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Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi April 1st 2022

Gate crashed Dean's 50th Birthday Bash at Coco's... haha great fun! Here's a couple of photos of the crew.... read more
Coco's sunset

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 20th 2022

Sunday walk around the Thean Hou Temple, although opened now for a couple of years I had never visited.... followed by a bit of a road trip to some new signs in Langkawi. Nice Sunday out. Thean Hou Temple is a major Chinese temple in Langkawi. This is the newest and biggest Chinese temple on the island. The temple was only completed in late 2017. It was built for the veneration of Mazu, the Chinese sea goddess, who is known by various names and titles including Queen/Empress of Heaven. The temple, sits at the top of a flight of grand staircase, with a grand porch and a prayer hall. The temple has colourful porcelain pieces, prancing dragons, door gods and pheonix depicted on the walls, it is all very colourful and very impressive and the caretakers ... read more
Langkawi Thean Hou Temple
Langkawi Thean Hou Temple
Year of the Pig

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi December 23rd 2021

After buying Luigi's truck 'The Beast'... in December 2020, I have fixed many things as she was lying under a tree for three years and I've decided it's time to put some paint on her. Although I love the look, she'll end up rotting through. So here's some photos of my 'Betsie', and the progress made so far...... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi December 17th 2021

Pre-Christmas drinky poo's with friends at Lou Lou's.... Merry Christmas All... read more
Lou and Julie
Lou, Julie, Celest

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi December 7th 2021

It's the big '5'0' Birthday bash, from a cheeky wee Irish Coffee in the morning, a morning swim to friends joining me for sundowners at the Frangipani Resort in Pantai Tengah, I had a really lovely day. I arranged food from the resort which was lovely, they just seemed to have a problem serving drinks! Beer, wine..... that was it! Despite discussing with the manager our requirements it didn't happen which was extremely frustrating. Oh well, can't do anything about it so we might as well just enjoy! And we did.... Thank you everyone for coming and for the lovely gifts, cake and flowers.... spoiled girl. Thank you.... read more
Frangipani drinks
Me and Big Colin
With Greg and Brent

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi December 1st 2021

So.... this little stray wandered into Cloud9 where I am staying.... pregnant, no fur, skin all rough, starving.... man this wee one had been in the wars and was scared of everyone! What to do... Well after she kept coming around for a few days I caught her and took her to the vets. Three months of antibiotics for her skin and fur, spayed, injections and she's starting to come good. Now to find her a forever home.... My Wee Barry The Cat!... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 13th 2021

Wee Pika's birthday.. This is how they celebrate here at Cloud9, her mum is the manager so she had a all decked out for their celebration. Photos are really too cute. ... read more
Too Cute

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi September 29th 2021

First up is Greg's birthday lunch at Tokyo Japanese restaurant in Kuah, I have never been here before although heard great things about it, now this was a real treat. Sushi and Miso were delicious.... it was nice to be out with friends after all the lockdown's with Covid. Greg treated us all to really nice wine with our lunch which was very kind. Next up was later that day and Frances's birthday at Barbosa at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, and Greg and Diane joined us to continue the celebrations. We were treated to a spectacular sunset which was quite stunning. Frances is a real character and we had fun with pool, and drinking and of course cake. Happy birthday guys, what a wonderful day!... read more
Happy Birthday Greg
Sushi and Miso Soup

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi September 19th 2021

Chelsea has become my neighbour at Cloud9, an ex-model she definitely has all the flare! For her birthday she decorated Cloud9 dining and pool area with her White and Rose Gold theme. The decorations were quite beautiful and it gave us an excuse to dress up for the night which was fun. Her friends arrived, the buffet was cooked and the dancing and swimming commenced. It was really good fun and I wish Chelsea a very Happy Birthday. Thanks Luv x... read more
Birthday decorations
Brent all spruced up

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi August 14th 2021

Covid boredom brought four friends together where I was staying at Cloud9, to do a themed cooking night at weekends. All of us have boats in the shipyard and with the struggles getting staff though this time means we're all over our time! Doni from Sweden, Frances from Rotuma in Fiji, Brent from New Zealand and moi from Scotland. This was by far the best out of all of them, Brent cooked New Zealand Lamb racks, stacks of veggies and a handmade pavalova stacked with kiwi fruit. The lamb was dressed with salt, pepper, coated in flour, dijon, parmesan and rosemary from what I remember, and was cooked to perfection! The pavalova was handmade which was no mean feat, in an outside kampang kitchen with the average temperature in the high 30's, I ended up helping ... read more
Hand made pavalova
Chef Brent
Coating the lamb racks

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