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12 hours ago - ClaireandShelly published a blog
Tuesday, Shelly invents a new sport
April 23rd 2014
Today is like everyday we travel to a remote island and a sandbar. We do a lot of snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. The water is very calm today (almost glassy) inside the atoll. Shelly asks the capt ...
13 hours ago - Landlord published a blog
Rowing across the Atlantic
April 23rd 2014
Rowing across the Atlantic 2014 April 6 2014 We left early Sunday morning from Orlando drove to Winter Haven picked up Oma and Opa and headed to Ft Lauderdale. We sang and talked all the ...
13 hours ago - Otane75 published a blog
ON TOUR - Woche 116 (Sri Lanka)
March 26th 2014
Donnerstag, 20.03.14 Jude brachte mich zum Busstop in der Nähe. Er meinte, es hätte jede halbe Stunde einen Bus nach Kalpitiya, doch knapp eine Stunde später stand ich immer noch am Strassenrand, ...
15 hours ago - Dolphin7 published a blog
Madrid - a couple of soccer games and a bull fight - sports section
June 17th 2013
Madrid is arguably the world's premier soccer city. With two of the best teams in the world currently competing in the Champions League semifinals I can't think of any city that beats Madrid for the q ...
17 hours ago - billandJackie published a blog
Perth and surrounds
April 12th 2014
Arrived at a C/P about 10ks out of Perth and only 3ks to the airport. Our first night was spent on a drive through site so that we could remain hooked up to help with an early start to get the caravan ...
18 hours ago - Gunga published a blog
Gunga:Feeding the rat - again....
April 23rd 2014
Dear Family and Friends, Although you haven't heard from me for a long time (Italy, winter, 2013), I done some traveling. I visited Russia on a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg last Aug. ...
18 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Weird Chicago
April 16th 2014
I was just a kid when I heard the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was caused my Mrs. O'Leary's cow. Since then, I have gained a healthy respect for our Second City, though I like it as my first city. I am ...
18 hours ago - Hola South America published a blog
Sucre Bolivia
April 21st 2014
Days 62-63 After our 14 hr nightmare bus ride our hostel kindly allowed us all into our rooms for a hot shower which seemed to revive us enough to go our for an orientation walk of the colonial heart ...
18 hours ago - Richandgemsadventures published a blog
Santa Marta: Tayrona National Park
April 1st 2014
We stepped off the plane and bang...we were smacked in the face with booming sun and 33 degrees of humid heat. Back in the heat, back to the beach and back in the land of the mozzies. We had arrived i ...
21 hours ago - LeoPassi published a blog
Onwards to Durban
April 19th 2014
I departed Sandton, Johannesburg, as I had arrived: on the airport express service. The train breezed eastwards through suburbs, industry and intervening golf courses to Oliver Tambo International. I ...
21 hours ago - Sondi published a blog
A day of Mosques
April 22nd 2014
Today Sharon, King, and I ventured out into this amazing city on our own. our personal guide, Shannon Vogelaar, had a previous engagement so.....she tucked us into a taxi to Kabatas where we caught ...
22 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Michigan, Last But Not Least!
April 16th 2014
Well, my quest to visit all FIFTY, the so-called Nifty Fifty, has finally ended, or shall we say peaked with the state of Michigan. Though I may have changed planes here (back in the Eighties) with a ...

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