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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Sandton April 10th 2014

Mum, Dad, Chris and I flew out from Perth to Joburg at midnight, it was hell. The only positive was the fact we had a spare seat next to us so we could sort off lie down during the flight. There were two twins behind us that cried ALOT!! Dad had also ditched us for business class… >: (Chris and I slept for four hours and Mum for two… dad probably slept the whole flight.) We landed, after what seemed like an eternity, at 4:30 am local time, an 11 hour flight. We got to our hotel at 6 and checked into a temporary room so we could freshen up and relax. We had breakfast (see paragraph7) I had a bacon and cheese omelette. Then we went to Sandton city, like a giant shopping centre – ... read more

Africa » South Africa April 9th 2014

Sat 5th April,we arrived in the harbour of Cape Town.The sun was rising over table mountain which gave a magnificent panoramic view and a glorious start to our two day visit. The morning tour gave us a leisurely drive along the coast before we headed up to the cable car to assend to the top of table mountain. The weather stayed perfect and the views were amazing.All too soon we had to descend and to console ourselves we spent the afternoon at the waterfront wine bars,getting in training for the next days trip to the Stellenbosch vineyards. Equally good weather allowed us a scenic day out .It took a while to sample the products from this region. Thirsty heavyboxes to carry back on board... We drove back along the residential areas.One side of the street ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Meknès-Tafilalet » Azrou April 8th 2014

Apologizes, this could be a long one as our internet decided to block us out till we could get to a shop, and a lot has happened in the mean time. Day started off fine with a slow easy morning and then a walk into Chefchauoen. The walk took us in to the top of the medina and not a single person batted an eyelid, as in not one “hello my friend, welcome to Morocco” which, a bit like the port, threw me. Last time we barely made it out of the campsite before we had a local who became our unwanted guide and every shop owner giving us the default tourist script as above (read 2012’s blog). Once we had walked around the main part of the medina, we went down into the newer part ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region » Addis Ababa April 7th 2014

After 6 weeks in the Southern Africa region, it was an exciting prospect to be changing things up. Daniel, Phil and I were on our way to Ethiopia. Granted every country in Southern Africa was unique in several ways, but at the same time there was still a regional constant between them all. Aside from the fact that we were still in Africa, this constant was no more upon our arrival to Ethiopia. Daniel was the catalyst for this leg of the trip as his parents live in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, and his mother is the number-2 at the Swedish Embassy there. Graciously, Daniel and his parents invited Phil and I to stay in their home for a week and we gratefully obliged. Typically, Ethiopia wouldn’t be the luxurious stretch of one’s travels, ... read more
The Blue Nile Gorge near Debre Libanos
I salute you Ethiopia - watching over the palace at En Toto
really cool Colobus monkeys in Menagesha

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Pretoria April 7th 2014

Oscar Pistorius Highlights Culture of Crime in South Africa I attended the trial today in Pretoria- in fact anyone can go into the overflow of the court and see Oscar speaking live –it’s called “ open justice” and it must be really the worst experience of his life. Today I watched how Oscar explained to his defense attorney (they go first)-the prosecutor will get his chance in the next day or so… He looked tearful at times…speaking with a respectful tone to the judge… open…transparent…answering the questions to the best of his ability… generally trying to give his version of the events… Mr. Le Roux began by asking him if he had ever taken any drugs or sports enhancing medication …to which Oscar replied “ No”- THEN it went to his early life , his good ... read more


Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Chefchaouen April 5th 2014

Day 6 and we are at last in Morocco! Uncle Ray picked up the tickets yesterday so we only had to get on to the ferry, which is more of a job than you think. First the tom tom tries to send you down a service area which is locked, and then when you enter the port there’s no sign for Tangier-Med only Ceuta and Tangier. We followed the signs for Tangier and joined a queue, which turned out to be for the wrong ferry company, who were 3 hours behind. Once through the check in, there are absolutely no signs for which ferry is where are what lane you should be parked in! But with bit of trial and error, we parked up in front of our ferry, just in time to watch all the ... read more

Africa » Seychelles » Praslin April 5th 2014

It's a hard life. Not really - it's actually pretty sweet right now. I'm on the uninhabited 'Curieuse Island' which lies just 15 minutes by boat from Praslin, a major island in the collection of islands known as the Seychelles. What a place. Working as a volunteer with Global Vision International (GVI) on research and conservation is pretty much the dream. Who needs civilization when you have tortoises strolling passed your dorms during the day? Who needs hot water for showers when you have a clear, turquoise sea which is ideally controlled to be at the perfect bathing temperature for 12 hours of the day? Who needs a gym when you can trek through jungle terrain in search of endemic species of birds, trees and tortoises for a natural, full body workout? And, who needs mosquito ... read more
A bit of snorkelling
The Volunteers
Green Team on Island Monopoly

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » KIrstenbosch April 4th 2014

On Saturday I went to Warwick Vineyard for wine tasting and a picnic. How beautiful. You can choose where you have your picnic, we chose to sit in the forest courtyard. really nice area just next to the main building over looking the lawn. As the afternoon went on we decided we should have picked the lawn area to sit and eat as you go to lie on the grass with big cushions and an umbrella looking out over the lake. But any way we had chosen the courtyard which was still just as pleasant. We had our wine tasting session, 3 whites and 4 reds then our gourmet picnic arrived. french stick, 2 cheeses and parma ham with a jam, quinoa and beetroot salad, rare beef with a horse radish and mustard sauce, goats cheese ... read more
Gourmet Picnic
Graham Beck MCC
Newlands Stadium

Africa » South Africa April 4th 2014

We approached the coast of South Africa during a spectacular thunderstorm on Wednesday night. Watched it creep over the land mass.Thursday am still quite stormy we set off on a two hour coach trip to the Kariega Game Reserve. There we donned waterproof capes before signing a disclaimer about being attached by the wildlife.Think Brian was no 10 on the lions lunchtime menu.Wow what an experience. Open topped Jeeps,lurching and bumping across the wet scrubland in search of Rhino Hippos Zebra Giraffe Elephant and Lions.We saw them all.unbelievable, what a fantastic Safari. After three hours of animal spotting we arrived at a tree top restaurant for lunch.Fortunately it was us who were eating and not the wildlife. Now back on board for a sail around the Cape before a couple of days in Cape Town. No ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos April 4th 2014

A taste is all we have time for now, with barely a week left before we would fly out of southern Africa. The trip from Nelspruit to Maputo was uncomfortable, a five hour haul with our knees wedged into the back of the seat in front of us, a stranger’s shoulder pressed firmly against my own, our packs across our laps, and the smell of 16 sweaty people crammed into a minivan. Nonetheless, this travel served such an interesting lesson on how certain parts of the world work, that I wouldn’t have changed a thing. During the five hour trip, we were pulled over at five or six different police checkpoints. Though maybe these checkpoints do have some larger macro function for law enforcement, at the micro scale, they are an opportunity for the police officers ... read more
Benguerra Island in the National Park
View of Low Tide towards the mainland from Magaruque Island
Daniel and I making our way up the dune on Bazaruto

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