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October 24th 2015
Published: April 19th 2016
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Once again we were woken at 5:30am by the loudspeaker chanting coming from the mosque up the road, but this time I was able to fall back asleep within a few minutes. I woke again around 8:30am, where I finished packing my stuff and we made our way down for our included breakfast.
From breakfast we headed straight to the pool. Once again it was smoggy but probably clearer today then the last few. It was hot, but within about 10mins of being by the pool the sun clouded over completely; disappointing.
We sat by the pool until about 1:00pm. I went for a walk briefly on the beach, but it started raining so we went and got a boost juice and made our way to get our bags and our cab to the airport.
The booked taxi was right on time and a pleasure to travel with. He pointed out various things on the way to the airport, like the condos that the government had built for the families that lost their homes in the 2004 tsunami; which they’ve named Tsunami Village.
It took about 55mins to get to the airport, and cost us 85MR (approx $27AUD), so not too bad.
Once at the airport we did our bag drop and resorted to some McDonalds fries for lunch; only the fries. From there we had our ritual massages in the massage chairs then boarded our Air Asia flight to Langkawi.
Never have I ever had such annoying and inconsiderate people on a flight. It was only a thirty minute flight, but I was ready to kill someone by the end of it. The females behind us put their trays up and down about 100 times for no reason. Then, there was an Indian woman humming so loud to (what I can only presume was) her baby grandchild while patting him so hard on the back that I'm surprised he wasn't unconscious.
From there, Bec went and got our taxi voucher while I waited for our bags, thank goodness they were some of the first to come out. We witnessed some of the worst parenting skills while waiting for the bags. One kid, maybe about 4yo was climbing all over the baggage carousel, not just while stopped but also while it was moving. The parents never said a word to him; we couldn't believe it.
After that we made our way to the taxi rank where we very quickly got in our cab and out of there! The drive to our hotel wasn't too far; maybe about 20mins.
We drove down, what we imagined to be the main street, to find our massive resort at the end; The Aseania Resort.
We checked-in, then walked around to check out the hotel, pool, gym etc, then walked to the mini-mart next door to get some drinks. We then headed back to the hotel to sit on our balcony for a little bit drinking said drinks.
We got showered and ready and then it started bucketing down.
So we went again to the mini mart and bought some ponchos, as well as our umbrellas. We tried to wait it out but it wasn't giving up so we made the bolt for Debbie’s Irish Bar which wasn't far from the hotel, maybe 150mtrs.
It was very quiet to start with but in no time the place was packed with the English and Kiwis. A rugby match was on and it was Sth Africa v NZ All Blacks. I know nothing about rugby but with a few drinks was more then happy to stay and watch, purely for the atmosphere and the fact that it was Saturday night and still pouring outside.
It ended with the All Blacks winning and majority of the bar was very happy about that.
After the copious amount of alcohol we had had, we made our way back to the hotel, I surprisingly got my makeup off, got changed and fell into bed about 1:30am.

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