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Computer technologist, loves solving technical problems. Loves to relax and see parts of the country and world with my wife, family and friends. Likes to Brew beer.

Europe » France » Île-de-France May 17th 2019

Day 18 This would be the most uneventful day of the trip. We left the Carentan in the Normandy area of France and drove back to Paris. Toll way most of the way, just like on our drive out to Normandy. We discovered that the rental car did NOT have a toll pass for the toll roads we were going to be on, just the toll roads around Paris. So, we learned how to pay tolls. There are no signs as you approach the toll booth on how uch the toll will be. I guess everyone should already know this. We learned on our way out to Normandy, that they take credit/debit cards. No indication on how much, but they took plastic. No drive through at 110km/hr and get dinged, just pull up stop, put in ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Carentan May 17th 2019

Day 17 This part will be expanded and the pictures captioned and text added when I can gather all the information about the sites. We saw so many things yesterday, that it all runs together. I will pull it together and edit the blog when done, but wanted to get this posted so anyone checking on it doesn't wonder what happened. I don't want to get it wrong, and do a disservice to the brave souls from the Allied Forces that fought to make Europe Free. We saw Colleville Bluff, the American Cemetery, Omaha and Utah Beaches, the Memorial at Vienville, Point-du-Hoc, Sainte-Mere-Eglises, Iron Mike Statue, Pont-de-La Fiere, the Dick Winters Monument, Sainte-Marie-du-mort and the Bayeux Tapestry.... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Carentan May 15th 2019

Day 16 Today we depart London, after a wonderful stay. The city is dlightful. We stayed in the theater district I think, and there was a choice of every type of eatery you could possibly desire. Good Bye London. Our next stop is France, Paris, then drive to Carentan to visit the Beaches of Normandy, and the memorials associated with that effort of keeping Europe Free. We took a 2 hour train ride from London to Paris, under the channel. It is called the Chunnel. The Channel Tunnel, with three tunnels for traffic going both ways. If they need to repair one, the move traffic to the spare one while work is going on. Sleek trains, going up to 185 miles per hour (not sure the kilometer/hour google it if you need to know) get you ... read more
St. P:ancras Station, at 5:30 in the morning.
The crowd picks up as we get closer to 6:00.
Waiting for boarding.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 14th 2019

Day 15 The day started with a walk to the post office, to mail off some more clothes that we were not going to be needing, since the weather does not look like it is getting cold during the day any longer. We also put purchases in the box so we wouldn’t have to lug it around the next 3 days. After that, we walked over to the Churchill War Room. This is the location during used by Churchill and his staff, leading the fight against Germany and the Nazis. It was put below ground for protection from the bombs that were falling on London and destroying everything. No. 10 Downing St. was bombed as well. After they started using the basement, they reinforced the floor above with steel flooring channels, and 3 feet of cement ... read more
Meeting room where the chiefs all met
Sir Winston Churchill
West Finchley

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 13th 2019

Day 14 Today we started out with breakfast around 7AM to get a good start on the day’s activities. On our list of things to do today, was to see Westminster Abbey, the Tower of Big Ben, Hampton Court and return home. Sounds easy enough considering Big Ben’s Tower and Westminster are close together. Well, as seen in pictures from yesterday or perhaps the day before, Big Ben, or the Tower of Queen Elizabeth that contains the bell Big Ben, is closed for repairs. Westminster Abbey is open, and we took a taxi and were able to stop and see Buckingham Palace, No. 10 Downing Street, or at least the security gates that keep folks like us from going by it. No pictures inside Westminster Abbey, so just words to describe what we saw. The history ... read more
On the way to Buckingham Palace
The Queen Victoria memorial
Morning at the Palace.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 12th 2019

Day 13 Today we knew was going to be full of things that we wanted to see and do, so we got started early. Breakfast on Sunday morning, is a bit later than other mornings. Most of the places we saw, opened at 8AM every day except Sunday, which they opened at 9AM. We adjusted, and found one that opened at 8AM, popped in, and had breakfast. We are trying to experience the local food and customs as much as possible. The full English Breakfast consisted of the sausage, beans, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Off the ride the tube, and go to see the Tower of London. We decided to use the Oyster Card, which has nothing to do with oysters, but that is what it is called. It is one of the cards that let ... read more
Scrambled Eggs and bacon
Breakfast had some sweet things
Waiting for the train.  Just missesd it by 1 minute.

Europe May 11th 2019

Day 12 Moving from one Isle to another. The day started in Cobh and ended in London. We drove to Dublin, turned in our vehicle, and went to Dublin airport for our flight to London. We arrived at Heathrow, and took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station, for a cab to the hotel. We got to the hotel, checked in and decided to walk around Covent Garden. Now, mind you, I did not lookup Covent Garden before we got here to see what it was. Uncultured as I am, I thought we were going to see a garden, like some castle or city garden, well kept with all sorts of flowers, trees, etc. No, this is a very quaint part of town, and the Covent Garden building is a craft show on steroids. Vendors are selling ... read more
Cabs lined up for passengers
We all got in one little cab
Walking from the hotel to Covent Garden

Europe » Ireland » County Tipperary » Cashel May 10th 2019

Day 11 Our last full day in Ireland, was spent traveling to see the Rock of Cashel, which was a little over an hour away. The Rock is where St. Patrick baptized the King Aengus of Munster around 450. Around 1101, the King gave the Rock to the Church, and in 1134 they built the Cormac Chapel, and between 1230 and 1290 the Cathedral was built. You can see from the diagram in the pictures, that both Churches do NOT face East. The Chapel, since it was first, faces East. The Cathedral, because it was second, and the king wanted it bigger, they had to elongate some parts, and orient it the way it is so it would fit on the Rock. We walked around at first, but it was drizzling rain, so we stayed under ... read more
The Cathedral ruins
A view of the Abbey from the top of the Rock.
Returning to Cobh

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney May 9th 2019

Day 10 Today was a sight seeing day, after our appointment with Christy Keating, a Genealogy tracker that helps you locate documents for people you think are ancestors, then on to the Blarney Castle. The day began with a cruise ship blowing it’s horn to announce I am here. It was so long, I couldn’t get all of it in on my phone camera. We watched them tie up to the dock, and then went to breakfast in the hotel restaurant. After breakfast, we visited with another couple from Ohio, that were going to do some sight seeing today. They were leaving today and were planning to see the Quiet Man museum and on to their next stop. We had tickets to the Cobh Heritage Center and Museum, where our meeting with Christy Keating was, at ... read more
Ship after several mooring lines deployed
Cobh Heritage Center and Museum
Gail, Christy, Michael and Richard Keating

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh May 8th 2019

Day 09 Today was exciting, in that we were on the trail of some family members dating from late 1800’s to 1900’s. Gail, Mike’s wife, has gathered much information from public census records, immigration records, deportation notices, marriage records, some death records, family notes on several DNA sites where users have entered family information. After breakfast, we headed for Cork, where the many of the family lived. We thought we would check some churches which might have records that are not online. We found the church were several of the family were baptized, but today is Wednesday, and the office is open Tuesday and Thursday. I don’t think they would have many records, since most records were burned during uprisings, or conquering attempts. St. Fin Barre’s church is where my Great Grandmother and father went to ... read more
Our room.
Dinner in the hotel
St. Fin Barre's South Church

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