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20 hours ago - AshleySage published a blog
Health and Safety? What is this Health and Safety...
April 17th 2014
Well even though we had an early start, thanks to a damn chicken that had been squawking since 4am, we were still second to last to leave the campsite. Once under way it all went quite smooth, even wh ...
20 hours ago - JanandJery published a blog
Cruise Ship Facts
April 17th 2014
A few facts about the ship. It was built in 2009. It will accommodate 2,850 guests. It is 1041 feet long with a beam of 121 feet and a draft of 27 feet. It will cruise at 24 knots. There are 15 ...
20 hours ago - KatieKerrySteph published a blog
Lone Pine to Lake Tahoe 220 miles
April 16th 2014
Early start this morning waking up at 6.45, then just as we were getting ready we heard a strange noise coming from the window by stephs bed. It was a frog or a toad croaking away as if to wake us up! ...
20 hours ago - Helena and Emma published a blog
Day 4: Time to move city!
April 11th 2014
Sorry once again for the delay, the internet access has been on the scarce side so now that we have settled the problem (sort of!) let's carry on with tales from our Asian adventure. So today we mo ...
20 hours ago - tonywilsonslo published a blog
World Cities Tour - Spring Break Edition - Day 6
April 16th 2014
Day 6 – Doin’ Nothin’ The gray and rainy morning drove Michelle and Anne’s desire to stay in and relax for a day. After Tony went off to the office, Anne and Michelle ventured across the st ...
21 hours ago - Jaymerica published a blog
Early beginnings in Kyoto and Nara
Asia » Japan » Kyoto

April 15th 2014
I was eager to hop on the train bound for Kyoto not only to experience the cultural hub of Japan, but it gave me 2 hours of much needed sleep on the infamous Shinkansen (bullet train) from my lack the ...
22 hours ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Tortuguero gecaching with the leaf cutter ants
April 17th 2014
Apart from arranging to go and walk the nature trail in the afternoon we have the rest of the day free so I decide to see if I can find the one geocache that's hidden at Tortuguera. I take my first pr ...
22 hours ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Costa Rica's Billy Blue Light

April 17th 2014
After my first decent night's sleep of the trip so far I wake refreshed and ready to go on an early morning canoe trip around the lagoon and rivers, or canals as they call them here. We meet Bill our ...
22 hours ago - Lottie Let Loose published a blog
Rhymes with turtle...
April 17th 2014
Trying to fall asleep in San Jose is a bit of a challenge to say the least. It's bad enough trying to outsmart your messed up body clock but when you add into the mix massively amplified music and inc ...
1 day 1 hours ago - UNOMUNDO published a blog
Colonies Defeated by Great Britain in Game Two
April 8th 2014
On the first day of the tournament, we had watched in the stands as Great Britain convincingly defeated Australia. Within the first minute of the game, GB had scored against the roos. As quickly as th ...
1 day 2 hours ago - RENanDREW published a blog
The essential handbook to lounging about in the Perhentian Islands
April 4th 2014
We woke early and headed down to a lazy breakfast at 7am. Sat on the hotel’s riverside deck beside the Sungai Terengganu (Terengganu River) and helped ourselves to tea, coffee, juice, cornflakes, ...
1 day 4 hours ago - mcfet published a blog
Bay of Fires and Freycinet
April 17th 2014
The east coast of Tasmania is all about spectacular coastlines. We have been really lucky to have sunshine and temperatures which are suited to some long walks. Started at the Bay of Fires with its br ...

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