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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Geneva July 24th 2019

Omg the heat... I am not built for travelling in +40C humidity haha. I am forever grateful I brought my little USB/battery fan - it has served me so well on this trip. It was a necessity last night and will be tonight and tomorrow. It's supposed to be 39C plus humidity in London tomorrow so I'm like screw it - Heathrow Express - I'm not risking getting on a Tube train with no AC. (Yes I know most of the airport Picadilly trains have it... but I'm not risking it lol) In fact, it's literally supposed to be the hottest day on record, EVER, in London tomorrow... great timing. All I care is the theatre has AC. And that the heatwave is supposed to end tomorrow. Ok enough about the heat. Geneva. Palais des Nations. ... read more
"Broken Chair"
"Broken Chair"

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 22nd 2019

I always lose steam towards the end of my trips haha. The heat doesn't help. Day 18: Kandersteg is honestly the best. I'm staying at Hotel zur Post and it's wonderful. Everyone who works there is super friendly and welcoming - the guy who checked me in helped me bring everything upstairs and was asking me all about my travels, another guy who works there was down for breakfast two days and was very helpful with info about the area and the wonderful lady who did breakfast every morning was a complete sweetheart. Such a BnB feel to the hotel and I love it. And I met the cutest old couple from England - we became breakfast buddies. I can't remember the last time I did a trip and I didn't befriend and old British couple ... read more
That view though
Waterfall at the far end
Up close and gorgeous

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Kandersteg July 21st 2019

Day 16:Travel day yesterday, so there wasn't much to be said. I'm staying at a cute but rustic mountain hotel the next few nights in Kandersteg, so I didn't want to go super early since I wasn't sold that someone would actually be there haha. As such, I had a lazy exploration day just around Interlaken. I went to the train station (where all the busses overlap) and got on the first bus that arrived and went for a ride! I first ended up at Ringgenberg which wasn't exciting haha. It's a little town, but it's also like +30C by 10am so I didn't go that far away from the shade. I then ended up in some other little town (Bonnigen?), but then wandered my way back to the hostel and to the train station. Kandersteg ... read more
Beer and rosti
Following the river to Blausee
Sleepy cow

Europe » Switzerland » South-West July 19th 2019

I didn't do an entry for yesterday because I was exhausted when I got home - I haven't slept all that well at this hostel (... let's just say a lot of the people here don't seem to have hostelled before and don't have/know the courtesy required in a hostel, ahem) Anyway, here's a double shot. Day 14: Last day for my train pass today! Used it for Harder Kulm and Schynige Platte. In retrospect, considering how tired I was and how bad my allergies have been, not the best plan, but hey. Harder Kulm was the first stop - it sits just above Interlaken and you take the funicular right up from the town itself. There isn't that much up there - there's a lookout platform, a restaurant and a hike (back down to Interlaken, ... read more
Aare cutting thru Interlaken
Hi from Harder Kulm

Europe » Switzerland » South-West July 17th 2019

Alright, another pretty sunny day for me which means I retreated into a canyon for part of it lol. Sun is great, but it's also nice to not always be in blazing sun up in the mountains. I started things off at Murren this morning for a brilliant view of the Lauterbrunnen valley and a sideview of the 3 biggies (Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau). It becomes quite the journey - train Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, giant cable car up to Grutschalp, then another different little train up to Murren. You can continue all the way up to Schilthorn, but it's a different pass you need and as beautiful as everything is, you can only see so many mountains day after day. Anyway, the cable car is fun - it's huge and it swings when it goes over the ... read more
These cow statues are everywhere

Europe » Switzerland » South-West July 16th 2019

This morning it was super foggy down in Interlaken - cloud cover was barely above the buildings. Have I mentioned how much I love fog haha. Thankfully it was supposed to be a sunny day in the mountains, so I set off to Eigergletscher and Kleine Scheidegg in search of more spectacular views, and figured I'd loop back 'round First to do the zipline. Sure enough as we started to rise out of the valley, the sun came out to play. FYI all the trains meet up in terms of connections, which is great for organization purposes but makes for a mad dash as people try to get seats. We arrived into Lauterbrunnen at 8:55 for the 9:07 departure and I just wasn't game for an attack. I bummed around the town for 20min and made ... read more
Hi mountains!
Always flowers to be seen
That sky though

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Grindelwald July 15th 2019

Rain and cloud cover can't even dampen my spirits here. It was a cloudy miserable morning, but screw that, I have a rail pass I'm going exploring! I decided to start with Grindelwald and First - the hope being if it did clear up, I'd go for the Cliff Walk and the First Flyer (zipline)... yeah, I did not haha. Oh well, another day perhaps. It certainly was the tale of 2 days though - the majority was spent in the clouds and mist, but it cleared up for Lake Bachalpsee which was incredibly fortunate on my part. I'll get to that. So the train ride to Grindelwald was eerie and I loved it. Horrible glare in the photos (lights on train)... but basically ~200ft or so is clear and then all you see as you ... read more
Cliff Walk in the clouds
Cliff Walk view lol

Europe » Switzerland July 14th 2019

Ok wow. I mean... I don't think there's more to describe how beautiful today was. I took the train down to Interlaken - coming in along the Thun Lake (the first of 2 lakes) was just stunning - doesn't matter how often I'm seeing it, the vibrancy of the turquoise and the water is just beyond words. A short 10min walk to my hostel was even beautiful - to my right you see the 3 Kings loom over head: Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch. And to my left? A giant park where paragliders come in to land. Are you kidding me??? I'm living in a postcard. After I dropped my bags off, I sat there for a bit watching the gliders swirl around the sky. I was contemplating it myself... until I saw some of them doing ... read more
Walking up to the caves
St Beatus Cave from outside
St Beatus Cave

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 13th 2019

I had a wonderfully lazy day today. So short entry. I spent most of the morning down by the Aare River, different spot though. There's a campground not all that far from my hostel and they have a little "beach" area (read - pebbles not sand, but a little area at least). I got there just before 9am and I had the place to myself for a little over an hour. It was perfect. Every so often you'd see someone float by on the river lol. I still think this is a fantastic feat. Myself, I didn't go swimming but I did walk around with the water up to my mid-calves. Water was coooooooold, only 16.8C. Cold, but certainly refreshing. I then went and sat on the rocks to just listen to the river while I ... read more
Chillin' by the Aare
Perfect that I had the beach to myself lol
A+ sign

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Berne July 12th 2019

Off to Bern for a short stay before Interlaken later this week. Again, I give up on weather reports - supposed to rain and be overcast all day... it was blazing sun for most of the day. Right. Getting there was an adventure in itself lol. The SBB (Swiss Rail) app gave me the wrong platform info leaving Bern - thankfully I noticed well before my train was leaving. They were doing construction work and we were 22min behind schedule. Wouldn't be an issue except I had a 23min connection in Olten lol. I resigned myself to the fact I would miss my connection (because the app lied again about which platform I was catching the connecting train on) but then as I came up out of the tunnel my train was just there. Waiting. Oh ... read more
View from near the bridge
View from near the bridge
Those claws..!

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