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Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 22nd 2020

For the last few days I’ve had the company of my new buddy, Bill, both on the beach (where it has been uncomfortably windy!) and for eating out. As he’d been in Cenang for a few weeks he knew some places I hadn’t been to before. There are an increasing number of places which offer western as well as local dishes, and although they are a bit more expense the food is very good and they have the added benefit of cocktails (but not as we know them.....). The first night we went to a place called The Kasbah, at the back of Cenang towards the airport and in fields. A very quiet area with some cheap backpacker type places to stay, including a dorm for women only, 35 ringgits a night. It was a really ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 19th 2020

Yesterday in the lift going down to breakfast I met a buddy of Gill’s, who had been in this hotel for nearly 3 weeks. It was a lovely surprise and she introduced me to her her travel buddy, Bill, who was staying on after she left yesterday evening, so I was very pleased to have a new playmate for my few days here, especially one who loves the beach too! I wondered when I arrived if 5 days here with no transport would be too long, now I am super happy. We went for a pre-breakfast stroll all the way to the end of the beach and back. There were a couple of dustbin lid sized jellyfish washed up. No way would you miss those, even in the slightly murky water. Then we arranged to have ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 18th 2020

After finishing my last blog and peering round my dark and dank mozzie-infested digs, killer spray in hand, I decided this was ridiculous and went to the main block to see if I could move. Luckily there were new reception staff. They showed me a room on the second floor looking over the road (but it’s quiet here after 11, so not much road noise) and it was fabulous, huge bed, nice bathroom, usb points next to the bed, bright and cheerful. I said I’d move, inwardly crying at the thought of packing and unpacking again, but for 5 nights it was worth it and I could do it straight away rather than wait until the morning. They tried to charge me an extra 150 ringgits, but I said no, that was the type of room ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 17th 2020

So on my last night I abandoned the local eateries and went to Elephant, hankering (maybe) after a burger. This was after discovering in no uncertain terms that jungle formula extra strength mozzie lotion is not an eye-enhancing product, even when wearing contact lenses. After accidentally misdirecting the spray I spent the next 10 minutes silently shrieking and trying to rinse my eye under the tap, however bad an idea this was in retrospect. With glasses on and one piggy red eye I went out. Elephant is a cool hangout joint with definitely uncool prices, 350B for a burger. So I went for loaded curly fries at 220B (£5.50) for a very small portion. They were tasty but at London prices, not the best idea. Not the best night’s sleep either, with my neighbours having a ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi March 4th 2019

When planning a few days on Langkawi I was worried that I wouldn’t like it this time (my 6th visit) as last time there was so much construction going on in Cenang I thought it would be horribly built up, with Burger King and the like everywhere. They’d been resurfacing the main road and it was so dusty. But actually it is still very nice without any high rise (local regulations don’t allow it) and we had a lovely time, after the initial shock. The shock was our hotel(The Daun Resort). I’d spent ages looking at all the options and worrying the beach places were going to be too noisy, so eventually chose somewhere just outside of the town, after the Rice Museum and on the way to the airport. We were going to get a ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi October 23rd 2018

Upon the suggestion, again of our friends, Tom and Sohbee, formerly from Kuala Lumpur, then the Bay Area, and now Shanghai, we headed to the beautiful, sparsely populated Malaysian island of Langkawi. Sheri met Sohbee at the local community college, while they were taking an exercise class. They quickly became friends, as she learned of our travels, and wondered why we had never visited her home country, Malaysia. After several dinners with them, we were convinced we needed to visit both KL, and the resort island of Langkawi, just off the Thai and Malay coasts. So, after a few days in KL, where we met Angela, we flew off to the island of Langkawi. We were set up to stay at the famous Datai Langkawi Resort, upon their suggestion. The Datai resort sits in a ten ... read more
Beach at Batu Ferringhi
Chun and Jason, successful entreprenuers
Love the dessert roti

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi July 13th 2018

We chose the convenience of Langkawi as a beach spot to relax and to clean up from India. There are other, nicer islands hereabouts, but they're much farther from main flight hubs, and this was close enough to paradise. Really the only main drawback is that it isn't safe to swim here because of all the jellies. The short flight from Kuala Lumpur is easy, but it wasn't so easy after a cramped overnight flight from Delhi. We stayed at an Airbnb on the north side of the island, along Tajung Rhu, a mile and a half stretch of sand far from the main tourist center. I really enjoyed the quiet there and don't regret missing out on the cable car, aquarium, and so on. The southern end of the beach has plenty of inexpensive cottages ... read more
Tanjung Rhu
Yard near sunset

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 8th 2018

A cheers to our friend Johno. R.I.P... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi June 3rd 2018

A Scottish friend on the island gave me a wee taste of home... Slanj... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi April 27th 2018

Day 6 It was an early wake up for today's adventure of snorkeling at Pulau Payer Island. We still had time to enjoy our coffee and breakfast on our balcony watching the early morning birds on the roof of the buildings and mesmerized by the hues of the ocean before we set off. The clouds looked dark and thunder could be heard bellowing in the distance. On the bus ride over the rain began to pour, we weren't worried, having seen Malaysian thunderstorms before not lasting too long we figured it would rain now and leave us with blue skies to enjoy our snorkeling. Waiting with lots of people for our ferry ride, the rain eased off and our journey was over calm waters getting closer to those blue skies we had hoped for. The ferry ... read more
Enjoying the view
Me mermaiding

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