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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Paros July 28th 2023

Piso Livadi is so chill. It’s basically a tiny little beach, boats and seafood restaurants. I’m feeling this vibe way more than Santorini tbh. Ah my trip, she is coming to an end… a day of many lasts. My last beach and swim, my last day on an island, my last fresh fish meal. I have really loved Paros and am glad I stayed in Piso Livadi. A beach, amazing seafood restaurants and a killer local bakery… I mean what else do I need on vaca? Lol Today was a final beach day - I went down to the beach right after breakfast, found a shady spot under a tree near the wall and set up shop. (I could have walked 5min to a “nicer beach” but I’m not paying 30 euro for a chair and ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Paros July 27th 2023

(Wifi still garbage, so no photos) Today was a fun day! A high school friend I haven’t seen in 10 years happens to be on the island for a family thing - we’re like ok, let’s catch/meet up!! We decided to go explore cute little Lefkes for a bit. She is a brave soul driving manual on the island, I was happy to be a passenger today. Lefkes is super cute - it’s the absolute stereotype of what you think of when you think of little Greek villages with blue accents everywhere and all the bougainvillea everywhere. We wandered the alleys, saw all the napping cats, took all the pics and then grabbed some freddo coffees and gelato at Meli Cream before making the climb back to the car lol. She’s staying in Naousa, so we ... read more

Europe » Greece July 26th 2023

(Wifi is still awful, no photos) This morning was absolute chaos lol - first my car wouldn’t start - it took me a stupid long time to realize I had somehow locked the steering wheel so that was fun. Then the shuttle wouldn’t guarantee a departure so I had to suck it up and pay the taxi from the airport to the port. But that’s ok - got there early and enjoyed a cappuccino fredo and people watched in the shade before the “Seajet Games” began. Santorini port. Holy shit organized chaos haha. They herd you into a waiting area with no info other than: wait there. Do do do. About 10-15min before the boat they yell to form two lines (this is pointless) and they start moving you outside. Pro tip - outside has no ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 26th 2023

I have awful wifi again so photos will have to wait :( Today was pretty uneventful. I really am not feeling the chaos energy of Santorini lol. Like, yeah it’s pretty and yeah I can see how it would be a great romantic getaway (if you got $$$)… but idk, it was just ok. I’m glad to have come once, but I def much preferred Crete. I went to the Heart of Santorini - it’s a short little hike down the cliff side where it used to be a heart shaped hole in a cliff you could see the island through… now it’s basically just a roundish hole lol. Still nice though. Since I was early in the day, I parked in Megalochori — to avoid the tiny rocky parking lot at the start of the ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 24th 2023

Got my rental car and naturally first place I went to was a winery…? Lol. Ok but first my car rental guy (Dmitri from Avance) was the sweetest funniest guy ever lol. He was so jokey and then was like are you in lovvvvvvvvvve? I’m like no lol. Then he started gushing about my energy and my smile and why am I not in love?! And all that. Made me laugh, good start to my day at least lol. From there I headed to the famous Santo Wines! I absolutely forgot there was also a tour in what I booked lol - so I did get to learn quite a bit as well as enjoy the drinks! They were saying Santorini is one of the only places that hasmt been hit by these bugs that eat ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 24th 2023

Gorgeous Santorini day today! Still hot as anything, but gorgeous. I headed out early to do the hike - I knew I was only going to do Thira to just past Imerovigli - I didn’t have the oomph in me to do the second half without any shade at all lol. My timing was pretty good - I’d say 80% of the walk was in the shade (other than when I deviated a bit to try and find photos). But even in the shade… that heat still gets you as you mostly walk uphill in this part. (Side note - as I was leaving Thira I timed it as the donkeys were on their way down. They didn’t have the usual donkey silly energy to them. I feel so bad for them… poor things basking in ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini July 22nd 2023

Alright let’s do this! Off to Santorini today! Early start with an 8am ferry departure. (Was supposed to be 8:45am but bumped it, ugh) One good thing? The 15min walk to the port was quite nice at 6:45 without the blaring sun lol. (Not so happy side note, the morning is always weird travel wise - so many half dead maimed pigeons on the roads and other days when I was driving around always so many giant rocks on the road and/or dead animals - I mean that’s like anywhere w roadkill, but still, sad and ew.) ANYWAY. This ferry was… different? I took Seajets. It’s nice that they have giant racks in the car deck to store your big luggage. Onboard was nice but we had assigned seats (airplane style seats w absolutely no obvious ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete July 21st 2023

I’ve been so zen in Kavousi I skipped my blog again lol. Yesterday I drove to Vai beach. Meh. I mean it’s nice but Falasarna ruined the other beaches for me lol. Vai is unique though in the fact it’s right beside Europe’s largest palm tree forest… so that was cool to drive through on the way in. I spent the morning and early afternoon on a chair under an umbrella, going in and out of the water as one does. Weather was odd though - wildly sunny and windy which made for interesting photos lol. Actually though the drive was more eventful than the beach itself - it was lovely along the coast (as usual) and then the last 10km or so you head up into a mountain pass of sorts - no guardrails, goats ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Sitia July 19th 2023

Super short and sweet today - I literally did nothing, did not even leave the Airbnb other than to sit outside on the porch and take in the view! Before leaving I had agreed to take a summer contract to write part of an eLearn course for next year - it wasn’t a huge time commitment but I’ve been plagued by so many awful wifi spots at hotels that since I have the perfect view here and strong wifi I decided to plough through the more internet intensive stuff today. Can’t complain with views like this. And with ginormous blueberries that tasted DIVINE. I worked outside for a good chunk of the day before it got too hot. Tomorrow I’ll actually head out to the east coast and do stuff again. It was nice to have ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete July 18th 2023

Today was a tech adventure… my networks all randomly stopped working. The wifi at my place in Heraklion was iffy at best in my room, but this morning didn’t show up at all as a network. And my data wouldn’t connect either. Even when I got into the city still nothing. So that’s a problem lol. Thankfully I have offline maps on my phone so I could still get around ish, but it’s a good thing I looked at the bus to the airport (to pick up my car) ahead of time bc I would’ve been screwed otherwise. (Also shoutout to the hotel for letting me leaving my bag there for 3 days until I come back to Heraklion lol) The Heraklion airport feels like it hasn’t been updated since 1970. It is the sketchiest looking, ... read more

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