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Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 28th 2022

Last full day in Norway, boo. Started my long drive back to Oslo today and then tomorrow I fly back to Iceland. I had planned to do Andalsnes earlier in the week, but the weather didn't cooperate with the rain - if I'm going to pay ~$65 for a cable car, I want to be able to see. Today was perfectly sunny and so made for a great time. Parking was fun lol the spots are free but require you to "register" your time bc there's a 2hr limit. Now, the english signage... does not really make that clear, it just says free 2hr parking lol. They must nab so many tourists - the only reason I knew about it was bc there was this weird logo I noticed a few days ago on some signs, ... read more
Trail marker
Atop the viewing area
One last mountain top yogurt

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 27th 2022

Still rainy today, but it came and went in spurts and was mostly just a light mist so that’s ok. I started off by going down to the water in Sjoholt (finally no low cloud/fog cover). Not too far into town there’s also this quirky forest statue park (Elvastien) that I’m really glad I found - their facial expressions are top notch. Also saw a bunch of people (successfully) fishing along the river in the forest - they were walking away with some real big ones! I drove back to the Moa mall (free parking!) and took the bus into the city and am so glad I did lol - it’s San Fran-esque in terms of very hilly and steep roads all over… but also narrow of course. I’m glad I didn’t have to manoeuvre today ... read more
Overlooking Alesund
So many cool statues and art nouveau /deco things

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 26th 2022

It rained all day today and it was a proper steady/heavy rain so decided to mostly just have a lazy mall day today. I did however drive up to Alnes to drive a bit along the coast and to see the lighthouse. Lol driving in the rain, high winds, next level mist - I was soaked through and through lol but it was a cool eerie feeling to see the clouds so low. I grabbed some cake at the cafe in Alnes and headed back towards Moa for the mall. Like I said, just kind of wandered around - people watching, seeing what their stores are like, etc. They had a Vinmonopolet which is like our LCBO - oof the prices here lol - just like everything else I guess. I did get one craft beer ... read more
Misty mountains
Love how the water is still vibrant in the haze
Alnes lighthouse

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 25th 2022

It is literally supposed to rain the rest of my week so fingers crossed it’s just mist / light rain and nothing too bad so I can still actually see to enjoy the views lol. Staying in Stranda at a swanky enough place and had an amazing breakky - it was simple (guac, toast, Stranda ham which was basically bacon, fried tomato and egg) but so so good. I then went to park in the car ferry lane and just wandered around town / the waterfront while I waited. Most ferries I’ve seen (and taken) aren’t too bad - every 30min. Except Geirangerfjord since it’s more tourist than of actual use. Other side of the fjord I made my way towards Trollstigen aka “The Troll Ladder” which is another (and arguably most famous?) great view point ... read more
Stranda buddy
Local berries from the valley

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stranda July 24th 2022

And the driving continues! Down to Geiranger today to take the ferry along the Geirangerfjord to Hellesylt - it’s one of the “iconic” things to do here and it lived up to the hype. First things first, need to get there! I could have done the “quick and easy” route but decided to add about an hour (ok maybe more, I stopped a lot lol) to my drive by heading up through the scenic mountain pass - Gamle Strynefjellsveg. I’ve clearly not had my share of these narrow roads yet haha - this was the most narrow one yet - there was hardy any traffic (bless) but I still got stuck backing up twice and having to pull over quite often. It’s a trek lol. Absolutely worth it though - even though it’s July, still tons ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Innvik July 23rd 2022

First half (ish) of the day was sunny and then it got real rainy in the afternoon… so I just chilled at the hotel and planned a bit of what I wanted to see/do in Alesund next week. On the way to Skei I stopped at this cute little “beach” - it’s far too cold for me to brave the waters to swim but I did put my flip flops on and walked around in the water a bit. Brrrrr. But the water is so clean and clear it’s just beautiful. Drive up to Innvik took me into a valley with the usual gorgeous green water. I also had an impromptu delay - mountain goat traffic jam..!! Haha. Up into the hilly narrow roads I then went - I’m getting used to them, they’re kinda fun ... read more
Mountain goat traffic
Feet in a fjord

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Innvik July 22nd 2022

Ok total change of plans today - it’s the last sunny day before (apparently) a week of rain, so I wanted to make sure I got up to Loen today, even if it meant extra driving/coming back on my tracks. About half the drive was normal highway, half was the narrow roads - I’m getting used to them at least..! I went through this nice valley with super green waters and tiny waterfalls galore. Not many spots to stop, but got a few pics and ate my breakky at one. The closer I got to Loen, the more questionable the cloud cover got which really had me worried - I would’ve been so mad had I drove all this way for clouds haha but thankfully it was… I won’t say clearing up, but there were pockets ... read more
Those colours!
So happy up here
Again, colours!!

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Førde July 21st 2022

Up until today I’ve been in areas I’d relatively been last time - but now brand new adventure!! I took the ferry from Vangsnes to Dragsvik… apparently via Hella lol. It’s “direct” but you have to get off in Hella and turn around so that you’re facing the right way on the boat. Fair. The fjord was gorgeous this morning - 1/3 was in the blazing sun, 1/3 was under a storm cloud and the other 1/3 was sunny but with super low cloud cover. First time on a car ferry here - I love that everything is done with the AutoPass - it’s this tag on your mirror/dash and all the tolls, ferries, everything is just scanned automatically. Short ferry ride done, off to Gaularfjellet! Wasn’t too sure what the view would be like with ... read more
So starts the dicey drive!
Ok but common that view
One of the platforms

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 20th 2022

A super mish-mash day today… weather wise and where I drove. It was supposed to rain starting around noon so I tried to do what I could in the sun… the cloud cover was all over the place too. Total mix of photos haha. I stopped in Vik to grab some food for the road - luck be had it the cruise ship was there today and was just disembarking… oh, so many people. I find it interesting the giant cruise ships in these towns… like… what do you do? At least Flam has the railway and is close to a bunch of things… but seems long to do a bunch of small ports that are relatively similar? Anyway. The mountain pass was hella windy this morning - they closed one of the stop areas out ... read more
Up into the mountain pass
Waterfall by road

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 19th 2022

Day 6: Gol/Al to Vangsnes via Flam and Aurland (250km - approx 8hrs lol) (Ugh wifi is brutal at this motel - photos to be added Wed or Thurs) Ok so some of that time was stopped looking around at photo spots but the majority was in the car - (Stegastein was SO BUSY). I really could have stopped more often but huge chunks of the drive didn’t really have areas to pull over, so I just admired the view from Olaf. Ok first things first! The drive to Aurland was nice and calm - lots of little pit stops here and there for photos along the lakes, rivers, rapids, etc. The sun was relatively out, so the water was often a nice blue or green. Just before Hol I stopped at a cute little red ... read more
Off we go!
Walking near waterfall
Hello little waterfalls

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