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Europe August 3rd 2017

Day 28 - Cologne Not much to say today - I went to the Old City, did some shopping, walked along the Rhine. I went up the Triangle Tower for a nice view of the city as well. I also walked along the Hohenzollem Bridge back to the Cathedral/Hauptbahnhof. Holy... their love-lock bridge puts all other love-lock bridges to shame. It is COVERED end to end. It was really fun to look at all the graffiti (no pain in the ass quality, but I few nice comments... mixed in with a lot of One Direction comments lol, bless) It was also sweet seeing couple adding their locks - or at least trying to find a spot to add them. I also saw a couple trying to find their lock from 10 years ago. Aw. Day 29 ... read more
View from the Triangle Tower
View from the Triangle Tower
Lock bridge - now that is what I'm talking about

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne August 1st 2017

It was a rainy day today, so museum time it was. I went to the "NS Documentation Centre" - basically the Nazi Museum for Cologne. It's housed in the former Gestapo building and prison which certainly adds to the authentic feel and creepiness of the place. It was a truly impressive museum though - right up there with the very best Nazi/WWII museums I've been to. You start in the basement which is where the prison was - they've preserved the etchings on the walls which I found really fascinating. I guess prisoners were allowed to write/scratch things, and so you're left with this beautiful mixture of poems and musings about liberty, hope, resistence, love. You're also left with harsh words against the Gestapo and the Nazis, against fear, against inhumanity. And there are also many ... read more
One of the cells
Examples and translations of the etchings
I really liked this one

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne July 31st 2017

Major props to Clarion Frankfurt - when I checked out I got a very heart happy birthday from the staff at the desk. Again, the area might be super dodgy but the hotel itself I can't recommend enough. The same, sadly, is not the case for Flixbus. If you're in a rush or have a lot of baggage, save yourself the potential hassle. Please. Bus was 50 min late today. I heard "5 more minutes" 4x from the employee at the station. Funny, I heard that a lot in Nuremberg too when the bus was 70 min late. I was giving it 10 more minutes before I was going to march into the ticket stand, cancel my ticket, walk back to the train station and pay the 40 euro to take a train to Cologne instead. ... read more
Looking up, way up
Up above one of the doors
Statues above the main entrance

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt July 30th 2017

So, Frankfurt is literally a shit show on Sunday mornings around the train station... Literally human shit in the underpass and on the subway platform. 3 shits in the less than 10min walk to the subway platform. Wow, guys. I'm really in a rush to return here lol. Fun fact: Frankfurt is actually the first city in continental Europe that I stepped foot it, and boy am I glad that the first time I was here I didn't come anywhere near the train station lol. Would have put a bit of a damper on my introduction to travelling all those years ago... ahem. Anyway. Thankfully the Old Town was a poop-free zone. I headed off to see the cathedral and the area around there. I mentioned I'm at the point of my trip where I'm losing ... read more
Love locks
Love locks
Love locks

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Bad Homburg vor der Hohe July 29th 2017

Day 23: Frankfurt So, Flixbus. It's an experience. The bus originated in Munich so at least it was on time, but my God do people suck at lining up and not pushing each other - it's like a mosh pit when the bus arrives as everyone jostles and pushes to out their luggage under the bus and get their ticket checked. I have a few more short rides with them on this trip, but I now know that I won't be travelling with them again. I didn't have this problem with Eurolines or with Touring (the other main German bus line). Arriving in Frankfurt was a nice treat. I had booked a stay at the Clarion Hotel for 2 reasons: A) belated birthday present to myself to stay in an actual hotel rather than a hostel ... read more
Statue in Kurpark
Fountain outside the castle
Looking back towards the church

Europe » Germany » Bavaria July 26th 2017

Day 21 - Chiemsee My God did it rain today. It rained so much I gave in and actually wore my rain poncho. I immensely regret not bringing my rain coat this year... I always bring it when I'm travelling in the UK, not quite sure why I didn't think to bring it this time. Oh well. I went to to the very lovely Lake Chiemsee today - took the train to Prien am Chiemsee then hopped on a little baby train to get to the lake. It was full pouring already, but it's supposed to rain tomorrow too and it's my birthday day so I want to see pretty things - rain be damned. I walked around the main island, down to the castle/palace and back. The rain very much did not let up the ... read more
See all those specks in the water? That's my best attempt at conveying the downpour lol
Canada poncho for the win
Birthday goodness

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich July 25th 2017

I took an earlier train to Vienna because I didn't trust the 15 minute connection on the train they booked me on... worked out well, gave me time to sit and grab a Starbucks for the first time in +2 weeks lol. The train ride to Vienna wasn't exactly relaxing though lol. There was also a family with 4 kids around 8-12 that were "speaking" very loudly and watching videos with no speakers. For some reason one boy kept randomly yelling PO-TA-TO too lol, like the way Sam says it in LOTR...??? After about 20 minutes when the parents realized everyone was getting up and changing seats, they told their kids to calm down a bit. I couldn't be bothered to move... I just put my music on. Train to Munich was thoroughly uneventful. It's fun ... read more
New Town Hall in Marienplatz
Old Town Hall

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava July 24th 2017

Rainy rainy day today..! They were calling for thunderstorms in the afternoon so I figured I should get my walking done in the morning when it's only spitting rain. I climbed up to the Slavin Memorial (oh God so many steps) and of course as I got near the top it started to rain a lot harder. Not a thunderstorm though, so still in action. The memorial is for those Soviet soldiers who died helping to liberate Bratislava from the Nazis. It's mostly tombstones of Soviet soldiers. I found the 4 statues in each corner quite interesting - at one end you have two statues with girls dancing/celebrating(?) with banners, at the other end you have 2 soldiers and a boy - one side the boy looks sad, on the other side the boy and one ... read more
Slavin Memorial
Slavin Memorial
Slavin Memorial Cemetary

Europe » Slovakia July 23rd 2017

Lovely day today. It was spitting rain and cool in the morning, so I headed up to Devin Castle figuring it would clear up a bit without being too toasty. I was in luck! I headed up the hill (said hello to a donkey and some very noisy sheep on the way) and up into the ruins of Devin. I don't quite know why I'm so blah about actual castle (I feel they all look the same on the inside), and yet I enjoy a good ruin... and they really all look the same haha. I like finding the nooks and crannies - what's framed by the "windows" in the walls, the plants that poke through the rocks, all those little details. Anyway, Devin is divided into the Lower and Upper part of the "Castle" - ... read more
View of the Upper Castle
Wandering around the Lower Castle
All the nooks and crannies

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region July 22nd 2017

I had a very all over the place day today..! But it was all based in history. I headed down into the Old Town to get things started this morning - hit up Billa (grocery store) for my yogurt drink and breakfast croissant and off I went lol. I did the "Be Free" Walking Tour - I always enjoy these - doesn't matter what city I'm in, if they have a free walking tour I'm there. We started in Hviezdoslavovo square (they taught us how to say it... I already forget) and walked for a bit more than an hour. My God it was hot and humid though... at least the tour guide tried to keep us in the shade the most she could. We saw the usual spots, but I was honestly so hot that ... read more
Fountain in front of Slovak Opera House
Fountain in front of Slovak Opera House
Hviezdoslavovo square

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