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5 hours 50 mins ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
jour 44 Banff 50 kms
July 24th 2014
Retour sur la remarque que je faisais hier sur le comportement des asiatiques. Par hasard ce matin, a la tv, sur une chaîne canadienne, RDi, il y avait un bloc note, sur le sujet. Chaque touriste ...
6 hours 9 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Ferry Hachinohe - Tamakomai
July 25th 2014
-SP- El ferry un poco pequeño para mi gusto, si hay mala mar seguro que pegamos buenos botes en esta txalupa. He embarcado despues de las motos, y un empleado de los de la boega ha ayudado a ...
7 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Siberian Tigers
July 24th 2014
The Siberian (or Amur) tiger is the largest tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) in the world. They live in Eastern Russia, and can also be found in parts of China and North Korea. The Amur tiger can gr ...
7 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
another dive day
July 23rd 2014
unser vorerst letzter tauchtag auf den galapagos-inseln beginnt etwas bewölkt, aber immerhin nicht regnerisch und bekanntlich ist unter wasser eh alles ganz anders. kickers rock ist das ziel und so f ...
7 hours ago - GGandPaPa published a blog
Gothenburg, Sweden
July 24th 2014
Today we leave behind Norway and travel to Gothenburg, Sweden, the 2largest in the Nordic countries. We arrived in Gothenburg by noon which gave us the rest of the day to explore. Our tour guide, Birg ...
8 hours ago - Sue70 published a blog
Lisbon, Land of the Long Lineup!
July 24th 2014
So I arrived in Lisbon, tired and hungry, and waiting over an hour to get through customs. Ridiculous! I found my way pretty easily to my hotel, using the metro, and was able to check in early. Refres ...
8 hours ago - LIVinglYFE published a blog
Montpellier France - Finally got around to Blogging
July 24th 2014
It's been a long time since my last blog entry and so much has happened that it's hard to know where to start. I lost contact when I was in France when I busy exploring the sites and experiencing new ...
9 hours ago - MaxAndRebecca published a blog
More Big Cities and The Beatles
July 24th 2014
We arrived in Glasgow on Friday evening, July 18th, and left on Sunday afternoon. Glasgow is a sprawling urban area with universities, museums, pubs, large buildings, and a small, circular subway line ...
9 hours ago - le g ographe published a blog
Le village des sports
July 24th 2014
Lake Placid, New-York, 24 juillet La renommée de Lake Placid n'est plus à faire. Cette petite bourgade plantée au creux des Adirondaks s'est fait une réputation mondiale par la tenue des Jeux O ...
10 hours ago - zweiindians published a blog
Reykjavik mid-night half-marathon
June 23rd 2014
We landed in Reykjavik around 23:00, got our bags, bought a ticket for the bus (greyline), and then waited. There was actually quite a bit of daylight at that time. The sun was on horizon, ready to se ...
10 hours ago - Team2Build published a blog
Last Work Day = Utolsó munkanap
July 18th 2014
came far too soon. How quickly a week can fly by! Everyone had tasks to do and felt good about all the work we’ve accomplished during the week, yet had a bit of sadness that we wouldn’t be able to ...
10 hours ago - Team2Build published a blog
Csütörtök = Thursday
July 17th 2014
started with a ½ day at the worksite with Tamas, followed by an afternoon trip by ferry across the Danube River to visit Visegrád Castle. It is famous as the remains of the Early Renaissance summer ...

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