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2 days 17 hours ago - Brandon Boys In South America published a blog
Falling Head Over Heels For Iguazu
July 2nd 2014
After a series of cities and concrete jungles it was a welcome relief to discover some wilderness in the more rural destination of Iguazu (the Argentinian side). The Brandon-four stumbled off the bus ...
2 days 17 hours ago - boaterbikers2 published a blog
Day 14 July 19/14 St. George, Utah 4480 kms
July 19th 2014
OUT OF THIS WORLD literally describes every facet of the landscape we rode through today in Utah. It will take days for it all to sink in, once again. It was an unexpectedly long, intense 10 hour day, ...
2 days 17 hours ago - Missy published a blog
South America
July 21st 2014
This time next week I’ll be boarding a plane and heading to South America! I'm both nervous and excited as some of this trip I'll be on my own which I've never done before. I’ll try not to get mug ...
2 days 18 hours ago - muellerfamily published a blog
Grand Canyon
July 21st 2014
Hüt isch eifach numme e tolle Dag gsi!!! Au wenn dr Christian kei Heli-Flug gmacht het - er informiert sich no drüber, wie das usseh würd, vo Las Vegas us (dört hän mir denn ebbe nomol chli meh Z ...
2 days 19 hours ago - RamblingRosies published a blog
ST. LUCIA TO PANGOLA, SOUTH AFRICA--Monday, March 17, 2014
March 17th 2014
We all drove our RVs down to the St. Lucia dock and parked so that all 14 of them would fit in the parking lot. We boarded the river boat and off we went to look at hippos mainly, but also to se ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Lawtos published a blog
Thursday Island Tour
July 21st 2014
We have had a great tour of Thursday Island today, seeing all the War history and Pearling history and seeing the lovely happy people here. We even arrived on a day when Patty Mills the islands most f ...
2 days 19 hours ago - joyful1 published a blog
Home, COLD Home
July 21st 2014
Hi again, This will be the last diary entry for this trip (That's what these blogs have been for me, instead of writing up a 'paper' diary as I did on our first big trip in 2008, I started writing ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Lawtos published a blog
The Northern most tip of Australia 20th July
July 21st 2014
Yesterday we got up early and drove the last few Kms to the Tip and walked over the rocks to the famous sign. It was great because we just bet all the tourist buses to get our photos. We then took a 4 ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Stelen2 published a blog
Colombia's World Cup
July 21st 2014
When we decided to take this trip we knew we would be away for the 2014 Fifa World Cup. Being as that was the case we decided that it would be good to be in a country that had a team participating in ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Lawtos published a blog
Roadside Assistance just after Canal Creek!
July 21st 2014
After leaving Canal Creek Early on Fri 18th we ran into some friends we had met broken down. Thank goodness Greg had a cordless angle grinder as they had bent the rim of their tyre and couldn't get it ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Lawtos published a blog
Fruit Bat and Eliott Falls on the Old Tele Track
July 21st 2014
The kids had a great time swimming in the falls for a whole day! ...
2 days 20 hours ago - Following the Son published a blog
July 19, 2014 - Work Day at Braulio and Chanel's House
July 21st 2014
Braulio and Chanel have been living in a traditional Ecuadorian home for a young couple - a combination kitchen and dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom. But now with Mandy here they needed to expand ...

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