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Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher June 13th 2022

A relatively quiet day today. Our original plans had been to visit Galway City and the Connemara National Park, but we had a bit of a slow start and didn’t really fancy the 2 hour-ish drive over to the national park, so we had a look at the map and decided to head to the Cliffs of Moher. Susan took the first shift driving and off we went. The most exciting part of the trip was ascending Corkscrew Hill, a series of 4 big hairpin bends. The view at the top was pretty good, but would have been stunning if the weather had been sunny! The Cliffs of Moher were, well…cliffs. It’s fair to say that they are quite high (702 feet) and, as advertised, they’re vertical. They do have a bit of a story behind ... read more
Corkscrew Hill
Cliffs of Moher thingy
The cliffs

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher May 7th 2019

Day 08 Today was a travel day, moving from Galway Bay area, to Cobh. Galway Bay was our base for setting out and seeing some of the sights we wanted to see. Leaving Galway Bay, we went up to see the Cliffs of Moher, before turning and heading for Cobh. Today was mostly driving, which is why there are not as many pictures. We saw cows, sheep, horses and donkeys as well as stone walls, of various degrees of upkeep. In Cobh, we are going to begin searching for the Keating connection to Ireland, where we know some things, but want to fill in the gaps if we can. Using the Water’s Edge Hotel as our base while here. Dinner at the hotel, finish the blog entries and get caught up with today’s activities. It shall ... read more
We arrived before the 100s of tourbusses.
The Cliffs and the Wild Atlantic Way marker.
Gallager's and JP Clarke's Country Pub

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher September 7th 2017

Weiter geht es nach Connemara und Clare. Wir besichtigen die Kylemore Abbey, die für ein Nonnenkloster ziemlich feudal erscheint. Tatsächlich war das mal ein schickes Schloss, das aber aus finanziellen Gründen mehrfach den Besitzer gewechselt hat und schließlich von den Benediktinerinnen aufgekauft wurde. Praktischerweise hatte schon der Vorbesitzer eine Kirche auf dem Gelände errichten lassen, und die Nonnen haben die wirklich tollen Gärten sehr schön wieder hergerichtet und viele Jahre lang Internatsschülerinnen unterrichtet. Das Wetter wird deutlich schlechter: viel Regen, viel Wind. Das Wandern wird daher deutlich weniger, und das Spazierenfahren nimmt zu. Immerhin unternehmen wir einen ernst gemeinten Versuch, den Croagh Patrick zu erklimmen, und wir sind auch einige Stunden unterwegs. Den finalen Anstieg lassen wir aber sein, da der Ausblick wahrscheinlich nur wenige Meter in di... read more
Cliffs of Moher
Kylemore  Abbey - hier leben Nonnen und Internatsschüler
Die Gärten von Kylemore Abbey

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher August 26th 2017

Tag 339 – Cliffs of Moher & Burren Tour Für Samstag hatte ich noch einen Tagestrip geplant. Ich wurde wieder am Aquarium eingesammelt, und unterhielt mich die ganze Strecke bis zur Coach Station nett mit einer Mutter und Tochter aus Montana, die dann jedoch in den Bus nach Connemara umstiegen. Mein Tourguide heute war auch freundlich aber lange nicht so kommunikativ, er redete nicht ohne Punkt und Komma sondern sagte immer wieder, dass er unseren Ohren jetzt mal eine Pause geben würde – also von mir aus konnte er ruhig was erzählen. ^^ Unser erster Stopp war Dunguaire Castle, hier hatten wir nur zehn Minuten Zeit, und so viel gab es außer dem Souvenirshop auch nicht zu sehen, für die Besichtigung musste man Eintritt bezahlen, und so groß war die Ruine auch nicht. Am ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher August 16th 2017

After 2 nights in Galway, it is time to say goodbye and move to our next destination. Our designated time for breakfast was 8:00 this morning as another Gate 1 Tour group had arrived the day before. The scheduled departure time was 9:15. I have felt very blessed to have the weather we have had so far this week, but this morning was another story. When we stepped outside we almost blew over it was so blustery and the forecast was for rain. Not a good sign for a visit to the Cliffs of Moher. Patrick said it wasn't the wind or the rain that was the problem, but that if it was foggy we might not be able to see the Cliffs. Fingers crossed we boarded the bus for the 2 hour drive. Along the ... read more
Cliffs of Moher
Sunset over shores of Galway Bay

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher July 22nd 2015

(Rural Ireland = crap wifi once more. I gave up after three photos... sorry.) Yesterday I headed to Galway. Fun times looking for the bus stop since of course Citylink doesn't stop at the bus station... that would be too easy ;) Giving my name to the driver was fun. More accurately, hearing him try to pronounce my name was fun. The drive was uneventful. Passed a few fun things, such as "The Shire" pub which had a giant sign that said: "let's get Legolas" which is just brilliant ok hahaha. (Forgot to mention the other day, one of theoubtain ranges heading oit to Dingle is also called the Misty Mountains since the tops are always in the fog/clouds. LotR is alive and well in Ireland.) I also saw a lot of businesses with "Moriarty" as ... read more
Cliffs of Moher
Cliffs of Moher

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher March 14th 2015

Yesterday I went to the amazing Cliffs of Moher. They were everything that people make them out to be. I couldn't have asked for a better day either, as the skies were clear and the view seemed endless. The Cliffs are 700ft tall and there is nothing keeping you from walking over the edge. The beauty and magnitude is remarkable and the Cliffs are definitely one of my favorite places. I used a tour company to get to the Cliffs and we also made a short stop in Limerick and drove all throughout the Burren. The Burren is an area of rock that covers some 250 square kilometers. It is a place of great beauty in County Clare and shows the rugged terrain of Ireland. Your stereotypical images of the Irish countryside become a reality in ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher January 12th 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015 - My roommates (Carly, Carla, and Sarah), Amanda (a girl from our apartment complex), and I decided to take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher which is about an hour and a half south of Galway. We booked a tour through Galway Tour Company which picked us up at a bus station that is about 15 minutes from our apartment. Our bus driver/guide's name was John and he was very comical and shared a lot of information about Ireland and the various towns we passed through. Along the way to the cliffs we stopped for pictures at a few castles and light houses, and had lunch in Doolin which is about 10 minutes from the cliffs. It was a gorgeous drive and I felt like I was in a movie ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher August 18th 2014

As an Irishman you sometimes get lost in all the beauty of Ireland. But sometimes you miss out on one of the great's location for travel in Ireland, Europe and the world in my belief. At the age of 28 was my first trip to the cliffs of Moher. Traveled on this trip by bus, a tour company. Leaving my home town of Cork @ 08.30a.m. As we traveled to the cliffs the driver informed the group about historic facts, most I knew but some where new to me, can't know everything now can I. Travelling along the Atlantic coast, there was some amazing views. The Aran Islands for one as we stopped by the baby Cliffs. As the Atlantic crashed against the rocks below one could get lost in all the incredible views and sounds ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Clare » Cliffs of Moher November 30th 2013

We woke up from sleeping in the giant beds in Adare to walking down for another complementary 'Irish Breakfast' There were so many options to choose from so we stuffed ourselves just incase our lunch was very late. We then walked main street of Adare which was a typical thatched roof town. The houses had little shops in them which were very cute and original. Most seemed like they were made locally compared to a chain store. We even found the perfect irish stereotype confiming how much they really drink. Inside of one pub we found 19 kegs waiting to be picked up by the garbage from the night before. We then went to the manor in Adare which Danika and I had to joke that it was no big deal, it's just a manor. We ... read more

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