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Michelle McLennan


I'm from Melbourne, Australia. For anyone not from Oz it's pronounced like 'Melburn' or even 'Melbun'...not 'Mel-bourne' like the 'Bourne Identity' even though, granted, it is spelt that way.

Anyway. enough of that. I got the travel bug back in 2006 when I decided it was time to spread my wings and take on some of the amazing places in the world. So far I've seen more than I ever could have imagined I would have seen by this time. I'm very fortunate to be able to live the lifestyle that I do and HIGHLY recommend and urge people get out and see the world, meet the amazing people in it and experience everything you possibly can!

Originally I wrote up my blogs so I could remember what I did, but in doing so I discovered other peoples adventures and gained experience and knowledge through those. I hope people who have the time to read any of mine do find something worthwhile out of them, even just one thing. Feel free to leave any comments along the way!

Enjoy, and safe travels 😊
Mich x

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur October 30th 2015

We'd set our alarm for 8:00am but had woken before then. We each showered, got ready and packed our bags for the last time on this trip. We weighed them; as always mine was just over the 20kgs allowance so we put two bags of stuff in Becs bag to even it out. We sat around for a bit longer before making our way down to the lobby to check-out and catch a cab to the KLIA2 Terminal. It was a decent drive, maybe 50minutes and cost us 130MR or just under $45AUS. We checked-in at the kiosks then took ourselves to the bag drop counters.After we'd off loaded the luggage we made our way outside for me to get my last bit of 'fresh' air and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur October 29th 2015

I woke around 8:00am but Bec was still asleep so I figured I’d get a little more kip in. The next time I woke it was just before 10:00am and Bec was awake. We got up and Bec headed to the gym, I headed to the pool. It was sunny and within minutes I was sweating up a storm. I was by the pool for about an hour before Bec joined me, and we were there maybe an hour longer before we decided to go and get some lunch as we'd skipped breakfast. We wandered down to our newly discovered massive food court on the bottom level of The Pavillion shopping centre where we decided on Subway and a Boost Juice. After lunch we headed back to the pool for a bit longer, it had clouded ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur October 28th 2015

We started today literally before the crack of dawn. The alarm was set for 6:30am as I wanted to walk down to the beach and take some photos of the sunrise. It wasn't as pretty as we thought it may have been, but it was nice to be up at that hour anyway; it was very peaceful and a nice way to spend a couple of hours before the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur. We took some photos and found some weird and wonderful and slightly terrifying sea life, then slowly made our way back to the hotel. We went back to the room for about 20mins then decided to head for breakfast seeing as though we were up anyway. After breakfast we made our way back to our rooms, packed up our bags and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 27th 2015

We had set the alarm at 6:30am in the hopes of seeing the sunrise, but when I woke and it was still raining I turned it off and got about 3 more hours of well needed sleep. Eventually, we got up and headed for breakfast just after 9:30am where we decided what to do for the day; it was still raining even at this point. I had waffles for breakfast and 'breakfast noodles' which was odd but something different. We headed back to the room and sat it out for about another half hour before the rain eased and we decided to walk down to the scooter rental place to hire a scooter for the day. It cost us only 30MR for the hire and we were ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 26th 2015

I had the worst nights sleep last night, so we got up around 9:30am to go down for breakfast. We were a little slow, but made it down to the hire car place about 10:45am. 'Hire car place' was pushing it as it cost us only 60MR (Aus$20) to hire the car for the day, but it kind of felt like we were borrowing it off a mate. There was no urgency for him to check Bec's ID and all he took was a 50MR cash deposit. We had a very limited map but made it out to our first stop, the cable car, with no problems. It was already stifling hot by this time. To cool down I went and got myself an ice-cream and Bec got a Coke and then we noticed we had ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 25th 2015

Luckily last night we were smart enough to set an alarm for 9:30am to wake up for breakfast, because otherwise we probably wouldn't have made it. Breakfast was ok, not up to the quality of the Holiday Inn Resort in Penang, but they had a large variety. We weren't exactly in the mood for eating anyway. We struggled through some cereal and I had one piece of toast with strawberry jam and that was it. Then it was pool time. We were so excited to see sun! It turned out the 8hours or so of rain we had the previous night had cleared up the air like we hadn't seen the whole time we'd been in Malaysia. Also seeming that it was Sunday, we weren't really up to any adventures today. We spent hours by the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 24th 2015

Once again we were woken at 5:30am by the loudspeaker chanting coming from the mosque up the road, but this time I was able to fall back asleep within a few minutes. I woke again around 8:30am, where I finished packing my stuff and we made our way down for our included breakfast. From breakfast we headed straight to the pool. Once again it was smoggy but probably clearer today then the last few. It was hot, but within about 10mins of being by the pool the sun clouded over completely; disappointing. We sat by the pool until about 1:00pm. I went for a walk briefly on the beach, but it started raining so we went and got a boost juice and made our way to get our bags and our cab to the airport. The ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town October 23rd 2015

We had a bit of a sleep in today; got up and headed down for breakfast about 10:00am. I’d said to Bec that on this trip I’d (at least once) try noodles for breakfast. So I did, it was weird. I also had eggs and beans on toast. We were ready to leave so we headed out the front of the hotel to the public bus #101 at around 11:30am. We’d decided to go local today instead of the hop on/hop off as it didn’t really matter if we got lost and it was heaps cheaper, only 2.70MR to get all the way to Georgetown. We wanted to go all the way to the Jettys area to find two of the main street arts we missed on the previous day. The bus took just over an ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town October 22nd 2015

We were woken at the ridiculous hour of 5:50am by chanting on a loudspeaker coming from the mosque down the road. Just as I was about to get back to sleep it started again at 6:20am. Eventually it stopped and we managed to get a little more sleep. We got up, got ready and headed across the road to get our included breakfast. I got baked beans on toast and a bowl of fruit to kick start the day. The buffet breakfast had an amazing spread though, which I would take advantage of tomorrow. From there we jumped on the hop-on/hop-off bus that stopped outside our hotel and headed in the direction of Georgetown. The trip down from Batu Ferringhi was about forty minutes and we got off at stop 9. We had a map and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » Batu Ferringhi October 21st 2015

Our day started early with our alarm set for 5:35am to have quick showers and check-out for our drive to JB Senai International Airport for our Air Asia flight to Penang. We made good time on the drive there and had organised to meet the Europcar representative there at 7:00am. Finally after a few laps of the airport we found him, handed over the keys and he did his standard check. There were no dints or scratches at all caused by us which was pretty impressive all things considered. We checked the mileage before getting out and noted we'd driven a total of 564kms. We had already checked-in online, just had to print our boarding passes and bag tags and drop our bags off which was all a very smooth and easy process. Then we went ... read more

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