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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone » Songwe Village April 15th 2014

So I travelled with John, a friend from Ireland who I met in Lilongwe from Lusaka to Livingstone, which took approximately 8 hours on a comfortable "luxury" bus. Now I've been on a number of buses which class their service as luxurious and of a high quality, but it more often than not, is anything but. However, the Mazhandu bus we caught was just like a Western bus and made for an enjoyable journey, especially as John and I booked the front two seats meaning we had more leg room and a decent view. Vic Falls - Wow!! Victoria Falls is an unbelievable sight, the power and size of the river is extremely impressive. With the rainy season having just ended, the river is at it's highest which meant that the view of the falls was ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga » Sabi Sands April 15th 2014

By Chris this time. We woke up in the morning and I had a bacon cheese tomato omelette. When we were about to leave to the airport we met a couple Adam and Sarah who were from New York and we shared a taxi bus to the airport. They talked about their jobs, and they were both literature professors and I showed Sarah my Ricky Ponting book as an example of Australian literature. Adam was originally from London so he got the joke. We got on the plane and everyone was squished up so the pilot asked Mum if she wanted to come up to the front seat but Mum let me go up instead. When I got up there I had to put on four different seatbelts and I had hundreds of knobs and buttons ... read more

Africa » Namibia April 14th 2014

7days at sea seemed very daunting,but the time actually passed by with great speed.birthday celebrations with cake, bubbles and waiters singing rounded off a good time. The captain steered the ship carefully over the equator. We didn't even feel the bump whilst he passes over the line.even though he told us we were travelling uphill towards home.!!! Our travels took us past Angola Liberia and other mysterious countries.The occasional dolphin leeping out of the water certainly made up for the lack of seeing land. Cape Verdi and Lisbon still to go plus of course Brian's birthday. What a struggle,all this enjoyment is hard work,better pour another glass HIC xx... read more

Africa » Morocco » Meknès-Tafilalet » Todra Gorge April 14th 2014

Well today went as well as yesterday, even if I feel like we pushed a bit too far at the end, it does mean we have gained another day. The morning started of ok and we started our accent of the Dades gorge in search of the off road crossing that goes between the two gorges. The first time I thought we had reached the turning, we came to a dead end within 200 meters. The turning didn't seem right when we took it, but because they were constructing a new road crossing, I just assumed this was the reason, not that it was wrong. Luckly a local guy had seen us and told us we hadn't reached the turning and that it was actually another 2km further up the road. This time it seemed more ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Meknès-Tafilalet » Erfoud April 12th 2014

Once we were all set up we went to a local restaurant for an evening meal, which was brochettes, with mixed salad for starters. All of which was excellent. The next day we had a bit of a boring day. It started off nice with a small tour of the village and then a look at Benny, our guide’s, house. Inside was a real difference, to the outside which was just a simple mud hut look, but obviously made of concrete, but inside was a small garden of palm trees surrounded by a shaded walk way. Upstairs was a work in progress still as he is building some small rooms for tourists to stay. At the end of the tour we all sat down next to the garden and had tea with small cakes, dates and ... read more


Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Pretoria April 11th 2014

Yesterday we were going to catch the train to Pretoria, South Africa’s capital, but to do that we had to find the station, so with dud confident that he could take us to the station direct, we wondered through the streets in circles for half an hour until dud swallowed his pride and asked for directions. From the station we caught the train to Pretoria and set off from the station to find the parliament house, and lo, more wandering under the guidance of the great dud. Then he again relented and we caught the bus back to the train station were we got a taxi to monument hill from there we climbed the 500 steps up to the top were I looked town and my legs literally turned to jelly as the marble floor made ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton April 10th 2014

Mum, Dad, Chris and I flew out from Perth to Joburg at midnight, it was hell. The only positive was the fact we had a spare seat next to us so we could sort off lie down during the flight. There were two twins behind us that cried ALOT!! Dad had also ditched us for business class… >: (Chris and I slept for four hours and Mum for two… dad probably slept the whole flight.) We landed, after what seemed like an eternity, at 4:30 am local time, an 11 hour flight. We got to our hotel at 6 and checked into a temporary room so we could freshen up and relax. We had breakfast (see paragraph7) I had a bacon and cheese omelette. Then we went to Sandton city, like a giant shopping centre – ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Meknès-Tafilalet » Midelt April 10th 2014

Fes was an amazing experience and a very long day, as our guide was ready for us at 10 and continued to show us around until 6. But it was worth it as there is no way we would have found all those things alone. The next day we took a short country route to Ifrane to see the town and also sort our internet out. After a long time in the phone shop we then headed to a campsite near Azrou. Last time we camped at Amazigh as the original campsite we headed for at euro camping, had a crowd of touts outside. This time round there wasn’t a single person, so we headed in and dumped Dads truck. We then headed back up the road to find the Barbary Apes that live in the ... read more

Africa » South Africa April 9th 2014

Sat 5th April,we arrived in the harbour of Cape Town.The sun was rising over table mountain which gave a magnificent panoramic view and a glorious start to our two day visit. The morning tour gave us a leisurely drive along the coast before we headed up to the cable car to assend to the top of table mountain. The weather stayed perfect and the views were amazing.All too soon we had to descend and to console ourselves we spent the afternoon at the waterfront wine bars,getting in training for the next days trip to the Stellenbosch vineyards. Equally good weather allowed us a scenic day out .It took a while to sample the products from this region. Thirsty heavyboxes to carry back on board... We drove back along the residential areas.One side of the street ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Gordon's Bay April 9th 2014

Tsitsikamma to Jeffrey’s Bay (113.8 km or 71 miles)—Wednesday, March 5th. Bright sunny day We made our way back onto the N-2, still heading toward Port Elizabeth. A couple miles down the road, we pulled into the parking lot for the “Big Tree,” which is a 1000 year-old yellow wood tree. Parked the RV in some partial shade and showed our “Wild Card” at the entrance. We then set out to walk into the forest for “ just a short way” on a boardwalk. As was usual, the “just a little walk” was quite a ways along with many steps going up and down. We could have been walking in any moist forest environment as the ferns and other woodland plants growing here looked really familiar to us. When we got to the tree, it was ... read more
1403-83 Walking along the path reminds us of Oregon
1403-84 Interesting fungus
1403-85 And Spanish Moss

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