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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague March 9th 2019

Here comes another March Break - here comes another travel escapade with the kiddos. It's a smaller group this year, only 20 which is nice. And they are a super sweet group. They were funny to watch at the airport - we got there super early so some played cards, some were playing this super weird game on their phone - we were cry-laughing it was such a dumb game. They really are a lovely bunch. They are not a well traveled group (for the most part) which is exciting because they take such joy in the little things that you tend to overlook when you travel a lot. For example, it was so cute watching them just before takeoff - a bunch of the girls were waving goodbye to someone down on the tarmac. Adorable. ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík January 2nd 2019

Sloppy mess out there today..! Early flight out of Akureyri - it was a balmy 7C at 7am... that's one way to get rid of all their snow! Flight was quick and smooth. I really like Air Iceland - they have fun little quirks, much like everything else in Iceland I guess. For example, in each seat pocket is a book for you to write your "North Adventure" and see what others have done on their visit too. Anyway, once in Reykjavik I dropped my stuff off at the hostel and continued on my way. It was raining in Reykjavik, which puts a slight damper on the plan to explore. Nevertheless I ventured out towards the city centre and roamed about for a few hours. I went to Tjornin to watch some of the ducks and ... read more
Yule Cat
Yule Cat
He looks even more sad surrounded by Christmas decorations

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri January 1st 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Ok. So. Last night was fabulous. The walk up to the bonfire was way better than anticipated - the sidewalk, thankfully, was cleared most of the way. Clearly priorities were in check haha. About 20min into the walk I ended up being adopted into an Icelandic family lol. I don't know if people feel bad I'm alone or if I look lost half the time, but I find that I'm often adopted by groups haha. Fine by me! We cut through this park and there we were - not that you could miss it - the glow can be seen from quite far away! It was smaller than the one in Reykjavik last year, but I much preferred this one because you could tell it was local and not just a show. ... read more
Akureyri waterfront
Hello bonfire!

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri December 31st 2018

Short and sweet one today: I can't stop laughing every time I look outside - we got a dumping of snow... like... this morning roads were essentially closed and you couldn't get in or out of town level of dumping of snow. I love it. This morning (while it was still coming down, HARD) I got dressed and went on a winter wonderland exploration walk... which was basically me shuffling through ~20-25cm of snow at that point, none of which was cleared. I'm still laughing about it. All in all apparently we got around ~35cm. It was pretty gusty most of the day though, so you'd be walking and sometimes you'd have like 2cm to get through and other times it was up over my boots. It was fun to do some exploring but I only ... read more
Christmas tree looking good covered in snow
No more mountains in this visibility
Bush covered in snow

Europe » Iceland » North » Mývatn December 30th 2018

(Last night: went for the Northern Lights tour - we did see them, they're as enchanting as ever. My tripod wasn't cooperating and I didn't get good pictures, but that's ok - I was just happy to see them again. And happy that we got free hot chocolate while waiting because it was bloody cold standing in the middle of nowhere) Adventure day! We drove to the Lake Myvatn area, east of Akureyri. Yes everything was amazing, but it was also fun trying to remember where I'd been before and what was familiar/had changed. First things first, they've built a tunnel (7km..!) since last time, so we didn't have to do the mountain pass which was good (especially for the drive home!). It was funny hearing about the tunnel - it was reminiscent of LRT tunnel ... read more
Myvatn pseudocraters

Europe » Iceland » North » Akureyri December 29th 2018

Doesn't matter where I go, people always ask me directions lol. The domestic airport in Reykjavik is super tiny - it's like less than 10 flights a day, and I had 2 different people ask me where the gates are and how to know when to board. I told them were the gate area is, but that generally people wait in this other area because there are more seats. One girl asked: "But how do I know which gate? I don't want to get on the wrong flight!" - There is literally only one flight haha. You good. When they board (10min before departure) you literally walk out onto the tarmac. I love tiny airports, so much less stress and drama. Flight was short - 40min hop over the highlands. Too bad it was dark, I ... read more
Looking down towards the airport
Santa chilling on some steps
Christmas tree

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 28th 2018

And off I go again! (As per usual, sampling of photos here... there are way too many to ever post) Originally I planned to return to Norway so that I could see it in all its wintery glory, but after pricing everything I decided I might as well hit up Iceland once more and return to Akureyri. It's also a nice bookend to the year and my decade of travels - Akureyri was my first real trip, all by myself, that started me on this crazy adventure that has brought me to 40+ countries, 20+ trips and more hostels than I can count lol. I thought it was fitting to close Vol. 1 of my travels where it began. Flight landed at 3:40am (oof) so I decided I'd learn from last year... Last year I just ... read more
Tombstone at Strandakirkja

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 6th 2018

It's pretty toasty in Portland and air quality isn't fab, so I needed something with guaranteed shade today - The Grotto ended up being the perfect fit! It's billed as the place "for solitude, peace and prayer" and it didn't disappoint. The lower garden area is free and has a few statues (Jesus with the cross, some other statues off near the cliffside), a grotto with a statue of Mary and a kajillion candles around it, and a small(ish) church you can visit. Thankfully they have an elevator that brings you up the cliff to the upper garden. First place I went to upstairs was the Meditation building - it's on the edge of the cliff and gives you a lovely view off towards the mountains. You could see the haze from here, but it was ... read more

North America » United States August 5th 2018

Alright, I should be back to doing a daily entry while I'm in Portland... it's somewhat hard to do when I go to Jays games because I'm so tired afterwards lol. Day 7b - Seattle for the win! Chihuly Garden and Glass is exquisite - I don't know why I didn't come here last time, it's truly a gem. The way they have it set up and staged is perfect: outdoors in the garden you have the sun helping all the colours in the glass pop and inside all the backgrounds/walls/pedestals are jet black with perfect lighting that creates not only the ideal backdrop for photos, but also provides the most brilliant reflections of the artwork. It's really just amazing that everything is made of this glass. My favourite was probably the boat full of marbles/balls ... read more

North America » United States » Washington August 3rd 2018

Day 5b: Seattle here I come! I flew to Seattle today - that was a bit of an ordeal. We boarded on time, left the game on time, and then after taxiing for a bit we parked in the middle of the tarmac somewhere and were told there's too much traffic near Seattle, so we're just going to chill here for 30min rather than circle above Seattle and waste fuel. Ok. 30min later the pilot comes back to say we're going to have to wait another 1h30...!!! That there's some air show and so there's way too much traffic and it's all backed up, but that they're trying to negotiate an earlier landing time. Needless to say we were just glad the plane was still on, so we had our AC lol. Thankfully it ended up ... read more
Welcome to Safeco
Overlooking the water and the cranes
View from my seats

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