking if we wanted a cup of tea! Just like room service. We woke up to fine weather and after a big breaky we set ...
4 days 14 hours ago - taracloud published a blog
Punta Arenas and Patagonia
April 13th 2014
I'd come to one of those mythical places that conjures up images of adventure and a palpable sense of history! Punto Arenas, the capital of the Magellanes and Chilean Antarctica Region, is the souther ...
4 days 14 hours ago - Adventuresofdavidandmartha published a blog
How\'re ya goin\'?
April 13th 2014
We have been without a stable wifi connect for the past week, so will try to bring you up to date while we wait in the Darwin airport for our flight to Cairns (delayed until the wind and rain of Tropi ...
4 days 15 hours ago - WorthoBlog published a blog
Worthos Split - Easter 2014
April 8th 2014
Friday, 11th April will ring in the end to Term 2 and the beginning of the Spring Vacation. The next day we fly EasyJet to Split, Croatia for 13 days will be our first visit to the old Roman city ...
4 days 15 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Trip to Istanbul from Paris
April 13th 2014
After a very late arrival home from Normandy last night we needed to speed pack and be ready for b Bed by midnight. Ort taxi arrived promptly at 8:00 pm . Found Turkish Air terminal, checked in bag ...
4 days 16 hours ago - jilltylerthailand published a blog
About to leave
April 13th 2014
Hi All, Tyler and I are leaving this Friday for Morocco. We are really excited to be going away. We will post on our blog whenever we have time, so subscribe to our blog to be updated throughout ou ...
4 days 17 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Fun at Universal Studios but Farewell to Friends
April 13th 2014
Yesterday was a busy day with its ups & downs. Tropical Palms provided a "Farewell Breakfast" for the last of us "long termers" who still remain. Do you think they call us stragglers? Just a few table ...
4 days 18 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
Continued. Day four Paris
April 13th 2014
On the bus to Normandy we enjoyed the beautiful French countryside. Lovely farms, cows and bright yellow fields of Rape seed. The small villages we passed through were exactly as one would imagine ... ...
4 days 18 hours ago - AshleySage published a blog
Oh! Is that the time!
April 12th 2014
Once we were all set up we went to a local restaurant for an evening meal, which was brochettes, with mixed salad for starters. All of which was excellent. The next day we had a bit of a boring day. I ...
4 days 20 hours ago - heelleennaa published a blog
volunteering with LIFE Argentina
April 2nd 2014
I thought it appropriate to dedicate a separate piece to this as even before my time here is done I can say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life, the people and mooments I have had ...
4 days 20 hours ago - Lahuitenchine published a blog
Résumé de l'après midi/soir du 13 avril
April 13th 2014
"Cet après midi on s'est baladés dans les villages dong, c'est vraiment magnifique ! Et sinon, dans un des villages j'ai joué au ping-pong contre un chinois, c'était bien marrant ! Visiblement il ...
4 days 21 hours ago - Crannster published a blog
Being Ironed with my Clothes on...
April 12th 2014
D and T checking in once again to amuse you... The country of Paraguay... We took a bus across the international bridge between the Argentinian city of Posadas and the Paraguayan city of Encarna ...

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