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October 25th 2015
Published: April 19th 2016
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Luckily last night we were smart enough to set an alarm for 9:30am to wake up for breakfast, because otherwise we probably wouldn't have made it.
Breakfast was ok, not up to the quality of the Holiday Inn Resort in Penang, but they had a large variety. We weren't exactly in the mood for eating anyway. We struggled through some cereal and I had one piece of toast with strawberry jam and that was it.
Then it was pool time. We were so excited to see sun! It turned out the 8hours or so of rain we had the previous night had cleared up the air like we hadn't seen the whole time we'd been in Malaysia. Also seeming that it was Sunday, we weren't really up to any adventures today.
We spent hours by the pool, dipping in and out when we got too hot, but by about 1:40pm we decided we'd go in search of food and a break from the sunshine.
We decided we'd get some Subway as it was light, healthy and we knew what we were getting, so we walked up the main road. We got our salad rolls and our giant cokes and took a break in the air-conditioned store.
From there we walked across the road to check out the Chenang Plaza, but decided we would head back and get a little more pool time in. It was absolutely stifling now, so Bec sat in the shade while I got a little more sun on my back and read my book. Eventually we decided it was probably time to get out of the sun, as we had spent a lot of hours out there. We went back to the room and showered. I sat on our balcony reading while Bec had a good hour and a half nap. Just before Bec came out, I heard some thunder and thought ‘oh here we go again’. Within a few minutes of us deciding we'd quickly get ready and head out for dinner, it was pouring again. So we finished getting ready, ponchoed and umbrelled up and headed out.
We had walked past a cafe earlier that we'd decided to try called the Yellow Beach Cafe. It was a cute little cafe on the beach that you had to go down a few alleyways to get to.
I ordered the lamb and pepper kebabs and sautéed potatoes, and Bec got a pizza. My meal was amazing. So tasty, and the potatoes were to die for. It didn't cost a lot either; for both meals and a drink each it was only 84MR ($28AUD).
The rain had eased a bit during dinner so we headed across to the plaza again to see what they had; not a lot. So we walked further up the main road to see what was about. There were a few shops we noted to head back to at a later stage, but otherwise we headed back in the direction of Debbie's Irish Pub.
We sat having a few drinks so Bec could watch the soccer, then called it a night. We were back at the hotel around midnight.

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