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5 hours 18 mins ago - valeriavine published a blog
You know you're in India when.........
July 31st 2014
As I sit in the bus from Mumbai to Pune - I feel like I’ve been in a comedy of errors up until now. After not hearing squat from the Unicontinental, I booked with the Golden Swan from ...
5 hours 31 mins ago - rasdavid published a blog
Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen

August 1st 2014
Hi All, Really diificult to get a bed here but luckily the last hostel i called had room. Xiamen is a port city on the south western coast of China. It is another part of China that was forcibly op ...
5 hours 40 mins ago - onthegogirl published a blog
A new Alaskan Adventue
July 31st 2014
My honey left, my roomy arrived. The rain stops, the sun shines. The family gathers and we're off. Tomorrow we board the train for Talkneeta and then on to Denali but tonight we need to eat. Our first ...
5 hours 51 mins ago - Mangmemium published a blog
Louisiana, Lafayette
August 1st 2014
Har nu lämnat Texas och kommit in i Lafayette i Louisiana. Bara varit på campingen sen vi kom hit. Antar det inte är så mycket att se. Bara mellanlandning påväg till New Orleans. Har dock haft h ...
6 hours 3 mins ago - rasdavid published a blog
A Small Part of Portugal in Asia
Asia » Macau » Macau

August 1st 2014
Hi All, The Portugese originally came to China in the mid 15th century trading with the Chinese. In thanks for clearing the area of pirates the Portuguese were granted a lease on Macau and paid ren ...
6 hours 9 mins ago - adventure duo published a blog
so much news...
November 30th -0001
sooo massive day....i go to the interview fr the oceanographic instrument place ( receptionist job) and i love it..small place 12 employees....and they need someon to help jump in on doing soldering a ...
6 hours 20 mins ago - Missy published a blog
South America, Day 4: Lima, Peru
July 31st 2014
Hola! Today I was supposed to go paragliding but there wasn't enough wind so it got cancelled :(. I could just imagine trying to paraglide with unpredictable low winds, would probably end up in the oc ...
6 hours 34 mins ago - rasdavid published a blog
Shenzhen - What a Difference
August 1st 2014
Hi All, A short metro ride up to the border and then back into China. What a difference a border makes. No more perfect English on the metro announcements but some garbled attempt at American Engli ...
6 hours 48 mins ago - rasdavid published a blog
There's a Snake in My Boots
August 1st 2014
Hi All, So enough of the history and culture today.. Off to Disneyland Wow was it hot... The park isn't very big but it was great fun. I rode the runaway mine train, the toy soldiers parachute d ...
7 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
a pool in mindo
July 29th 2014
ein gemütlicher relax-tag steht heute auf dem programm. mit einer der wenigen möglichkeiten auszuschlafen, gemütlich frühstücken, am pool liegen. der heutige tag ist also eher unspektakulär. n ...
7 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
theater of amazonia
July 31st 2014
erstaunlich gut schläft es sich zu zweit in einem stockbett und der morgendliche blick auf die kackerlake, die völlig selbstverständlich auf dem doppelbett sitzt, bestätigt die weisheit unserer be ...
7 hours ago - The Krenns published a blog
July 30th 2014
ein weiterer langer reisetag liegt vor uns. wir verlassen ecuador früh und kommen schon am vormittag in bogotá, kolumbien, an. nur zwei stunden aufenthalt und wir haben großes vor! angeblich sind k ...

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